Carrot Cake Inspired Tablescape

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Mar 14, 2018

I think life is worth celebrating every day! With carrot cake cupcakes looking so good at the bakery, I was inspired to surprise my family with a fun treat just in time for Spring. I whipped up this fun carrot inspired vignette with items from my decor stash, and a couple of of treats from the grocery store.

My goal is to inspire you to use items that you already own to make an afternoon at home even more special.  Let’s take a look at how my little tablescape came together.  First, I rummage through my craft room bins to find items that are similar themes or colors; in this case, carrots and orange and green!  Then I look in my decor stash for extra greenery and white dishes.

For this table, I used green gingham scrapbook paper as a table runner!  Scrapbook paper is an expensive way to add color or pattern to your seasonal or holiday table and cleans up easily. You can use it as a table runner, under plates at each place setting or create a cute banner.  Hobby Lobby has themed packs that make it easy to get a variety of patterns for around $10 and keep on hand for crafting!   I borrowed these little fern pots from a kitchen shelf.

Then I layered in my white pedestal cake stands as the centerpiece.  These mini stands are $1 at the Target Dollar Spot.  They have larger ones for only $5, y’all.  They are great for cupcakes, greenery and tablescapes in general. You can use them as trays or risers for almost any vignette!

I like to collect white dishes because they work with all kinds of decor from casual to elegant, depending on what other items you mix in!  When they are not being used, I display them in my glass door cabinet.

I like to buy classic holiday decor because it is timeless and can transition from Spring to Easter or vice versa.   Carrots, bunnies, nests, birds and greenery without all the ‘happy easter’ work throughout your Spring months.  For Easter, you can add a few eggs or Easter signs to complete the look.  I found this darling carrot banner from Walmart last year for under ten bucks.

Rabbits have represented Spring and Easter for a long time, and we all know that rabbits love carrots!  I have had this little raffia bunny a few years. I think he was a Marshalls find.  I love that he is neutral and a great texture.

I also used some extra felt carrots and a grass tray that I had, both from Hobby Lobby last year, to round out the centerpiece. I get that you may not have a decor stash to pull from, but collect your basics in neutral colors, like white serving dishes, and then have fun with a few inexpensive seasonal or holiday themed pieces.  I just add a few pieces to my collection each year.

Displaying items in a unique way can really change the perspective of what you are serving.  These cupcakes aren’t nearly as fun in a plastic container.  It is all about presentation.  So whether you are having an afternoon snack with friends, or planning a holiday get together, keep that in mind.

I don’t always drink sparking water, but variety is the spice of life and changing things up is fun!  These San Pellegrino orange flavored ones are my favorite. Yes, I bought them because they were orange.  I like things to match, y’all!

Carrot cake is one of my husband’s and my favorite flavors of cake.  I wish I had a great recipe to share, but these are from HEB, a grocery store in Texas.

Cream cheese icing, y’all!  It is so good!  When in the shape of a carrot, is icing considered a vegetable? Food for thought….

I want my kids to love being home and take these memories with them when they leave the nest, so they will always want to come back home.  It’s my favorite place with my favorite people.

My pillow is from  They have beautiful linen pillows and tea towels, all handmade.  Pillows are an easy way to change your seasonal decor; so are tea towels in the kitchen.  Support small shops, y’all!

Thank you for hanging around the Cuter Tudor today!

Wintry Valentine’s Day Tablescape

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Feb 14, 2018
In need of some last minute Valentine’s Day inspiration?
Look no further than your own back yard… you can create a simple, inexpensive table setting with a few branches, any color dishes and hearts!  You gotta have hearts for Valentine’s Day, y’all!!
I was inspired by these wooden heart ornaments to create a winter inspired tablescape using natural elements and things that I already own! I found these wooden heart ornaments from Cracker Barrel during Christmas time and they were too cute to not use for Valentine’s day.  Hobby Lobby and Michaels have a great selection of heart shaped ornaments in the traditional holiday colors or wood tone.  You can cut hearts out of cardboard and tie with jute for a quick, free and natural looking alternative.
To begin, I covered the table in blue wrapping paper!  I chose a color to contrast the wood table and the wood chargers that I planned to use.  You can use any color or pattern of wrapping paper or tablecloth.  I thought the blue was kind of reminiscent of winter! Plus, y’all know that I love blue.  I encourage you to think outside the box the next time that you want to set a fun tablescape for your family or friends.  Look around your home for things that you already own that could work together to set a theme or style. Holiday decorating does not have to be traditional or bought from the holiday decor section.
 Next, I placed wood slices cut from cedar at each place setting to use as chargers.  I have seen faux wood chargers in stores, but you can ask someone that you know who lives in the country and owns a chainsaw to cut some for you. Thanks, sister! I love the natural look of the wood chargers and the chunkiness of these!
I layered my white dinner plates and blue and white china on the wood chargers.  The white plate contrasts well between the wood and patterned dishes.  I used my striped napkins for a fun mix of pattern!  Lastly, I placed white candles on each plate.  White candles are great to decorate with for winter.  When lit, they provide a warm glow to remind me of being cozy by the fireplace.
For the centerpiece, I cut branches from my backyard and placed them in white pitchers. I initially used glass jars but they didn’t stand out enough on the blue paper.  The bright white pitchers were a great contrast and pulled the table together well.
I hung the wooden heart ornaments on several of the branches placed in the white pitchers.  I had previously tied gingham ribbon on the top of each heart for a pop of color.
I think this works well for Valentine’s Day, simply because of the heart ornaments!  When you use one item that really signifies the holiday, you can keep everything else simple.
That means you can use natural or found elements, untraditional colors or decor, and things that you already own. Celebrate in style without breaking the bank or feeling the need to have it all.
The moments gathered around the table will be remembered by your family!  Make them special, y’all! Especially, if you aren’t a great cook like me, pretty distractions are key!


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