Refresh Your Living Room for Spring

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Feb 21, 2018

Recently, I restyled my living room for Spring with a few simple changes.  Okay, so maybe I got a new sofa but everything else were items that I already owned.  With a few easy tricks, you can freshen up your home, too.

Shop your home!  I like to play a game that I call ‘room switcharoo.’ Basically, I shop the rooms in my home and pull furniture and decor from other areas to create a new look.  I also have a ‘decor stash’ of pieces that I am not currently using or that rotate depending on the season.  I have three large area rugs and I rotate each of them into a different space.  When paired with different decor, each rug projects a very different vibe. Isn’t it funny how color looks completely different when paired with another color?  It is the same with textures, patterns or decor pieces…  



When shopping the home, I do not worry about leaving  the old space neglected because I know I will find something else to put in its place.  I try to focus on the area that I am restyling and what items will work together. For this room, I worked with woods and whites.


This table has been in my entry way, breakfast nook, family room, used as a tv console and a sofa table. It is the ultimate ‘room switcharoo’ game piece.


Here are some small pieces that keep room hopping too!




Create collections!  Grouping your decor into ‘new’ collections with similar textures, colors, shapes, styles, etc… will bring new life to your old decor.  This may mean you collect dishes for a plate wall, or bird themed decor for spring.  It doesn’t mean everything has to look the same.  As I shopped my home, I began to choose items with warm raw wood tones to contrast with the white sofa and greenery or green and blue decor for spring.


I love to create collections of things that I love.  On my gallery wall, I included a magnolia print, magnolia flowers and a magnolia wreath.  I leaned a ladder on the wall and tucked magnolia stems into a french inspired basket.



Simplify your space!   Use less furniture in the room or remove bulky furniture pieces for a lighter and brighter feel.  Less is more, but it is also subjective to your personal style and preference.  

In this room, I pulled up the two brown linen chairs that were tucked on either side of the gallery wall and left that wall without furniture.  I also created a cozier seating arrangement in the middle of the room by pulling some of the furniture off the wall. Negative space is good and allows the eye to rest.  So if one wall has a lot going on, like my gallery wall, you may consider leaving the intersecting wall blank or decorated with one large piece.

White furniture can also be restful to the eye and creates a sense of simplicity in a space.  I love how it brightens up my living room. This white slip covered sofa has been on my want list for a long time.

I know this may not look like less, but I had one large sectional and the two chairs in here prior to ‘room switcharoom.’  Plus the chair in the corner. So this is me doing ‘less’ and it feels good!

Bring in the outdoors.  Use natural elements in your home.  You can use fresh or faux greenery like potted plants, wreaths, or flowers in baskets. Consider natural motifs on pillows, fabrics or botanical prints for artwork. Use collections of driftwood, rocks, shells, bird nests and other found objects from nature.  Earthy materials like wicker, jute, burlap, and woven natural fiber rugs or window coverings add warmth to an area and are perfect for spring and summer decor. 

My favorite artwork for spring and summer are botanical prints and paintings of bird nests.  They remind me of the beautiful outdoors, and Spring as the season of growth and renewal.

A deconstructed book hides the stems of faux florals in this metal basket.

Play with pattern, texture and color.  Rugs and curtains are the perfect way to add an accent color or pattern to a room, but pillows and throw blankets are even easier way to mix it up.  What colors represent spring to you?  For me, I love blues and greens, but maybe yellows or pinks evoke feelings of spring for you.  It’s your home, so don’t get stuck thinking there’s only one way to happiness. 

I love wood tones contrasting with white and pops of blue and green.

Dont be afraid to mix patterns if the colors are similar.

One of the most asked question is the wall color!  It is Sherwin Williams ‘rain washed.’  Even the name speaks of spring showers!

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Conversation Heart Tablescape

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Jan 17, 2018

When we think of Valentine’s Day, we may think of chocolates, flowers or cards; I always think of conversation heart candy. For a good reason, too, because these candies have been made for over a 150 years.  I googled the original NECCO brand conversation heart candy to learn that these candies were originally designed as lozenges.  The creator invented a lozenge cutter, which became the first candy machine and subsequently started the entire candy manufacturing business.  So, we can blame medicine for our sweet obsessions…

And speaking of sweet obsessions, I am obsessed with these conversation candy hearts. So much so, that they inspired me to decorate a Valentine’s Day table with conversation heart candy centerpieces, plates and candy buckets.

To begin, I used checkered pink fabric and a lighter pink tablecloth as a base. Then, I placed a few sheets of printed scrapbook paper in shades of red down the center of the table.  Scrapbook paper is an easy and expensive way to add color and pattern to your theme!  You can place it down the center of the table, under place settings, fold for place cards or use it to make banners, signs and other crafts.

I placed candy heart trees on small cake stands and alternated them with glass containers full of these famous heart candies.  You can check out this easy DIY to make your own conversation heart candy trees here…

A little ‘hello’ adds a fun graphic quality to the table setting and honors the words printed on each candy.

I buy my dishes and serving pieces in neutral colors like these white plates that work with almost everything. Then, I can add fun and inexpensive holiday plates and napkins like these that pay tribute to the candy heart.

I added felt and paper stickers to the candy containers to dress them up a little.  It is another easy and inexpensive way to round out your table theme.  A colorful felt heart garland resembles the colors of the candy so I draped it along the center of the table.

I had my local baker make some candy heart inspired cookies as a sweet treat for guests!

Another delicious take home gift for guests is candy baskets.  You can use any mini buckets, crates, or jars to make these.  Cut floral foam to fit in the container and cover with crinkled paper confetti.  You can hot glue the foam in place, if needed.

Look for suckers and candy or other themed decorations on sticks that can be placed into the foam.  Use tape and kabob sticks from the kitchen section at the grocery store to secure boxed or packaged candy.  Place these in the foam in your buckets.

You can use clothespins to pin names or cards for place settings.

I hope my Conversation Heart Candy tablescape has inspired you to throw together a cute party for your kids or friends!  Thanks for stopping by the Cuter Tudor!


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