The Best 5 Ways to Use Cake Stands

The Best 5 Ways to Use Cake Stands

Finding a variety of ways to use my decor challenges me creatively. Therefore, I started a series called 5 Way Wednesday where I share 5 different ways to style one product or one space. Typically, I share these ideas in my instagram stories on Wednesdays and then, on the blog!

Today, I am sharing a few of my favorite ways to use cake stands in my home. 

1. Stack to Create a Tiered Tray 

One of my favorite ways to display desserts at a party is using a tiered tray. Simply, stack a few cake stands from biggest to smallest. Typically, I just stack the cake stands, but you can secure with double sided tape or a dab of low temp hot glue.  Then, place a few smaller cake stands around the ‘tiered tray’ for extra desserts. 

All of these cake stands are from the Target Dollar Spot and range from $1-$5 dollars.



2. Show off Baked Goods

So this may be obvious, but I had to include it on the list. Displaying your desserts on a cake stand is a beautiful way to style the dining table or kitchen island. Specifically, place a cake stand with dessert and a stack of plates onto a tray for a functional vignette. 

Unless your cake is fake! Then, it’s just a pretty vignette. This amazing yellow cake is actually faux, y’all. It is from Everything Dawn, who makes faux food for prop styling and tablescapes! 


3. Display in Open Shelves

Instead of hiding your cake stands behind cabinet doors when they are not in use, display them on open shelves. I love them styled with other white dishes in open kitchen shelves, but I don’t have those. Therefore, I display them in hutches or bookshelves. Not only do they look pretty, but they work to vary the height to smaller objects. 


4. Organize the Sink

Whether you use a stand in the bathroom or kitchen sink, it is a great way to keep the counter clutter free.  Near the kitchen sink, organize scrub brushes, soaps, candles, and herbs.   In the bathroom, organize perfumes, beauty products and other bathroom necessities. 


5. Use in Vignettes

When styling a vignette, it is important to vary the height of items to lead the eye throughout the design. For instance, you can place candles, potted plants, or seasonal decor onto a cake stand to raise items to the desired height. 

Whether you are styling a coffee table tray or decorating a centerpiece for a holiday tablescape, cake stands make the perfect riser.


Tip of the Day:

Usually, I buy all white cake stands. To dress them up for holidays or themed parties, simply top with scrapbook or wrapping paper to match.  For example, turn the cake stand upside down to trace and cut the size of paper needed. Next, cut out and adhere with double sided tape. 

Detailed instructions, plus more tips to decorate on a budget, here.


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5 Ways to Style a Burlap Tote

5 Ways to Style a Burlap Tote

Y’all, I found the perfect summer bag from one of my favorite online shops… From Susie. It is a hand made burlap and canvas tote bag with leather handles, exclusive to Susie’s summer decor box.

Susie has the best home decor box with a mix of ‘made in Texas’, vintage, and hand curated items for each season.  For example, the decor box has included everything from wood trays, cutting boards, seasonal greenery, on trend pillows & throw blankets, decorative candles & vintage finds… The Fall decor box is currently on sale, here.  

This burlap tote reminds me of the ones that I have seen at Magnolia Market in Waco, but a larger, handier version. Actually, I am pretty sure it is made by the same makers that created the Magnolia tote bag! I love this amazing straw market tote, too.


Here are a few of my favorite ways to style this burlap tote. 

1. Hang in the mudroom.

Keep this favorite summer bag in the mudroom to grab for the farmers market or shopping trips. 


2. Store cozy essentials. 

Place next to a chair to hold extra pillows or throw blankets. It adds a beautiful texture to any cozy corner.


3. Display in the kitchen.

Whether you have hanging hooks on the island or a wall, fill the burlap tote with faux flowers to display in your kitchen. 



4. Use as a planter.

Sometimes, you have to think outside the box… or bag!  This burlap tote makes a one of a kind planter for a fiddle leaf tree.  


5. Carry as a Bag!

So this may be a no brainer, but I had to put it on the list! If you are going to the beach, lake or pool, this burlap tote is perfect for towels and sunscreen. Plus, it’s big enough to carry wine or beach toys for the kids. 


Finding a variety of ways to use my decor challenges me creatively. So much that I started a series called 5 Way Wednesday. 

If you love seeing the same piece of furniture or decor styled 5+ different ways, check out these blog posts or search ‘5 Way Wednesday, on the blog!  Happy decorating, y’all! 

5 Ways to Style Mercury Glass Trees

5 Ways to Style Mercury Glass Trees

For 5 Way Wednesday, I partnered with Lenox to share 5 different ways to style mercury glass trees. These Lenox mercury glass trees from the Wintry Woods collection add a beautiful sparkle to any home during the holidays. Not only are they pre-lit and offer a romantic, twinkly glow, but the green mercury glass contrasts beautifully with fresh and faux greenery.  Plus, they are gorgeous during the day or night!

How to Decorate with Mercury Glass Trees

1. Dining Table Centerpiece

For this centerpiece idea, first, lay down a table runner to group the decor.  Then, use a mix of shiny mercury glass trees combined with the snow covered texture of pinecones and bottle brush trees.  I love to mix the sparkly glam with rustic, natural elements during Christmas time.

2. Fireplace Mantle Decoration

First, hang a holiday inspired artwork, sign or wreath in the center of the mantle.  Then, place a couple of mercury glass trees on either side. Lastly, decorate with fresh or faux greenery, adding ribbon or Christmas stems to the garland as preferred.


3. Holiday Vignettes

These mercury glass trees make a beautiful statement to any holiday vignette.  When styling a vignette, decorate in groups of three and vary the height of the objects using books or risers.  Also, use a variety of textures found in glass, metal, wood, and natural elements. These are the perfect addition of twinkly lights and a sparkly finish.

4. Coffee Table Christmas Display

Much like the other holiday vignettes, these mercury glass trees can be grouped together with other collections of Christmas trees.  However, when placed on a stack of chippy pedestals with faux snow too, they become a unique holiday display. It’s like looking into a snow globe!  Plus, it would be fun to pair these in the middle of a Christmas village.

5. Buffet Table Styling

When decorating a buffet table, show off your collection of mercury glass trees and holiday decor. However, leave room for entertaining and serving pieces, too.  These gold rimmed bar glasses and snowflake carved plates are also part of the Lenox holiday collection.

If you have a console table to style, place a glass tree next to the lamp with one more holiday decoration like a Putz house or snowman!


I hope you are inspired with these ideas to decorate with mercury glass trees.  They are one of my favorite things to collect and use in my holiday decor.  Plus, they make beautiful gifts for the home decor lover!

I hope you check out the rest of the Lenox holiday collection, including the porcelain lit tree that everyone remembers from Grandma’s house. But first, check out how I used the Lenox pinecone and holly platter to start a new tradition in my home… Dessert for Dinner, y’all!

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5 Ways to Decorate with Mini Wreaths during the Holidays

5 Ways to Decorate with Mini Wreaths

For this week’s 5 Way Wednesday, I am sharing 5 different ways to style a mini wreath during the holidays. I love to decorate with mini wreaths during this time of year.  Greenery is the simplest way to add a seasonal touch and nature to your home… even when it is faux.

My favorite place to buy these are Hobby Lobby, because I can always catch them for half off!!! Plus, when a product is this versatile and on sale, I grab 6-8 . Then, figure out a way to use all of them!

Here’s how I decorate with Mini Wreaths!!

1. Use a mini wreath as a candle ring.

Place a mini wreath around a candle as a floral candle ring. This looks great when it is styled on a cake stand or decorative pedestal. Specifically, the greenery adds a natural element and texture.


2. Hang wreaths on the back of dining room chairs.

This is a festive way to add a seasonal touch to your dining room. There are several ways to hang the wreaths. For example, I have tied wreaths on chairs with ribbon as pictured below.  I have used the small, clear 3m hooks on the back of chairs without any ribbon.


Lastly, I wrapped the wreath in ribbon, pulling the ribbon from the back to front of chair, and hot gluing the tip of the ribbon under the joint of the front of the chair.  I have not had this remove paint or stain, but test your chairs in an inconspicuous place, beforehand.  This is how I did it below.

mini wreaths tied to the back of dining chairs

3. Hang mini wreaths on decorative hooks.

Whether you have decorative hooks on the side of the kitchen island or perhaps in the breakfast room, hang a wreath among cutting boards, tea towels and bells for Christmas.

4. Hang mini wreaths on kitchen cabinets.

Again, there are several easy ways to hang wreaths on the inside of kitchen cabinets.  For example, you can tie ribbon around the wreath and push pin the end of ribbon on the inside of the door. Or, you can adhere a 3m hook upside down on the inside of the door to tie the ribbon onto. In addition, you can hang wreaths on windows, mirrors or window shutters. Wherever you want to add a festive touch!


5.  Layer mini wreaths to create a new wreath.

I love to repurpose old items into something new.  For this wreath, I layered a cedar wreath over several wooden rings from a discarded basket. Next, I tied the pieces together with a ribbon.  Lastly, I attached the 3m hook to the door to hang.  By doing so, it creates a larger scale which is a more appropriate size to hang on a larger surface like a door.

What old items do you have that could be repurposed to create a whole new looking wreath?  Picture frames? Rusty wine barrel rings?? Embroidery hoops???


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5 Ways to Style Corbels in the Home

5 Ways to Style Corbels 

This week for 5 Way Wednesday, I am sharing 5 +1 different ways to style corbels in your home. Then, I will share where to buy corbels! I love using a variety of new, vintage & unpainted corbels for DIY’s for my home.

1. Use corbels in a coffee table vignette.

When styling a coffee table, you want to include a combination of seasonal greenery, books or a tall item to vary the height, and something that is personal or an interesting shape. In addition, it is important to use a variety of textures and materials like wood, glass, metal, textiles and natural elements.

Corbels work great for vignettes individually or in pairs.  Specifically, they add texture and height.


2. Use corbels to build a desk.

One of my favorite DIY’s in our home is this built in desk made from two large wooden corbels.  You can get all the instructions on the blog, here.  This works great in small spaces like an entry room, too. Plus, this idea works similarly to DIY corbel shelves which is another favorite way to style corbels!


3. Use corbels as bookends.

This may be a ‘ no brainer’ since corbels look a lot like bookends, but it is a great way to style a shelf. However, have fun with this!  The corbels can lay vertically or horizontally.  In addition, you can turn books around so that they pages show instead of the spines for a more neutral look.


4. Use corbels to accent a door frame.

Corbels were originally made to hold heavy loads with added decoration, so it makes sense to install them in an open door frame albeit for the decoration.  This works the same way you would install brackets.


5. Use corbels as a centerpiece.

Corbels are great as a centerpiece because they are tall and create a focal point in the center of the table.  Use two corbels on a small or round table.  However you can place 3-5 corbels down the center of a longer rectangle table. Then, add sprigs or orbs of greenery or candles to make it feel cozy.


6.  Display corbels as architectural pieces.

Corbels can be displayed as architectural pieces on shelves or cabinets.  No books required.  For example, include them in vignettes, or on a shelf individually.

Where to buy corbels?

I found vintage chippy and unpainted corbels for DIY’s from The Findery in Waco, Texas.  Plus, Hobby Lobby has a good selection of the metal brackets for doorways and ceramic corbels, which are great for vignettes but not hanging.  The chippy white ones that I have pictured are from Magnolia Market!  Lastly, I see lots of vintage and handmade corbels at antique stores and at the Antique Show in Roundtop, Texas.

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