On the Junkin’ Trail to Junk Gypsy Co in Round Top, Tx

One of the biggest antique shows in Texas happens twice a year in the tiny town of Round Top, which happens to be where two of my favorite sisters, Amie and Jolie Sykes, The Junk Gypsies, call home.  I have been following these girls story for over 15 years, secretly wishing to be one of them! These girls are a “little bit hippie, a little bit rock n’ roll, a little bit southern-fried, and a whole lot of GYpSy-fide, as they describe themselves on their own website gypsyville.com! But before you head over to check them out, here’s a sneak peak into their store when I visited these gals last October!
Here I am with Large Marge, who has seen a junkin’ trail a time or two!  This was one of the original transporters of junk for the Junk Gypsies.  She even has a chandelier inside.
The Junk Gypsy Co is located a few miles out of town in its own little world.  The store is located right off the highway neighboring  the Sykes’ homes and their inn, Wander Inn.
The Junk Gypsies, along with their family, built this amazing store out of reclaimed wood and vintage finds.  It is one of a kind and a real treat to visit.
I love this reclaimed wood wall that welcomes visitors to the front porch. It exemplifies the creative and free spirit of a true junk gypsy!
The walkway is lined with vintage china plates.   The old water tower shares one of the Gypsies favorite quotes, ‘Not all who wander are lost.’
The outside is decorated as cute as the inside with vintage and roadside finds.
How cute is this floral arrangement with cotton stems in a pickle jar?  It can’t get any cuter, or southern, y’all! It just goes to show that you can repurpose anything!
When I visited during antiques week, Jep Robertson was setting up his new food truck in an airstream, Southern Roots!  The food truck didn’t open for a few more hours, but that didn’t stop my friend Audrey, from Farmhouse on Elder Hill, and I from knocking on the trailer to get a celebrity pic!  I saw that beard though the window and knew it belonged to a Robertson from Duck Dynasty!  We met Jep, and his cousin, who also has a Robertson beard; they were so friendly!  Later, his beautiful wife Jessica, and their kids were seen helping set up!  It is truly a family business!  You can read more on Jep’s website JepsSouthernRoots.com or watch his tv show, Jep and Jessica, who recently moved to Austin, Texas.  The Robertsons have been friends with Amie and Jolie for years!
 Now, that I have your attention, let’s head into the Junk Gypsy Company store!
As you enter the store, you immediately notice and fall in love with the reclaimed wood walls, glam chandeliers, one of a kind vintage finds, all curated into funky collections!
Amie and Jolie, are the real deal!  They are authentic, hard working, and down to earth.  It isn’t uncommon to see these two talking with customers or working in the store!  They had a dream, pursued it and have stayed true to their gypsy roots.
Every year, they hold a ‘Junk-o-rama’ prom, with lots of glitz, cowboy boots and dance hall music.  This display plays tribute to their prom held each year during the Fall Show.
Beware, nothing is off limits when it comes to glitter!! Everything needs a little sparkle!
These junk lovin’ girls have the cutest store!  But that’s not all!  These girls have a Pottery Barn kids line, tv show and a best selling book called none other than Junk Gypsy – Designing a Life at the Crossroads of Wander and Wonder! You can find a copy of their book here! It is full of fun DIYS and photos of each of the girls’ gorgeous homes!
I love Amie and Jolie’s funky and wild side!  It encourages us to follow our hearts and be creative with what you have or what you find on the side of the road!  Their story shows us that you don’t have to leave your hometown for the big city to make your dreams come true….you just have to work hard!
Their store is a collection of antiques, chippy painted furniture, repurposed pieces, a few quirky finds, new bedding and pillows and some original Junk Gypsy tees and souvenirs.
Who else puts a cactus from the pasture in a vase? Y’all might be from Texas!
I love these vintage signs all over the store!  It gives me that authentic road trip vibe!  Are you already planning your next trip to Round Top?  Count me in!
One of my favorite finds from this trip was a painting from one of my favorite southern artists Deann at Deanns Designs.  I took home this cotton stem painting.
After stopping by the Junk Gypsy store, head to Round Top for some junkin’.  Round Top is the quintessential of Texas small towns, but way cooler, y’all.  Population of 90, just like the sign says…Be sure to get a slice of pie at Royers when you visit.
Round Top has two major antique shows, with over 2500 booths and shops welcoming over 100,000 visitors from all over the world! This year, the spring show is April 2-7, 2018 and the fall show is October 1-6, 2018.  The neighboring small towns participate as well, so there are literally miles of pastures, tents, store fronts and barns set up for antiquing, junking and new finds.  You will need several days if you plan to see it all!
 Some shops are open year round and there are smaller shows throughout the year.  Just check the website for details…it is Round Top Texas Antiques.  There is a smaller winter show January 27-28, but it doesn’t compare to the big time shows! If you like European antiques, be sure to find the Marburger area!  Also, stop by Warrenton, where the Junk Gypsies first got started at Zapp Hall almost 20 years ago.
Thanks for following me on the junkin’ trail!  It led to the neatest little town in Texas!  Be sure to follow the Junk Gypsies on Instagram and Facebook – they started a video series to share DIYs and repurpose lots of cool junk into even cooler stuff!

6 Tips to Decor Dieting

I have been craving ways to simplify my life, including my home, to feel less busy.  I believe if I can eliminate the physical clutter, it will help eliminate the mental clutter too.  Plus, less stuff means less to clean, right?  How I can feel more control and happier with the things that I have collected over the years and make better choices about what I bring into my home in the future?  A diet is simply controlling what you eat, so couldn’t I apply this idea to my home?
There are times when we have the money to do large renovations or buy all new furniture for our home.  There are times too, when we need to budget, use what we have, do the work ourselves or hold off on spending money on wants rather than needs. It was in one of the latter seasons, that I tease my husband that he put me on a ‘décor diet.’ I did not make any large purchases for our home and really limited what I bought during that time period.  I built some small furniture and décor from reclaimed wood, got creative with what I already owned to style areas in my home and shopped second hand for vintage and antique pieces.  My husband and I even redid the flooring and painted some of the rooms in our home together. By doing the work ourselves, we learned to appreciate everything that we have including one another.
During this time of my ‘décor diet,’ I made conscious choices about my purchases which taught me to curate a personal style. I am sharing everything that I have learned over the past few years of décor dieting, and sharing these tips with you.
1.  Get to know your style. Identify and develop your own style. Don’t worry about fitting into one category, as most styles are combinations of many like French country farmhouse or modern coastal.  If you are looking on Pinterest, Instagram or home décor and design magazines, be inspired rather than influenced.  It may take years to develop your own signature look, in which you add, omit or change different things in your home during this time, so I am only suggesting that you identify the direction that you want to go at this point.  You are transforming your house into a home and the more that it reflects your personality and family, the more authentic your style will be.  I do suggest that you stick with one similar look throughout your home, which also works in conjunction with the style or architecture of your home.  Avoid themed rooms or dramatic differences of paint colors, so that your style is consistent throughout your home.  It helps create a more polished look.
2. Avoid big purchases.  Do not make any large purchases or decisions during the time that you are identifying your style and feeling out the spaces in your home.  When I first moved into our current house, I reupholstered several chairs in a dark fabric that matched the original wood paneling and green carpet.  I even bought an expensive rustic style reclaimed wood cabinet, which I still love but it didn’t work with my other furniture.  We later removed the carpet and painted the walls bright white, and my style changed completely within a few months.  I had to reupholster or get rid of several of the chairs and the cabinet.  It was one of many mistakes that I made.  Sometimes the best way to avoid overbuying is to cut off your love affair with HomeGoods and avoid shopping a few weeks or months.  It isn’t about depriving yourself, but feeling empowered in your choices, so that you live a more fulfilled.
3. Live in your home. Similar to avoiding big purchases, don’t rush into big decisions or remodeling choices until you live in your home a while.  My best advice is to get a rough draft of the entire house together before doing any major remodeling.  You want the spaces to feel connected, even though they do not have to be the exact same.  When you don’t have a plan, you may make purchases that you like, but that do not work cohesively in your home.  When we moved in, we turned our built-in tv cabinet into a bar, but never used the bar so we are currently closing it in to use as a butler’s pantry.  Since it was one of our first projects that we did, we used an off white tumbled tile which currently isn’t anywhere else in the house.  It looks odd. I wish I would have used a red Chicago brick that I used in the mudroom or the grey subway tile used in the kitchen.   I think it would make our home have a more cohesive style.
4.  Purge what you don’t love.  You have to let go of some things that you don’t love so you can make room for what you do.  It is like a detox for your home when you eliminate junk in the house. If it doesn’t bring you joy, get rid of it. It is hard to get rid of stuff that we have a sentimental connection too, or spent a lot of money on. The truth is that we probably made a mistake in buying it and feel guilty for getting rid of it – don’t make a second mistake in keeping it around.  Maybe it has served its purpose, maybe not, but if you haven’t used it in months or years, you don’t need it. Find someone that could use it or sell it online.  If it stresses you to think about hosting a garage sale like me, just donate it. Keep a box by the back door for quick drops off to the donation center. Physical clutter overloads our senses and causes us stress, which takes away the ‘sweet’ in home sweet home and turns it into chaos.  My husband recently purged the kitchen, before I woke up one Sunday.  Part of me wanted to sift through the garbage and make sure that he didn’t toss anything useful, but I walked away and have been so happy with the clean, organized kitchen.
5.  Avoid junk! Just like limiting junk food that you put into your body; don’t bring that junk into the house.  I don’t mean the good junk, either, that you find at the antique store.  I mean the excess… buying stuff because it is on sale and not necessarily because you love it. Things like the Target hundred Dollar Spot may seem like good buys, but are usually just a quick fix and not necessarily a long-term solution to your décor style. Little by little becomes a lot… a lot of things that you don’t love.  Don’t fall for something cute that you have craved for an hour when you are working on creating the home of your dreams.  Avoid easy, cheap or fake furniture.  You will spend more money replacing it several times over the years, than if you save up and get good quality material.  This is why I love antiques.  You can not beat the quality of real wood furniture. It just takes time to find great pieces.
6.  Use what you have. A curated style takes time and creativity.  You don’t need a lot of money to create a beautiful home.  Good design elements, DIYs, repurposing and conscious choices about your purchases are more important than having a lot of money.  I have many pieces of furniture in my home that were passed down from family.  If I love the piece, I keep it and display it in my home.  Use paint to transform any piece that needs updating or a new look to fit into your style.  I have also used reclaimed wood to build frames, wall hooks, crates, and even a potter’s bench.
After you have figured out your style, developed an overall plan for your house, and have overcame the withdrawals from not shopping for months, you can decorate or remodel your home with confidence.   Stepping back really encouraged me to develop my own personal style, only purchase pieces that I really love, and repurpose things that I had into something beautiful. First, focus on what you need like furniture pieces that anchor the room.  Use neutrals, because you can always add color, texture, and patterns with pillows and rugs. Second, add what you love to complete the space and make it feel pretty and personal.  Stick with the classics and avoid following too many trends.
A decor diet may last a few weeks or a few months; it is up to you.  My hope is that it gives you more control, so that you feel more confident to decorate your home!  Good luck!

How to Style a Table for Winter

This Christmas, I chose to not decorate the majority of my home in the traditional colors of red and green, but opted for blues and whites with a Southern flair in my dining room and family room. It is no secret that I love the color blue, vintage pieces and mixing patterns! Some of my favorite things inspired this seasonal tablescape which served as a setting for Christmas Eve dinner and now transitions into a beautiful table for meals this winter.  
A few months ago, I found some blue ticking stripe wrapping paper at Marshall’s.  It was one of the things that got the ‘wheels turning’ and inspired me to create a Southern inspired tablescape in blue and white patterns.  Inspiration can really hit anywhere!
When the kids were little, wrapping paper was an easy and inexpensive way to decorate the table for birthday parties.  It adds a fun pattern or pop of color to the table, is easy to find in any theme, and is quick to clean up by rolling up the paper plates and cake crumbs in one big swoop.  Wrapping paper comes in so many fun patterns, so why not use it?  

To set the table:

 Cut and lay the wrapping paper the length of the table.

– I cut it about two inches short of the end of the table, but you can go the length of the table and tape down if needed… You can also use a table runner or linen tablecloth.

Add place mats and chargers.

– I found these buffalo check place mats at Hobby Lobby. I used my galvanized chargers to contrast and add a rustic vibe!  These are from Crate and Barrel, but I have seen them at Pier 1, Pottery Barn, and Hobby Lobby in different styles.

Add dishes.

– I tri-folded cloth napkins and placed them between the charger and plate.  When the dishes are to pretty to cover, I tend to place the napkin this way.  I used my scalloped edge white dinner plates, then layered vintage blue and white plates on top. For glasses, I used mason jars tied with blue and white twine placed in the center of the plates.

Create a centerpiece.

– Due to the narrowness of my table, I chose to use simple mason jars filled with magnolia stems and candles down the middle of my table.  To add interest, I vary the height of the jars on small ceramic pedestals and wrap them in ticking stripe fabric.  I also added antlers, sprigs of soft greenery, and white candles to create a warm and cozy glow.

I used two different sets of antique blue and white transferware made in England. I recently came across a website called blueandwhite.com that helps locate and identify a variety of makers and patterns of transferware and vintage china. 
When mixing patterns, remember to use different sizes of prints – a large check contrasts well with small stripes.  Different sizes of the same print mix well too! 
I tucked a few stems of mixed greenery between the jars, but you can also use fresh clippings from your yard or pine garland for a more wintry style.  Magnolia blooms add a southern touch and hide the ends of the faux greenery on the other side of the table. 
I tucked pinecones into the magnolia blooms to add contrast and a fresh, natural look. You can hot glue pinecones onto small bare branches or kabob sticks for floral arrangements in the fall or winter.  Pinecones just remind me of the latter seasons.
I tied wooden ornaments onto some of the tall candles with blue and white checkered ribbon. It makes me think of the southern sayin’ “Bless your heart…”
Wooden beads and found antlers add to the rustic charm of this tablescape. To some, it may be weird to decorate with animal horns, but in Texas, its just something we do.  These antlers are all found from white tail deer who shed their antlers on my parents’ ranch.
I also thought it would be fun to hang some wooden beads from the chandelier.  These wooden beads are from TheFindery, located in Waco, Texas.  This is my favorite store. 
You can also purchase the magnolia blooms from The Findery too.  I like these florals, because they are made from pliable foam.  They have a really neat texture and can be configured beautifully, used individually or placed in greenery. 
I have recently been reading about ‘hygge,’ which is a Danish idea of enjoying life’s simple pleasures, like gathering with family and friends around the dinner table and making your home cozy with candles and comfy throws.  It is about simplicity but not at the cost of purging everything you love.  It is an idea that I am really drawn towards.  
It is about comfort, and loving yourself, so it is like a hug or a feeling of home. I just love the warm glow and cozy feel created from twinkle lights and candlelight.  Totally, hygge!
Do you see my almost naked flocked Christmas tree in the corner?  I leave my Christmas decor up until the kids return to school after the new year!  It gives me more time to enjoy the family being home during the holidays, and we love the cozy feel! 
Ticking stripe ribbon is simply draped across the tree to dress it up and create cohesiveness in the dining room.  
I decorated my sideboard with a nativity scene made from paper mâché figures and an old crate.  My chalkboard is created with a mix of chalk and Paper Riot wall decals. 
I strung a checkered banner stitched with the word ‘gather’ across my blue hutch. It is a simple reminder for my family to come together. 
Snowflake decals made by Paper Riot are available at Target and are placed on the glass. Decals are an easy way to make any space a little more festive. 
 Enjoy some more photos of my Southern inspired winter tablescape!
I hope you have a wonderful holiday and happy new year!  Thanks for stopping by the Cuter Tudor.  Be sure to follow on Instagram and Facebook where I share my home daily! 

Blogger Brunch at the Findery

This past Sunday, I spent the day with some amazing home decor bloggers and Instagrammers in Waco, Texas!  They visited us at The Findery, a home decor shop in downtown Waco, where I get to stage and create displays!  We hosted these ladies for a brunch and fun private shopping experience.
The Findery family created such a gorgeous holiday display, that I want to share it and welcome y’all to stop by The Findery when you are in town. The Findery opened about two weeks after Magnolia and is one of many unique shopping opportunities in Waco for anyone who loves home decor and antiquing.  The building has two stories of home decor, furniture, vintage and new finds and even a clothing boutique. Everything for your home and style, they say! In March 2017, they opened an extension of the store across the street called The Warehouse, housing over 10,000 square feet of more shopping.
The first thing that you need to know about the Findery, is that it is a family run business. The Fatheree’s  have renovated this historical downtown building, formerly a factory for Percy Medicine, giving it new life and doing most of the restoration themselves.  These are hardworking folks, y’all, and their passion shows in everything that they do.
Tiffany Fatheree, is one of the owners at The Findery and the creative vision behind this gorgeous store and specifically, this beautiful Christmas tablescape and display.  It’s hard to impress a bunch of decorators, but this totally knocked their socks off. Tiffany is truly an inspiration to women entrepreneurs, always offering support and encouragement, but also challenging others to be creative and follow their passion, as she sets the prime example.  She is one who truly believes there is room for all of us to succeed.
Matt D, Tiffany’s husband has designed and built many tables from repurposed finds like vintage lockers and boxcar floors that are available to purchase.  This hanging centerpiece was an easy DIY for him, but makes such an impact suspended from the ceiling and styled with a holiday vignette.  Matt P, not a typo, y’all, Matt P is Matt D’s dad and is usually the first one in the store each day. Matt P is always willing to lend a hand to load up a customers finds and loves sharing The Findery and Percy Medicine building history and pickin’ stories from Roundtop days.
Let’s take a look at this gorgeous table!  Y’all know that I am drawn to cool colors, but the color ‘red’ at Christmas is so fun, festive and just pops.  I just love the mix of plaid patterns in the table runners and ribbons.
Notice how the table runners are placed across the table instead of down the center. Tiffany is always thinking outside the box! What a creative way to decorate a long table or two tables used to make a long table! Genius, Tiffany!
Three vintage crates are placed down the middle of the table and filled with a variety of green, flocked and sparkling trees, red poinsettias, white magnolia blooms, patterned ribbons and strands of wooden beads to create a rustic elegance in this space.
P.S. These chairs are metal, y’all.  Available in grey or black! I had to throw that in because I have never seen any made from metal in this style.
Vintage books in traditional red and green colors are an easy way to vary the height of your objects and create visual interest.  This is a gorgeous mix of new and old finds…
Candles are added to create a warm glow and inviting ambience. They welcomed guests and created a cozy atmosphere where we felt right at home.
This is a perfect mix of metals, y’all…I love the fluted galvanized chargers, tin medallion ornaments tied onto the napkin rings and the faux silver utensils.  Yep, the silverware is fake but its real love for these place settings.
Y’all, pearl napkin rings…if this isn’t southern charm, I don’t know what is.  Notice the vintage financial ledgers under each charger? I thought you did.  These are original to the Percy Medicine company and were collected during the acquisition of the building.
Marci, Matt D’s sister and partner in the family business helped Tiffany style this area. Most of  the time, I can find Marci looking for new products and vendors to create one of a kind collections in the store.  Marci and her mother, Melissa, another co-owner of the Findery hand selected items in the Findery’s Christmas collection.  Every item is so cute.
If you have the superpower to not buy anything when you visit the Findery, there’s two things that you need to know:  1 Do not tell my husband that this is normal.  I need him to continue to think that it is perfectly normal to spend your paycheck from the Findery at the Findery.  2 We hope you find inspiration in our displays and new ways to use products!
Lets review what The Fatheree’s did with some of their favorite finds…using vintage books in a tablescape….ornaments to jazz up the napkins…
… crates as centerpieces…
… womens’ accessories to style a chair… Did you miss that one?
Alison, who manages the store and owns Elevate at The Findery, an accessory and jewelry boutique, sells these adorable plaid scarves used to add a pop of color to the chairs.  They are tied with contrasting ribbon and a Christmas ornament.
If you are around Waco or plan to visit soon, go check out that gorgeous tablescape before the new year!  In the meantime, let the creativity continue…here’s an antique dresser used to hold napkins and silverware for the brunch.
Coffee bars and hot cocoa stations are all the rage!  We loved this one set up with the most amazing coffee from The Olive Branch, a local bakery who provided brunch for the girls. We appreciate Four Columns Marketing for the work to coordinate this event.
I did miss photographing one of the Christmas displays and the buffet table, probably because I was so distracted by the delicious food, or the mimosas. Who knows?  But I couldn’t miss the gorgeous Christmas tree and sitting area.
Y’all, this chippy painted arch gets all my vintage lovin’ feels going.  There may have been two ladies racing, literally running in the store, for the architectual piece that came from the top of this arch.  Home decor bloggers don’t play.  Oh, it was that amazing. One of a kind finds are one reason that I love to shop for myself and clients at The Findery.
Dear Santa,
I want these cane back chairs for Xmas.  I’ve been really good this year.
I’ve been mostly good.
I only cussed a little.
Bring me the chairs or I will resort to working for them myself.
Love, Amy at Cuter Tudor
This view is from the second story of the building, which over looks Chip & Joanna Gaines’ Silos.  If you are visiting Waco and need a tour guide, I recommend WacoTours.com.  I will share more about my fun experience with the Waco Tours in another post, but even for someone who has lived in and around Waco her whole life, I learned a thing or two on the tour! And I enjoyed a Dr. Pepper, which is another Waco favorite.
Thanks to the talented group of home decorators who shared their weekend with us in Waco!  These ladies traveled as far as New Jersey and Canada.  If you are on instagram, these girls are talented, so here are their Instagram handles for you to follow.

Tiffany @joyfully.rooted

Alicia  @ourvintagenest

Tracy  @oursignatureswag

Erin @mytexashouse

Erin @thriftyniftynest

Caitlin @thehiddenspire

Heather @klotzhome

Lacie @loved_by_lace

Karan @designsbykaran

Special thanks to The Findery Family for hosting such an awesome event and for continuing to support, inspire and encourage women, and men, to follow their dreams and live with purpose.
 You can read more or shop their finds on their website at TheFindery.net

Favorite Christmas Room – Home Decorators Tour

Welcome to my ‘Favorite Christmas Room Tour’ with 12 inspiring home decor bloggers! From festive living rooms and dining rooms to cozy bedrooms, we are sharing all the details of our favorite rooms this holiday season! We hope you take the tour and stop by all the blogs that I have linked at the bottom of this post, but first, here is a sneak peak.

My favorite room this year is my formal living room!  I have always wanted a tall Christmas tree and fell in love with the ten foot King of Christmas flocked tree. These trees are so full that it only takes a few minutes to fluff the tree.  There is a flocking mess when you set the tree up, but it has been up several weeks and since has not shed.

These awesome snowflakes wall decals are part of the Christmas collection by Paper Riot, available at Target.  They are removable, easy to reposition and leave no residue.  What a fun way to quickly to create a winter wonderland in my home!

Our formal living room is right off the entry  and opens up to the second story of our home.  I snapped this picture from upstairs, to give you a glimpse of this space!

I add a bit of soft, fluffy texture to this space for winter with my white faux fur throws, one to snuggle with and one to soften the look on my coffee table.

I created a Christmas village with my collection of creamy white bottle brush trees, houses and sparkly glass Christmas trees. I love the elegant look of metallics with blue!

Some of my trees and houses light up to create a warm and cozy glow!  I hung the wreaths to add some greenery to this space!

These are items that I have been collecting over the years.  I try to add a few items that I love each year. These metallic glass trees are from several Homegoods type stores. I used mini cake stands from to add height.  I also repurposed some gold light cans to add height to the larger houses as well.

I love to add little reminders about the true meaning of Christmas in my home.  One way I do this is simply with signs, handmade or store bought.

I purchased this gold “Merry Christmas” ornaments a few years ago.  Sometimes I hang them from the tree, but this year, I added them to my vignettes to add a splash of sparkle.

This blue and wood hutch has been my favorite piece of furniture ever.  Ever! I think it shares my love for french country, beadboard, medium wood tones and blue.

It has been fun to decorate each season.  I usually store my vintage silver collection inside, so my metallic Christmas decor went well together.

This year I felt inspired to use metallics in gold, copper, silver with pops of aqua blue.

I created mini snow globes in my vintage gold boxes with a few deer, trees and faux snow.

I found these vintage looking santas at my grocery store and immediately loved them. While most of my Christmas decor is not vintage, I hope that it evokes a vintage feel.

If I have extra ornaments that I do not put on the tree, placing them in glass jars is an easy and beautiful way to display them.

This was a plain bookshelf that has been chalk painted after decorative trim was added.

I tried to keep it simple and showcase a variety of new and vintage decor, plus a mix of silver and blue with some touches of gold.   I tend to use a lot of symmetry in my decor.  It is a simple formula and everything is always well balanced.


And now for the main feature… my Vintage Glam Christmas tree. I wanted to showcase my love for all things glam and vintage using a variety of metallics and blue!

When I decorate my tree, I start with the ribbon, unrolling as I go so that it maintains an organic feel and tucking it into the branches. Some loops are large and some are smaller. You can go in several directions, but I chose to place the gold ribbon diagonally, spacing it a few feet apart.  Then I added the metallic beaded garland horizontally, letting it swag from the branches and spacing it about a foot apart.

Then I added the large ornaments. These mirrored ornaments are actually signs that I hot glued eye hooks on to hang.  When you have a large tree, you may have to think outside the box to find decor or ornaments large enough to make a statement.

When I hang ornaments, I create a grid over the tree in my mind, so that the ornaments are evenly placed.  I will use the grid to place ornaments on different lines and then switch angles or lines for other ornaments.  For the smaller ornaments, I just try to fill them in accordingly.

Around the tree, I have placed lanterns filled with bottle brush trees, faux snow and a deer. I also spray painted a pair of paper mâché deer.  Its an easy way to update your decor without having to buy new each year.

Extra ornaments are placed in glass lanterns until the packages are wrapped!

 I added some silver sparkly picks at the top of my tree and some twisted blue picks throughout the center for contrast.

I wanted my Christmas decor to blend with my regular home decor, but turned up the sparkle a notch.

Heres another view of my Paper Riot wall decals placed within the wall trim.  Even my husband thought these were a great addition to this room.

 I hope you have enjoyed this part of the tour at the Cuter Tudor!

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There is so much inspiration and magazine worthy photos in my friends’ blogs!   I am honored to be a part of this home tour and know you will love them too!