How to Set a Table for Spring

How to Set a Table for Spring

Spring has unofficially ‘sprung’ at my house. That means I styled my dining table with a simple, yet layered look for the new season.  Let me show you how to set a table for Spring, too.

The idea began with the cane chargers and green napkins that I received in a Spring decor box From Susie.  The vibrant green and natural element immediately reminded me of Spring. Then, I remembered that I had recently purchased some new topiary place cards from Hester and Cook. The colors were a perfect match… Within a few minutes, I was digging in my dish cabinet to see what would work for a Spring tablescape.

Layer your place settings

To begin styling a table, start with either a table runner, placemats or a table cloth.  I chose to use a blue striped paper runner from Hester and Cook in two lengths across the table. Next, I added these amazing wood framed cane chargers available  Then, a green napkin is layered between a simple, white dinner plate and a floral patterned salad plate from the Pioneer Woman line at Walmart. Lastly, a small decorative bread plate from Kirkland’s is placed on top with a topiary themed place card from Hester and Cook, as well.

The key to layering is…

  • Use a variety of textures and materials
  • Use a mix of patterned prints and solid color
  • Stick with a particular color combination


Candles + Flowers = Easy Centerpiece

Don’t overthink it… A simple centerpiece consists of a pair of candlesticks and a fresh or faux floral arrangement. You can either place the candlesticks down the middle or group them together in the center of the table.

For this Spring tablescape, I chose classic tulip stems in a white dipped vase. The dipped vase is from Magnolia and the tulips and candlesticks are From Susie.


Keep it Casual

I am not much of a rule follower.  However, I do like to know the basic table setting rules, so I don’t feel like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman during a formal dinner.  I just prefer to set a table that is reflective of the current season or holiday and is pleasing to the eye.

Therefore, it is important to do what works for you.  If you want to mix paper plates and ceramic dishes, go for it. If you want to place the table runner across the table rather than down the middle, do it.

Use natural materials, so that your table doesn’t feel too fussy or formal.  It should feel warm and inviting to family and friends.


Here’s how my Spring tablescape looks now!


How to Set a Table Diagram

If you are looking for a table setting diagram, this one from Real Simple is great.  It shows how to set a table three different ways including basic, casual and a formal setting.



table setting diagram

Pic credit is Real Simple



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How to Decorate a Mantle for Spring

How to Decorate a Mantle for Spring

With Spring less than a month away, I’m adding a few seasonal touches into my home. For instance, today, I decorated my mantle. Because the fireplace is usually the focal point of the living room, it is important to make a statement in this space! I’m sharing two key components that you can use to easily style any mantle for any season.

If you missed how I installed this shiplap above the fireplace in one day, check out this blog post.


Two Key Components of a Stylish Mantle


1. Start with an anchor piece.

The anchor will be the focal point of the fireplace mantle. Therefore, it should be placed in the center and be large enough to make a statement. A triangle will typically form with the anchor piece and decor objects.  The exception to this is if you choose to do a symmetrical design with 3 wall vases or one large piece of artwork.

What do I use to decorate a mantle? 

I used a round mirror, but a variety of decor pieces can act as an anchor.  For example, a large clock, 2-3 layered art pieces and signs, or a wreath hung on a vintage gate or window are common to decorate a mantle for Spring.


2. Next, add visual weight.

The next step is to add visual weight with objects that vary in height.  By staggering objects like the candlesticks, visual movement is created which leads the eye throughout the space. In addition, the stems sweep across the mirror to guide the viewer from one point to the next and keep the mantle interesting.

What do I use to decorate a mantle? 

Candlesticks add light, books add height and plants or flowers in large vases add life to any space. Any combination of these can be used to fill in a fireplace mantle.

These candlesticks are From Susie, an amazing online shop with vintage and Texas made products.  The flower stems are from Magnolia’s Little Shop on Bosque in Waco, Texas where I found them for 75% off. I used 3 flowers and 2 greenery stems for this arrangement, because I like to work with odd numbers for an organic feel!

If you are on a budget, take a walk and snip some spring blossoms or branches to place in a large vase. Or, repurpose worn out books. The library usually has old books for 5 cents, y’all!

Keep it simple, y’all.

Keeping it simple has always been hard for me.  I constantly over think, over commit and decorate with every thing I have. However, my focus for this year is to be intentional.  From being strategic with how I spend my time to carefully choosing what I put in my home, I am making choices that are meaningful to me rather than acting out of habit.

This has allowed me to find a good balance between being a wife, mom, blogger/stager and even have time for self care like daily walks with Scout and Scooby. If you are finding yourself constantly busy without feeling accomplished or good enough, I encourage you to say ‘no’ more often so that you can say ‘yes’ to the things that matter. Because less really is more!

Glass beads, wood bowl, cane charger, tulips, candlesticks, throw are

I love this simplicity to transition from winter to Spring. It is bright and refreshing, but also so calming.  It is a place that my daughter and I both enjoy in the late afternoons when we need a break. Isn’t that what your home should feel like… a place that you can unwind!

Thanks for stopping by the Cuter Tudor blog! I hope you enjoyed these styling tips to decorate a mantle for spring. Last week, I shared my best tips to style a coffee table for Spring, too.

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How to Style Coffee Table Decor for Spring

How to Style Coffee Table Decor

Texas is such a tease, y’all. This past Monday was the perfect Spring weather… blue skies, sunshine, a light breeze and 79 degree temperature. I spent the day shopping, drinking iced lattes and visiting Magnolia Market in downtown Waco with my daughter. See how happy we were, lol!


Within 48 hours, it is dark outside, raining and so cold. Pull the covers over you head, because it is 42 degrees outside.  I’m only getting up if you tempt me with a mug of hot coffee and I can wear my onesie fleece pajamas all day. I know that this isn’t ‘cold’ if you live in the northern United States, or Antartica, but to this Texas girl, I am miserable.

However, I can usher Spring into my home with a few changes to my coffee table decor.  Here’s how I style my coffee table for Spring.

Common Materials to Style Coffee Table Decor

  • tray
  • fresh or faux greenery (plants, flowers)
  • books (use as risers or display coffee table books)
  • candle
  • something interesting like a decorative object

These are a few things that I typically use to style a coffee table.  For a simple look, you can use one stack of your favorite ‘coffee table’ books or a vase of fresh flowers.

However, I love to style coffee tables with trays.  Specifically, trays work to gather materials in one place for a cohesive feel.  They make it easy to move for family game nights in our home. Plus, trays like this one made from hyacinth fibers add warmth and texture to this space.  It is from Kirkland’s.

tray decorated with candle, plant, books, candlesticks on coffee table

Tray + plant + candle + books + interesting objects


What to Know when Styling a Coffee Table (or any space)

  1. Use a variety of textured materials including wood, metal, ceramics (glass), or natural elements. If you have a glass or sleek surfaced table, find a tray made from natural materials, like wood or wicker for a relaxed feel or use a metal tray for an industrial chic style.
  2. Repeat colors, textures, shapes, or patterns to create a look of similarity, but add contrast of a different element to keep it interesting.  Sound confusing? It’s not. For instance, do you know someone that decorates beautifully with neutrals like white on white?  The key is to use the same color but vary the color values, texture or pattern; like adding creamy white chunky cable knit pillows & faux fur throw blankets on a bright white linen sofa.  The contrast of the textures and shades of white add enough interest, but the similarity in color feels cohesive.
  3. Play with triangles in groups of 3 (below left pic) or diamond shapes with groups of 4 (below right pic). This makes the styled tray more interesting by creating visual movement, but also places to rest the eye.
  4. Vary the height. For example, stacks of books can provide the right amount of height to your vignette. Or, choose items that are taller than others. By changing the height of two similar objects (moss bunnies in pic below right), a sense of movement of varied lines leads the viewer’s eye throughout the vignette.
  5. Maintain balance.  Use symmetry by placing two of the same sized or shaped items on a table. If not the exact same objects, like styling a dining table centerpiece with two of the same vases. However, it can also be achieved with asymmetry or informal balance by pairing the potted eucalyptus plant with the vase of tulips.  Even though they differ in shapes, they are similar enough in size to fill the same amount of space and balance the tray out. This is why it is important to group items similar in scale and proportion.


Design Rules Do’s and Don’ts

These ‘rules’ are merely guidelines to get you started on decorating your home. Actually, once you know the rules, you can choose which ones to break!

For example, even though it is suggested that you use a variety of texture, you may want to evoke a very clean, modern feel, so you could use a mirrored glass tray on a glass coffee table. It’s up to you!

You may not want to repeat the same color throughout a room. Therefore, you can choose to emphasize one area by adding a fun pop of yellow in a large statement piece, like art work or a single decorative vase on a console table in an entry room. It’s your home, so make it your own.



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Easy DIY Pedestals

Easy DIY Pedestals

These easy DIY pedestals are fun to make using things you already have or inexpensive thrift store finds. I’ll show you how to make them and style them in your home!


Easy DIY Pedestal Materials

Repurposing items is a cost effective way to create one of a kind decor for your home. Plus, it keeps useful items, whether vintage or no longer loved, from being discarded.  For instance, you can find many things like antique transferware or China plates for less than $2 at your local thrift store.  However, you can make these easy DIY pedestals from new decor like mini cupcake stands or any pieces that you already have.


  • Candlestick or any small pedestal
  • Plate or platter
  • Super glue or E6000 clear adhesive glue
  • Spray paint if needed

Here’s What I used:

thrift store plates and candlesticks

Easy DIY Pedestal Instructions

  1. Clean dishes in hot, soapy water to remove any debris, price tags, etc… and allow to dry.
  2. Optional: Spray paint any candle sticks or pedestals to your preference and allow to dry. I used the Krylon chalky finish spray paint because it adheres well, and doesn’t appear glossy.
  3. First, lay plates face down.  Then, apply super glue to the flattest surface on the top of the candlestick or pedestal.  Next, place the top of the candlestick in the center of the back of the plate.
  4. Add weight like books, if necessary. Allow to dry completely (24 hours for E6000 glue). Then, flip pedestals around to use!


Ideas to Use Pedestals

Of course, you can use these cake pedestals to serve desserts for get togethers or add them in a centerpiece. However, I like to use them next to my kitchen or sink to gather materials and keep the counter clutter free. Pedestals also work in the bathroom as a decorative soap dish.

These easy DIY pedestals make a beautiful dish for candles. Specifically, add them to any tray styling or vignette to add height or a pop of color and pattern depending on your plate. Show off a collection of pedestals or use one to hold plants on shelves.

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How to Install Shiplap on Fireplace Wall

How to Install Shiplap on Fireplace Wall

We did it!  My husband and I actually started and finished a DIY project in our home in one day.  From getting the materials to painting the trim, the real shiplap above our fireplace mantle is 100% complete.  Therefore, I want to share how to install shiplap on a fireplace wall, so you can do it too!


History of our Fireplace Mantle

When we first moved into our home, my husband and I created a removable planked wall from 1×4 pine boards. It was a great way to add color and texture above the fireplace mantle without any permanency. However, it was built like a single sheet of wood laid against the wall, but only attached with a single hanging wire on a screw in the wall. Over the years, I painted it different colors, but ultimately removed it  A few months ago, I applied peel and stick faux shiplap wallpaper above the fireplace. The wallpaper is a quick, affordable way to update a space. I loved the look, but wanted the texture of real shiplap boards. Therefore, we decided to knock out this project on a Sunday afternoon.

Materials to Install Shiplap

  • Pine Nickel Gap Ship Lap Board, from Home Depot
  • 3 1×3 pine boards for the top and two sides (6 feet boards worked for us)
  • 16 gauge finish nailer tool (we use Ryobi cordless) and 2 in. x 16-Gauge finish nails
  • Caulk gun and paintable acrylic latex caulk 
  • Oil base semi gloss enamel paint but latex will work, brush

Tip: These boards are already primed, so painting the boards white is easy. I like oil paint for my wood trim and mantle, so I chose to use oil paint on the shiplap, as well. However, latex paint will work too.

Just know if you choose to paint the boards a different color, like blue or black, use a paint sprayer to get in between the panels or paint boards prior to installing.


Tips to Install Shiplap above the Fireplace

  1. Measure the space between the fireplace mantle and ceiling or bottom of crown molding, if applicable.  Then, measure the length of the fireplace to determine how many boards you will need. I prefer the shiplap wall to align with the columns of the fireplace mantle, so take the trim into consideration.  Cut the boards the length necessary.
  2. Start in middle of the fireplace; always use a level to ensure the boards are straight. With a finish nailer (nail gun), add two nails near the middle, top and botton of the boards.
  3. Then, tap each shiplap board to lock in place before nailing. Continue to check with level after 3-4 boards.



4. Once the shiplap wall is up, add the trim.  First, measure the length of the shiplap wall, with two 1×3 boards on each side for the top piece.  Then, split the board, because it will sit on top of the shiplap.  Therefore, it needs to create a flush edge with the side pieces. Next, measure and cut the other two 1×3 boards (any trim you like) to fit on both sides of the wall.

5. Next, with paintable caulk, fill in the nail holes on shiplap boards and trim.  I apply a dot of caulk or putty with my finger. Then, immediately wipe excess with a slightly damp cloth. Lastly, fill in the trim where the pine boards meet the shiplap  and near the bottom where the shiplap rests on the mantle.  Allow to dry 20- 30 minutes depending on caulk instructions.


6. The last step is to paint!!! Apply painters tape on the wall next to the wood trim.  With oil based paint, I do one quick thin coat of paint.  Then, I do a second thicker layer using longer brushstrokes.  If you see dark spots through the wood or rough patches, use more paint.  Oil paint likes to connect to create great coverage.

Tip: For smaller projects, I prefer to use a paintbrush, but a paint sprayer will produce a nice finish, too.


We chose to use real shiplap boards to provide a clean finished look above our fireplace mantle.  I personally prefer the look of vertical shiplap over horizontal, because I feel it provides a more modern cottage than farmhouse feel.  Since my house is a Tudor style home, which originates from English cottages, I want to continue the cottage style throughout our home. Our master bathroom has vertical shiplap, too. Read more, here.


Thanks for checking out today’s blog post, How to Install Shiplap on a Fireplace Wall. For more daily home decor DIYs, tips and ideas, follow me on Instagram at @CuterTudor.  If you go to my instagram story highlights, you can see me painting while sitting on my husbands’ shoulders.  He is a real team player!

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How I Use the Color of the Year in my Living Room

The Color of the Year: Blue

How I use the color of the year ‘blue’ in my Living Room

This is my year, y’all… literally, because the 2020 color of the year is blue. And y’all know how much I love blue! So when Kirkland’s reached out to me to take a look at what’s new, and blue, in stores, it was a perfect match. Let me show you how I incorporate the color of the year into my home with on trend finds from Kirkland’s.

I love the modern coastal cottage vibe…it’s casual yet stylish with comfortable linen fabrics, natural materials, layered neutrals, greenery and pops of blue. All things that I found at Kirkland’s.  I have always used certain shades of the color blue as a neutral, because it is such a classic color. Blue works with so many different colors and styles. Therefore, I understand why it is the color of the year.


Start with the basics, then add blue!

Your personal style is an extension of you. Find what works for your family and your space, incorporate family heirlooms and collections, and finally, add in some trendy pieces that you love, yet will stand the test of time.  My best advice is to start with neutral furniture and classic decor elements. Then, add your personality in the details and with pops of color.


What’s New at Kirkland’s featuring the Color of the Year

First, I added a pop of color with two shades of beautiful, blue pillows. The light blue ones are so soft with a woven texture and whipstitch detail. The navy pillow is cozy and contrasts well in the living room. Both are from Kirkland’s, both I love!

Next, I layered artwork from Kirkland’s over a well weathered gate and vertical shiplap paneling above my fireplace mantle. The artwork is simple with serene colors and a light colored wood frame.

Then, natural materials like these trendy woven baskets with a simple stripe provide extra storage for everyday living. For instance, I can throw extra pillows, blankets or even remotes in these baskets. Plus, they look cute.

I visited my local store, but there are thousands of BLUE home decor products at Kirkland’s online, too. Click here to see… But first, head to my instagram stories to see what else I found in Kirkland’s and for a tour of my living room featuring blue, the color of the year!

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