Fruitcuterie Recipes for Halloween

For these simple recipes for Halloween, it’s perfectly acceptable to play with your food. Therefore, I transformed fruit into pumpkins, ghosts and wicked witch warts to create a ‘fruitcuterie’ board. It’s a fun and festive addition to breakfast on Halloween morning, kids parties or just to get your kids to eat more fruit.

So, maybe I just made up ‘fruitcuterie.’ However, it makes sense when fruit and charcuterie come together. Either way, I love charcuterie style food boards for parties, gatherings and weekend brunch. For instance, food boards are easy to create and serve for family movie night, game night with friends, or date night with your ‘boo!’ Here’s one I did for breakfast and my kids loved it.

Fruitcuterie Halloween Recipe

What you Need:

  • Mandarin Oranges
  • Celery Stalk
  • Bananas
  • Chocolate Chips
  • Moon Drop Grapes
  • Mini Charcuterie Boards

A few weeks ago, I found these mini charcuterie boards on sale at Hobby Lobby for $2.40 each. So, I bought 8 for $20. They are the perfect size for serving appetizers or individual charcuterie boards at parties. I couldn’t wait for the first holiday to use them.

If you are looking for larger wooden boards, From: Susie has a great selection of cutting, bread and kitchen boards. Plus, use coupon code ‘Cutertudor’ for 10% off everything in the shop.

Ghosts, Pumpkins, & Witches, Oh My

While I am not sure you can call this a recipe, it is a healthy treat that you can serve to kids in October. After assembling the orange pumpkins and banana ghosts, simple arrange with moon drop grapes onto mini charcuterie boards. Voila… you have a fruitcuterie!

What you Do to Make Orange Pumpkins:

  1. First, peel oranges.
  2. Secondly, cut apart the leafy end of a celery stalk into 1 1/2″ stems.
  3. Then, press the celery into the center of the orange.

What you Do to Make Banana Ghosts:

  1. First, peel bananas.
  2. Secondly, cut bananas into two parts.
  3. Then, press 3 chocolate chips into the top of a banana to form the eyes and mouth.

These banana ghosts and orange pumpkins look so cute on a Halloween characuterie board. Find everything I included on the board and tips to create a festive food board, here.

If you are looking for more recipes for Halloween, try my 5 Ingredient Pumpkin Pie Spice Cookies or Apple Turnovers. They are a great homemade addition to Boo Baskets.’

Lastly, find lots of seasonal ideas on my Pinterest, Instagram or Tik Tok! And, follow my boards on Pinterest for Halloween recipes, decorations, and DIY costumes.

Peach Crisp Recipe

This peach crisp, both easy and delicious, is one of my husband’s favorite homemade desserts. I made it two times this past week. Both times, it disappeared within 12 hours. Since it is well loved in our home, I am sharing the recipe with y’all!

Recently, I made this peach crisp with fresh white peaches. Then, I used ripened yellow peaches and extra cinnamon, which happened to be my husband’s favorite! Either way, you can not go wrong with this simple dessert.

Easy Peach Crisp

What you Need:

What you Do:

  1. First, preheat oven to 350 degrees. Rinse, pit and slice 4 peaches.
  2. Place peel side down into buttered 8×8 inch casserole dish. Then, sprinkle with 1/2 tsp cinnamon.
  3. Stir oats, brown sugar, flour, and remaining cinnamon together.
  4. Next, add butter into mixture, mashing together with fork or pastry blender.
  5. Pour mixture over peaches, spreading it evenly.
  6. Cover with foil and bake at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes. Remove the foil for the last 10 minutes of cooking or until the top is golden brown and the center is bubbly.
  7. Finally, serve warm with a dollop of whipped cream or scoop of vanilla ice cream!
  • If peaches aren’t very ripe, perhaps a tad hard, they will take longer to cook.
  • You can make this with peeled or unpeeled peaches. However, I tend to use unpeeled.
  • First, drain if using canned peaches. Frozen works, too. But, fresh tastes best.
  • Add nutmeg or ginger to your liking. However, I keep it simple with cinnamon.
  • Try this with other fruit. For example, berries or apples.

How to Pit a Peach 

This is the quickest way to pit a peach. Often times, the pit may leave a few hard, yet small pieces behind. Therefore, rinse the inside of the peach and run your finger over the inside to ensure the pit is completely gone.

  1. First, use a paring knife to pierce the peach where the stem is attached.
  2. Then, slice along the seam around the peach. Allow the knife to glide along the pit of the peach.
  3. Next, with both hands gently twist the two sides in opposite directions.
  4. Pull the halves apart and remove the pit with fingers.
  5. Finally, rinse the inside of the peach before eating or slicing.

Lastly, you can find additional dessert recipes, here. For example, these apple turnovers are the perfect Fall treat. Or, my 5 Ingredient Pumpkin Spice cookies with cream cheese icing are always a hit!

Recipe for Cinnamon Roll Pancakes

I am sharing our family’s recipe for cinnamon roll pancakes! Yep, I combined two breakfast legends into one! Not surprisingly, these pancakes taste amazing! But the best part is that they are so easy to make, too. Therefore, these pancakes are perfect for any time that you want to make breakfast extra special. Or, sweet, y’all!

Recipe for Cinnamon Roll Pancakes

Cinnamon Roll Pancake

  • 2 cups Krusteaz Pancake Mix – we love the protein mix
  • 1 1/3 cup water
  • cinnamon swirl mixture- recipe below
  • cream cheese icing – recipe below

Cinnamon Swirl Mixture

First, mix the ingredients together in a squeeze bottle. Without lid, heat bottle in microwave for 30 seconds to ensure butter is melted. Then, replace lid and shake thoroughly.

  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 4 tbs brown sugar
  • 3 tbs softened butter

Cream Cheese Icing

First, mix the ingredients together in a small bowl using a silicon spatula. Next, stir until smooth.

  • 1 cup whipped cream cheese
  • 1/2 cup powder sugar
  • 2 tbs softened butter
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla
  1. First, heat pancake griddle to 375°F or medium heat. Lightly, grease griddle.
  2. Second, whisk pancake mix and water together according to directions on the box. Let batter stand 2 minutes while making cinnamon swirl mixture.
  3. Third, pour 1/4 cup of batter per pancake onto the griddle. After 30-60 seconds, add the cinnamon swirl mixture in a swirl pattern in the center of each pancake using a squeeze bottle.
  4. Then, cook another 30 seconds on that side. Then, flip when the tops bubble and bottom is golden brown, approximately 1-1/2 minutes per side. Remove pancakes from griddle.
  5. Next, with a silicon spatula, smear cream cheese icing generously on top of a small stack of pancakes. Finally, add fresh fruit, if desired, and enjoy!

Cinnamon Roll Pancake + Cream Cheese Icing + Fresh Fruit

Love pancakes like we do? Pin this recipe for cinnamon roll pancakes. Then, check out how I styled a pancake inspired breakfast food board, Breakfast Ideas Kids Love. Lastly, leave me a comment to let me know your favorite breakfast food.

Breakfast Ideas Kids Love: Breakfast Board

Breakfast Ideas Kids Love: the Breakfast Board

In honor of back to school, I am sharing breakfast ideas kids love! Today, it’s all about the breakfast board. Tomorrow, I am sharing my recipe for cinnamon roll pancakes!

A breakfast board is a variety of breakfast foods thoughtfully arranged on a board. It’s a great way to serve family or friends for birthdays, weekend brunch or Christmas morning. While they are great for special occasions and entertaining, we love breakfast for dinner in our home, too.

Theme your Breakfast Board

Whether I’m styling a tablescape or decorating for a party, I love a theme. This particular breakfast board is all about pancakes. However, you can gear your board towards waffles, French toast, oatmeal, yogurt parfait, bagels…or a smorgasbord of everything breakfast. The possibilities are endless and that’s what makes boards so fun! After you choose a theme, get a variety of toppings and sides to pair with the main dish. For example, fresh fruit, meats, dried fruit, nuts, jams, spreads or flavored syrups.

In addition to a theme, I love to color coordinate! Therefore, even the berries I chose are blue and green to match the table decor. You certainly don’t have to be that extra. Just have fun with it. I do recommend using a variety of colors and textures of food to make the board interesting to the eyes and tastebuds. Basically, think of the 5 food groups to create a well balanced food board.

Build your Breakfast Board

  1. Gather everything you need including a large wooden board, platter or tray, small bowls and food.
  2. Wash and cut any fruit. Pour toppings into small serving bowls or pitchers, as necessary.
  3. Prepare any food that needs cooked.
  4. Arrange everything onto the board. First, place larger items like bowls or pancakes. Lastly, add fruit to fill in.

Breakfast Tacos with Pancakes

Another fun breakfast idea kids love are breakfast tacos. However, these aren’t your typical tacos. Instead of tortillas, use pancakes. Simply, place all your fixings on a board. This offers lots of variety, so everyone can choose what they eat. Therefore, its great for brunch or slumber parties. Here are a few favorite combinations:

  • yogurt and berries
  • bacon, eggs, and blueberry syrup
  • Nutella and sliced bananas
  • sausage, peanut butter and maple syrup

Thank you for stopping by the blog for today’s breakfast ideas kids love! Be sure to come back tomorrow for my son’s favorite cinnamon roll pancakes recipe! Yep, I combined two favorite breakfast items into one!

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Red, White and Blue July 4th Desserts

July 4th Desserts

Two ingredients transform any snack into dessert!

I love to make semi-homemade treats like these three red, white and blue July 4th desserts! However, I don’t have time to spend hours in the kitchen.

So, I have a simple trick that I use to turn any homemade or store bought snack into a fun holiday dessert. The best part… it’s easy to color coordinate your dessert for any holiday or party. 


Just combine white chocolate melts and any kind of sprinkles! 


Chocolate candy melts can be used to make any chocolate covered dessert. Candy melts are sold in a variety of different colors. For instance, I get them at Amazon. Usually, I melt the chocolate in the microwave. However, if you melt chocolate often, Wilton has a handy melting pot, here

Next, I like to add sprinkles that match the color scheme or theme of the celebration. Amazon has a great selection, too.  I like to keep a variety on hand for sprucing up desserts. 

What can you cover in chocolate and sprinkles to make dessert?

  1. Smores size marshmallows
  2. Sandwich or plain style cookies like oreos, nutter butter, wafers
  3. Fruit like strawberries, sliced apples, oranges, bananas
  4. Frozen ice cream treats like ice cream sandwich or popsicles
  5. Pretzels or pretzel sticks
  6. Rice crispy treats
  7. Little Debbie snack cakes
  8. Brownies 
  9.  Peanut Butter + Ritz crackers 
  10. Popcorn

Depending on the snack, you can insert festive paper straws, lollipop or popsicle sticks into them to make them easy to hold. For example, I have added sticks to bananas, rice crispy treats or marshmallows. 

Three of my family’s favorites are… 

  1. Rice crispy treats, click here for detailed instructions!   
  2. Chocolate covered pretzel sticks.  Use the same directions.
  3. Chocolate covered popcorn.

Chocolate popcorn is perfect for family movie night or affordable gifts for teachers and neighbors!  Again, it is fun to add a variety of sprinkles or small candies like holiday M&M’s.  For instance, we add ‘red hots’ candy during Christmas, valentines or July 4th!

If you need detailed instructions to make the popcorn treat, click here! 

Simply place in a mason jar tied with red, white and blue ribbon. Then, place a flag into the ribbon. This makes a great gift or you can take it along to a fireworks show. 


If you are looking for more red, white and blue decorations, check out this July 4th table! Or this one

St. Patrick’s Day Dessert: Marshmallow Cheesecake

St. Patrick’s Day Dessert:

Lucky Charms Marshmallow Cheesecake

This marshmallow cheesecake is a quick and easy St. Patrick’s Day dessert that you can make the night before. Then, add the topping before serving.  However, with the colorful marshmallows, it’s a fun treat to make anytime in the Spring or Summer.

I love the addition of lucky charms cereal marshmallows and the color green! If you didn’t know, you can buy the marshmallows only, without cereal, from Amazon! Read how I used them to make yogurt parfaits.

St. Patrick’s Day Dessert Recipe

What you need:

  • graham cracker pie crust
  • 1/3 cup heavy cream
  • 2 8 oz blocks of cream cheese – sit at room temp to soften
  • 16 oz tub cool whip
  • 1 stp vanilla extract
  • 1 cup of powder sugar
  • green food coloring
  • cereal Marshmallows

*To be honest, I made this without powder sugar to reduce the carbs. However, without the sugar to stiffen the cheesecake, it serves more like a pudding pie. Same great taste, so worth a try!

What to do:

  1. In a mixer, whip the heavy cream till peaks form.  Sit aside.
  2. In a separate mixing bowl, combine softened cream cheese,  2 cups cool whip, vanilla extract, food coloring with a mixture until smooth. When cream cheese has softened, add whipped heavy cream and powder sugar.
  3. Next, pour the mixture into an already prepared graham cracker pie crust.
  4. Then, refrigerate the cheesecake for 6-8 hours.  Overnight is even better.
  5. With a large spoon, add heaping spoonfuls of cool whip around the edge of the pie, leaving the center open. Use the back of the spoon to create overlapping piles of cool whip.
  6. Lastly, sprinkle handfuls of cereal marshmallows onto the whip cream. Refrigerate until served.

These cereal marshmallows are the cutest thing to add to desserts and treats.

st Patricks day dessert served with cereal marshmallows on top


marshmallow covered cheesecake


Please save this marshmallow cheesecake recipe to your holiday dessert board on Pinterest. You can follow my dessert board, here. Most importantly, thank you for stopping by the Cuter Tudor blog today!