DIY Snow Globes

This holiday season, I have joined with some of the most creative DIY bloggers to share our favorite Christmas DIYS!  It’s the “I DIYed That Christmas Blog Hop!”  Check out my tips on how to make your own snow globes and then follow along on the tour for more holiday DIY inspiration.

Here are the basic components of a snow globe that you can use in your holiday decor!

Be creative when finding glass containers to use as a ‘snow globe.’  You can use mason jars, gumball machines, cloches, clear ornaments, decorative jars or vintage boxes.

You will need faux snow, which comes in the fluffy ‘buffalo snow’ or the ‘snowballs.’  Both are available at craft stores like or

Christmas trees, especially the bottle brush kind, come in a variety of sizes which make them easy to fit into almost any container.

I love to use deer in my snow globes, but you can use any figurine, from snowman to little red trucks.  Search the craft department for small figurines or use ornaments.

Snow globe Ornaments

I found these large, clear ornaments with an opening in the front from Michaels Craft Store.  You can play with the placement of the figurines before placing them inside.  Hot glue the bottom of the trees or deer to hold in place.  Then, add some of the fluffy buffalo snow. I used several mini trees to create a winter time forest scene.  Don’t forget the ribbon!

Gumball Machine Snow Globe

I made this snow globe last year and it was very popular, so I decided to recreate it this year!  I love the touch of whimsy that it adds to my Christmas vignettes.

The gumball machines are usually fairly easy to dismantle by unscrewing the top and removing the glass globe.  I place the figures inside, add fluffy snow, then replace the top.

I purchased the gumball machine online, but have seen larger ones from Hobby Lobby in red and turquoise!  It is a fun way to use a candy dispenser without all the calories.

Vintage Glass Box Snow Globes

If you know me, then you know that I love vintage!  I found these vintage glass boxes in an antique store last year!  I love them for their vintage quality, and while I often leave them empty, I like to create little winter wonderlands inside them during the holidays.

If you use containers that open on the front, simply lay the box down, hot glue the bottom of the figures in place, pour in some snowballs, and close.

I have several shapes and sizes of these antique boxes, but I have recently seen new versions of these boxes in home decor stores. I just love the vintage charm!

 Glass Jar Snow Globes

These lidded glass jars come in all sorts of sizes and shapes, and are easy to find at decor stores like Home Goods!  I have a variety to use for parties to store candy, but could not resist using them to create an easy DIY snow globe.  Place the figures in first.  Hold the top of the figures in place to prevent movement when pouring in the snowballs inside.

These are the easiest to make, because you simply place your objects inside and fill with snow.  I added my Santa figurine which fit perfectly in this jar!

Lantern Snow Globes

I love to use terrariums and lanterns year round, but they are even more fun to decorate during Christmas!  These beautiful lanterns are from the Findery in Waco!

 I created this version with bottle brush trees, deer that are actually large ornaments, and lastly some buffalo snow.  I guess I think adding snow makes it a snow globe! Why not?

Mason Jar Snow Globes

These are another super easy version with a southern twist!  I love mason jars, so I have plenty around the kitchen to use!  I kept these simple by only adding some of my favorite bottle brush trees in a rich copper color.  And who can resist the ‘sweet tea’ embossed on the mug?  I leave the lid off but you can replace the lid, or flip upside down, if you like.

Here’s a quick tip for this version.  Hold the top of the tree while you pour in your snowballs so they don’t sneak under the tree.

These snow globes  are fun to add in a coffee table vignettes with a few decorative trees.

All of these snow globes are easy to make with materials that you may already own, in your decor stash.  All you have to do is add faux snow!

What items do you already own that you can repurpose or transform into a snow globe!

Honestly the only thing I purchased this year for this project is the clear ornaments and faux snow!  Mix and match decor and seasonal items that you already have!  Be creative!

Now, its time to follow along the tour for more DIY inspiration from some of my home decor buddies!  Please follow us on all our social media platforms!

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