DIY Summer Decor: Fireworks Decor

Y’all, this wooden fireworks decor is a great addition to outdoor decor! Today, I am sharing how you can make these with a few simple steps. However, you can watch the DIY video that I posted on Instagram, here, as well.

Wooden Fireworks Decor

This wooden fireworks decor is easy to create with scrap wood, paint and a few tools!  I like to use spray paint, because it dries quickly and can be displayed outdoors. However, any latex or acrylic paint will work, but must be sealed for outdoor use.


  • 2.5 feet of 2″ x 4″ wood
  • Spray paint in red, white, blue
  • Painter’s tape, star shaped stickers or stencils
  • 1 feet of cord
  • Superglue


  • Table saw
  • Electric drill
  • Electric sander or sandpaper

Cut. Drill. Paint. Distress. Glue.

  1. First, cut a piece of 2″ x 4″ wood into 3 sections measuring 8, 10 and 12 inches.
  2. Secondly, mark an X on one end of the 2×4 to find the center. With a drill, insert a two inch hole onto one end, making sure the width of the drill bit is slightly larger than the cording.
  3. Next, paint each piece of wood block with white spray paint and allow to dry. Create stripes with painters tape on one wood block and paint red, before removing tape. Then, cover one white block with star shaped stickers or a stencil and spray paint blue. Remove stickers when dry.
  4. When dry, use a sander to distress the edges of the wood to your liking.
  5. Lastly, cut three pieces of cord about 3-4 inches long. Then, squeeze glue into the drilled hole before pushing cord inside to dry.

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