Easy DIY Pedestals

Easy DIY Pedestals

These easy DIY pedestals are fun to make using things you already have or inexpensive thrift store finds. I’ll show you how to make them and style them in your home!


Easy DIY Pedestal Materials

Repurposing items is a cost effective way to create one of a kind decor for your home. Plus, it keeps useful items, whether vintage or no longer loved, from being discarded.  For instance, you can find many things like antique transferware or China plates for less than $2 at your local thrift store.  However, you can make these easy DIY pedestals from new decor like mini cupcake stands or any pieces that you already have.


  • Candlestick or any small pedestal
  • Plate or platter
  • Super glue or E6000 clear adhesive glue
  • Spray paint if needed

Here’s What I used:

thrift store plates and candlesticks

Easy DIY Pedestal Instructions

  1. Clean dishes in hot, soapy water to remove any debris, price tags, etc… and allow to dry.
  2. Optional: Spray paint any candle sticks or pedestals to your preference and allow to dry. I used the Krylon chalky finish spray paint because it adheres well, and doesn’t appear glossy.
  3. First, lay plates face down.  Then, apply super glue to the flattest surface on the top of the candlestick or pedestal.  Next, place the top of the candlestick in the center of the back of the plate.
  4. Add weight like books, if necessary. Allow to dry completely (24 hours for E6000 glue). Then, flip pedestals around to use!


Ideas to Use Pedestals

Of course, you can use these cake pedestals to serve desserts for get togethers or add them in a centerpiece. However, I like to use them next to my kitchen or sink to gather materials and keep the counter clutter free. Pedestals also work in the bathroom as a decorative soap dish.

These easy DIY pedestals make a beautiful dish for candles. Specifically, add them to any tray styling or vignette to add height or a pop of color and pattern depending on your plate. Show off a collection of pedestals or use one to hold plants on shelves.

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