How to Create a Fall Bucket List

Now that Fall is quickly approaching, you may be thinking of all the activities and treats that make this season so wonderful.  Seasonal bucket lists have become popular ways to share in the excitement and ensure that you take advantage of everything each season has to offer.  Creating a list is a great way to remind you of all the things that you want to accomplish when this time of year gets busy.  A fall bucket list is not only a great checklist but it makes for a great display in your home.




Today, I am sharing a Fall Bucket List that I transformed into a fun wall display at The Findery, a home decor store in Waco, Texas. (Excuse the water fountains right in the center, but thats real life) I hope this inspires you to make your own fall bucket list!  You could use a large chalkboard, accent wall, or above a fireplace mantle.  This idea could even be turned into a centerpiece of a fall tablescape using brown Kraft paper as the ‘tablecloth.’  If you work in a school or church, it would make a creative three dimensional bulletin board.  Of course, if you have a home decor store, this is a great to display your products.  Hmmm, my wheels are turning!  I hope yours do too!




How to Create a Fall Bucket List Display

Your steps may look different depending on the surface that you are using, but I will share how I created this wall!

  1. Create a fall bucket list.  You can google ‘fall bucket list’ to inspire you. Here is one from Country Living.
  2. Gather materials to represent items from your list like bundles of faux leaves to cozy throws.  Look for creative  decorative hooks to hang items, as well as buckets with handles or small decorative shelves.  Check Hobby Lobby for a variety of hooks.
  3. Apply brown kraft paper on the wall. I used a stapler to hold the paper in place.  Use an exacto knife to trim the edges that overlap door frames or wall trim.
  4. Lay your materials on the floor to create a layout that you like.  Include space for text.
  5. Hang your items. Be creative in ways that you display them.
  6. Write each item in a chisel tip sharpie marker. Add a box and checkmark for fun.


Check out some of the details! I love the decorative hook with a bucket of apples. It creates a lot of dimension and depth.



Fall Bucket List Suggestions

Here is what I included on my ‘Fall Bucket List.”  This includes favorite seasonal drinks and treats to memory making activities.

  • eat a turkey
  • go to farmer’s market
  • make a campfire
  • snuggle up
  • plan a dinner
  • bake a pumpkin pie
  • wear a scarf
  • hang a wreath
  • drink hot cocoa
  • pick apples
  • go shopping
  • get outdoors
  • go hunting
  • watch football
  • collect leaves
  • chalk paint furniture
  • rake leaves
  • visit a pumpkin patch


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