How to Throw a Glamping Party for your Kids Birthday with DIYs

How to Throw a Glamping Party for you kid’s Birthday with DIYs

Happy birthday, Callie!!  In honor of my daughter’s 13th birthday this week, here is her glamping party from three years ago. Decorating for my kids’ birthday parties has been a fun tradition for years, because I love to make their day special! Callie opted for a mother daughter shopping trip in lieu of a big party with friends this year. However, this glamping party is still one of her favorites!  And mine, too! I think it is a combination of fun activities and all the cute DIY crafts and details that make a party memorable!

This glamping party is geared towards a tween girls slumber party, but hopefully you find some inspiration to create something unique for your next kids birthday party.  If you missed what glamping is, it means glamorous camping!  Basically, you get all the comfort of home while enjoying the outdoors whether you go to a cabin in the woods or campout in your own backyard.


Glamping Kids Party


I want to show you how a few DIYs can help you create a one of a kind kids birthday party!  For this party, we used our craft room located in our detached garage, hung out in the backyard around the fire pit, and spent time in the small wooded area on our property. We filled this room with air mattresses for the girls to have a slumber party!


Glammed Up DIY Candles

Apply glue then glitter to the regular numerical birthday candles from the grocery store.  The great thing about this DIY is that it can be done with any color of glitter to to glam up your princess’ candles on the birthday cake during your glamping party.


kids glamping party ideas


DIY Kids Teepee

This kids DIY teepee may seem hard to make but it is super easy!  It did take me about six hours to assemble, but with hot glue and a staple gun anything is possible. For the DIY teepee, I used six 1×2 poles and about 15 yards of fabric.  This DIY teepee is able to fold up but not completely.  Just consider how you assemble the top.  Inside the boho inspired teepee, you can place sleeping bags, pillows and faux fur rugs for lounging.  Roll up blankets to look like sleeping bags.  Use undecorated Christmas trees to bring the outdoors in.

First, I spread out the poles in a hexagon shape and tied the poles together about one foot from the top with strong jute rope. After the frame was set up, I stapled the fabric onto the poles.  I hot glued the folds for a seamless look. Working from the bottom to the top, vary the width of the fabric.   I left an opening for the door by cutting the fabric at that pole, wrapping it around the pole and stapling it in place.  For the opening, I folded the top of a sheet of gold fabric over a pole, gluing the back of the fabric together so it can slide as necessary.  I hot glued ribbon to both side of the opening and cut the fabric down the middle to be able to draw back the curtains.  Lastly, I added some extra ribbons, bead and fabric near the top of the teepee.



glamping birthday party


Scavenger Hunt

During the party, we ate s’mores, watched movies on the projector, made dreamcatchers, personlized clipboards, went on a nature walk, but the favorite activity was a scavenger hunt.  The scavenger hunt served as party favors for the girls and a fun activity.  Before the party, I purchased treats for each guest and wrote clues for each of those items that would be hidden around our property.  I tried to relate some of the items to a particular location.  For example, lip gloss was hidden in the upstairs bathroom, socks in the dryer and twig pencils in a tree in the front yard.  We gave each guest a bag and the scavenger list with clues.  I switched the order for each person so that they would have a unique experience with their own clues.

It is fun for me to find unique party favors that go with the theme, so I usually start looking a few weeks before the party.  I found chevron journals from Target and twig style lead and colored pencils from World Market.  We bought clear containers from Dollar Tree are filled with candy.  Other items that I used in the scavenger hunt are chevron patterned socks, lip gloss, and glow sticks.  The details, whether handmade or store-bought, make the difference.  Heart shaped cardstock, tied with jute to each bag from Michael’s dollar section personalize each bag.  I wrote the girls names with sharpie and outlined a triangle around the name to mimic a teepee.


glamping birthday party scavenger hunt

DIY Fabric Garland

With the extra fabric, I made a DIY torn fabric garland.  Cut a sheet of fabric twice as long as you want the length of the fabric strips to hang so about two feet in length. Next, cut about inch deep and inch apart into the fabric with scissors.  Use the cut to start your tear and separate the fabric into strips.  Tie the strips onto a piece of jute by folding over the jute and pulling it through the loop.  You can use an assortment of ribbons, beads and fabric to create your garland for any holiday or party.  I used the garland to decorate the food table, but later added it to the teepee.  These garlands also look cute on a highchair for a kids’ first birthday.


DIY Mini Banners and Crafts

There are lots of different ways to personalize a party by making a few one of a kind crafts.  For the cake, I made a mini banner with my daughter’s name with wooden skewers, jute, scrapbook paper and letter stickers.  I simply cut a triangle out of paper, using the first one as a template. I hot glued the paper on to the jute and tied the jute onto the top of wooden skewers.  To give the paper straws a boho feel, I wrapped different colors of embroidery thread and feathers around the top of the straw.  Hot glue in place if necessary.


glamping kids birthday party ideas


We had a sleepover during the glamping party. I tied wooden spoons and chocolate straws to boxes of individual cereals for breakfast with ribbon. I also made an accordion style card from an assortment of scrapbook letters.


diy mini birthday banners



Thank you for checking out my glamping party ideas for my daughter’s 10th birthday!  I have always loved to decorate for parties.  This is the time that I started to really photograph the crafts that I made.  Later, I begin to share them on Instagram at @cutertudor which led to blogging.  Thank you for sharing my blogs posts on Pinterest and Facebook.  It is the easiest way for you to file ideas for later and also help others read my blog!

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