12 DIYS of Christmas: Tiered Tray for Christmas


On the 8th DIY of Christmas, I am mixing it up to share my best tray styling tips.  Hopefully, this will inspire you to gather a few of your favorite Christmas finds to decorate a tiered tray. These are great to show off your holiday collections and display on the kitchen island coffee bar or on a coffee table.


Three Tips to Styling a Tiered Tray for Christmas

Tip 1: Choose a theme and color scheme. 

First, choose a theme to decorate the tiered tray. As far as theme, it can range from cozy winter, to a more whimsical style with gingerbread houses and candy canes. Then, pick a color scheme to accentuate your particular idea. This could be a neutral vibe for a winter or neon green and cherry red for a fun Christmas feel. Other themes that I love for tiered trays are hot cocoa bars, vintage Christmas and


Tip 2: Decorate with a variety of materials.

While you can use a tiered tray to show off your collection of Santa mugs, I like to use a combination of holiday decor.  For example, mini trees, wood beads, large ornaments, putz or galvanized houses, mugs, small signs, pinecones, Santa, deer or snowmen figurines are great items to include in a tiered tray.

Tip 3. Use a variety of textures.

Choose items that are made from wood, metal, glass, textiles (paper or cloth) and natural elements. These materials will have different textures from shiny metallic finishes to fluffy bottle brush trees. By using a variety of textures, the tray will appear more interesting to the eye.


Thank you for stopping by the blog to see how I styled this tiered tray for Christmas! Now, tap the red pin on the top left of the picture below to save this blog post to your ‘Christmas Ideas‘ Pinterest Board.  Then check out the rest of the 12 DIYS of Christmas!

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