I was recently on the local news, KWTX Channel tv in Waco with journalist Julie Hays to share a few easy holiday tips to style your table for the fourth of July.  While the fourth has passed, these tips transcend to any holiday or party theme, simply by changing the colors and prints that you use.  I have rounded up my favorite holiday tips.

Being on LIVE television is way out of my comfort zone, but I truly believe our purpose is to share our passion, talents, knowledge and skills with others! It is another media to share with others who may not be active on social media.  Julie does an amazing job of knowing what to say to make guests feel comfortable, even for someone with a fear of public speaking. I taught and served as a school administrator, so I have a little experience in pubic speaking.  I was still very nervous, but I won’t let fear hold me back of sharing what makes me happy.

Here’s the video if you want to check it out:

Here’s my display set up at the KWTX studio before I went live!

And here are the holiday tips that I shared to make your holidays more festive!

1. Use craft supplies to dress up your dinnerware!

I always recommend buying your serving pieces and dinnerware in simple colors like white, clear glass or galvanized metal for summer entertaining, so that they work with any style.  With a few simple supplies like paper and ribbons, you can transform your dishes to match any holiday or party theme.

I will show you a few examples, but the possibilities are endless!

I collect a variety of sizes of white cake stands.  These mini cake stands are from the Target Dollar Spot and are perfect for cupcakes at each place setting or adding height to a centerpiece.  You can use wrapping paper, craft papers, scrapbook paper or even fabric.  When you are done, just toss the paper and clean up is easy.

  • Use the top as a template to trace the top of the cake stand onto the paper.
  • Cut the paper according to your lines.
  • Use a glue dot or double sided adhesive square on the back of the paper.
  • Adhere to the tray or cake stand to hold in place.

Adding patterned paper to your trays is a quick and affordable way to get holiday themed dishes.



Each of these trays below are lined with removable material.  The ticking stripe paper is actually wrapping paper cut to hide a Christmas themed tray.  The American flag print is actually a plastic placemat cut down to size.



Ribbon is another way to dress up your jars, especially for candy or dessert bars.



Even stickers can make containers festive for casual parties and holiday get togethers.


2. Create a treat for guests, especially the kids.

You can put treats at each place setting on the table or at the dessert bar for guests to take home!  It is a fun way to thank guests for coming or keep kids entertained.  Mason jars are great for storing edible treats or making a S’mores kit!  I found small packages of graham crackers and marshmallows at the grocery store that fit right in the jar.  Add chocolate and roasting sticks, and dress it up with ribbon!  These will wow guests and add a pop of color to the table.

Metal buckets, mini crates or berry baskets are available at Hobby Lobby, Michael’s and Target for around $1.  When planning for a party, I like to get candy that reminds me of the holiday or event, or with candy or wrappers that match the color theme, like these red and blue airheads candy.  For a goodie bag, get items that match your theme.  For the July 4th bucket, I included sunglasses, sparklers, glow bracelets, mini flags, and candy.  I lined the bucket with a paper napkin in a flag print – easy and inexpensive.

3. Crates or caddies are great for rounding up your supplies.

Vintage tool boxes, galvanized metal caddies and wooden crates can hold everything you need for casual outdoor dining and look great as a unique centerpiece.  Galvanized metal caddies can be found at Sam’s, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, and most home decor stores.  Find one of kind vintage boxes at antique or junk stores.  This trick works great when the get together is casual, so you aren’t setting the table ahead of time you  or you aren’t sure how many guests are coming.  It is easy for guests to grab what they need when they need it. Easy hosting!  If you have older kids, it is easy to fill a crate for the kitchen island so kids can help themselves to snacks during summer.


Crates and caddies are handy to hold your paper products, utensils, chargers, cups, straws, and extra linens.  Whether you are heading to the backyard for a barbecue or to the lake for a picnic, it keeps everything together.

4. Two simple ingredients turn your favorite snack into dessert!

I love to make homemade treats, but I don’t love spending hours in the kitchen baking.   A simple combination of white chocolate melts and any kind of sprinkles can be added to store bought or homemade snacks.  I love this trick because it looks like you spent a long time to make homemade treats, but these are so quick to make.


If you need detailed instructions to make these rice crispy treats, click here!   Use the same recipe to make chocolate covered pretzel sticks.  Chocolate covered marshmallows, sandwich cookies like oreos or fruit like apple slices can be made with lollipop sticks from the baking department at the grocery store or like these from Michaels.com. This simple treat is great for kids birthday parties or the littlest of guests at your next party.  Just use sprinkles that match the theme or color scheme of your party or holiday.


If you need detailed instructions to make the popcorn treat, click here!  I love to make this for a family movie night or any holiday!  Again, it is fun to use a variety of sprinkles or small candies.  I love to add ‘red hots’ candy during Christmas, valentines or July 4th! Holiday M&M’s are another favorite ‘add in’ to this treat!



Please follow me on Instagram and share this to your Pinterest board.  If you try any of these holiday tips, tag me on social media or use the hashtag #cutertudored for a chance to be featured!  What tricks do you have for your holiday hosting?


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