Welcome to the Home for the Holiday’s Christmas Tree Challenge with Decorator’s Warehouse. Find more Christmas tree inspiration at the end of this blog post! Use coupon code CUTERTUDOR to receive 10% off order from Decorator’s Warehouse.

This year, I collaborated with Decorator’s Warehouse, the best ‘Christmas tree store,’ to decorate my home with a rustic, coastal style. I love how my Christmas tree turned out! It is a beautiful mix of natural elements, textures and neutral colors with a pop of blue!

Last month, I visited the 60,000 square foot store in Arlington, Texas dedicated to holiday decorations. This is the largest Christmas store in Texas, y’all. I found so much inspiration and learned so many great ideas to improve how to decorate a Christmas tree.

How To Decorate a Christmas Tree

Step 1. Start with the tree topper. For example, on a 7.5 foot tree, I used 30 stems including 5 different stems including the burlap poinsettias. The secret is to decorate the top of the tree before placing the top section onto the tree. I simply place the top of the tree into a basket to work on the topper, pushing stems straight down the pole and adhering the first few stems with tie-wraps, if necessary.

Step 2. Next, add 2-3 kinds of ribbon. I love this jute ribbon that looks like caned weaving and the blue satin over burlap wired ribbon for a mix of rustic and elegance. For ribbon that pops, always use wired ribbon and cut into 3-4 foot sections for more controlled loops. For instance, I made single and double loops before tucking sections into the branches.

Step 3. Create floral clusters with 3-5 different kinds of stems. For a cohesive look, I used a couple of the same stems in the topper. These can be twisted together with the longest stem. You can find a beautiful selection of stems at Decorator’s Warehouse.

Step 4. Lastly, add a variety of ball and specialty ornaments onto the tree. Remember to use different sizes, textures and colors. Some of my favorite are the large aged metal bells, driftwood stars and birchwood balls. All of these ornaments are from Decorator’s Warehouse.

How to Decorate a Garland

Step One: Start with a large prelit garland like the 9’ X 16” LED Deluxe Belgium Garland – Warm White. Next, layer a specialty garland on top, like the iced pine garland. Find lots of garlands, here.

It’s important to fluff the garlands by spreading the branches out like a peacock tail. This is the best way to achieve a full look on the garland or tree. To attach the garland on the right side, I used cup hooks underneath the mantle ledge. For the left side, I placed a 3m hook on top to hold the garland in place.

Step Two: This is where I add clusters of the large bells and ribbon. I used the stems from the base garland to secure.

Step Three: To add depth and texture, add stems on either side of the bells. Again, I used a similar stems that were used in the tree. However, I added these amazing wired foam birchwood stems, too.

Step Four: For the top of the mantle, I layered a sign and a nativity painting over an old fence. Lastly, I placed some stems into a large vase.

I am so happy to share how to decorate a Christmas tree and garland with y’all! Be sure to save this to your Christmas idea board on Pinterest.

Then, check out the rest of the Home for the Holidays Christmas Tree Challenge to see how the other gals decorated with items from our favorite Christmas tree store, Decorator’s Warehouse.

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  1. Megan Martin

    November 15, 2020 at 12:38 pm

    Love this look so much! The mantle is so gorgeous and such a unique design! 🙂

  2. Tracy

    November 15, 2020 at 5:35 pm

    Amy, it looks amazing! Love it all!


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