Pattern Mixing Tips for your Summer Table!

Summer just screams red, white and blue to me!  Between Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day, its a great color choice to decorate your outdoor space or a get together for summer!  It’s festive and always available from paper napkins to fine china!  Whether you are hosting a barbecue or holiday event, here are some ideas for a red, white and blue tablescape.  First, let’s talk about pattern mixing with all those fun holiday prints and colors!  Then check out the rest of my fourth of July tablescape!
1.  Use one color family or color scheme!  
Even though the two floral prints are different, the color blue makes it work.
2.  Mix prints of different scales!
Using patterns of different scales makes it where the patterns don’t compete, but emphasizes contrast between two patterns.  A small gingham print contrasts well with the larger floral pattern on the plate.
3.  Use the same pattern in different sizes!
Three different sizes of the red gingham work together, because using the same pattern creates a look of unity.
4. Choose one main and one accent pattern.
Here red and gingham dominate, and the blue floral prints act as an accent.
5.  Pair different types of a similar print.
These vases each have a different floral pattern, but the similarity in the shapes and lines of the floral patterns, make them look cohesive.
6.  Mix with a neutral color!
Mixing in a neutral color creates unity in the design of your tablescape!  See how the similarity in white between all the patterns brings in a crisp, fresh look that leads your eye throughout the design, yet neutralizes all the prints.
7.  Don’t forget to add texture!
Among all the glass, a mix of wood brings in a warm feel to neutralize the busy patterns.  Details on the wooden chargers add another fun pattern without going overboard in too many different prints.
Be bold and don’t be afraid to mix patterns, prints, colors, or textures!  You will be a mixmaster in no time!
Please share via Pinterest!  If you are inspired to try pattern mixing or create a red, white and blue summer tablescape, use the tag #cutertudored on Instagram for a chance to be featured!

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