5 Ways to Style a Cutting Board in the Kitchen

5 Ways to Style a Cutting Board in the Kitchen

Happy hump day! You probably have a few cutting boards stored away, but I think you should show off your collection. For this week’s 5 Way Wednesday, here are 5 ways to style a cutting board in the kitchen or dining room. Plus, Joanna Gaines loves to style cutting boards in kitchens, so you know it is a good idea!

Kitchen from Joanna Gaines' Fixer Upper show with cutting boards displayed on ventihood.
Photo by Rachel Whyte for HGTV Fixer Upper

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Here are a few ways to style cutting boards!

Always, use a variety of materials in your home including a mixture of wood, metal, glass, ceramic, textiles, and natural elements.  For example, wood will add warmth and character to any space.

1. Use a cutting board as a plate charger.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match your collection of boards as plate chargers.  This cutting board is handmade in Texas and available exclusively From Susie.  Some cutting boards are an investment, but I love the patina and character as the boards age over time. Plus, they are both functional for cutting or serving and beautiful to display, so you can use them year round.


2. Display cutting boards on a shelf.

Cutting boards are great to display on open or wall shelves in a kitchen or dining room. Layering boards is key! I love to show off different collections together.  For example, white platters and wood cutting boards make a beautiful neutral combination. Then, add some greenery to make the space feel livelier!

White platters, vintage cutting boards layered in tall wall shelf.

Cutting boards are one of those things that just get better with age! You can find vintage boards at garage sales or antique and thrift shops to use for display.


3. Hang boards on a kitchen island.

This idea works great for displaying smaller or decorative cutting boards.  The organization rod and hooks are from Ikea and can be attached to a kitchen cabinet or island. I love to hang cutting boards, tea towels, potted greenery, mugs, or mini wreaths on this kitchen rod.

For smaller or decorative boards, I love those from World Market or even Target!

Potted greenery and small cutting boards hung from decorative hooks on kitchen island.


4. Use a cutting board as a tray!

Cutting boards used as a tray are perfect for the kitchen island, coffee bar or a dining table centerpiece.  Specifically, trays act to group items together and create one cohesive feel. This way, the eye sees one vignette instead of 5-10 pieces of small decor.

When styling a tray, I include something vertical (that’s tall) and something horizontal (like a stack of books) to add height.  Candles, fresh or faux greenery and something interesting or personal, like a pumpkin for Fall, also make it in to my vignettes. Just keep in mind that some items will serve different purposes, like a tall plant to add height and a fresh feel.  With this in mind, you may only have 3 items in some vignettes.

Cutting board used as a tray for a kitchen vignette.


5. Use boards in a kitchen vignette.

I love things that are versatile! For example, by grouping kitchen utensils, dishes, linens and boards in an old crate on the kitchen counter, regular household items serve as decor.  Plus, you can grab pieces for a quick meal or just style it for the season.  I always say, ‘use what you have and only have what you use!’

In addition, you can layer a few cutting boards against the wall on the kitchen counter or behind the stove.


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  1. Your ideas are interesting. I think I will go for the hanging below counter level one. I have renovated my kitchen and there’s no room on the wall now where my larger board used to hang.

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