Bathroom Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Bathroom Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Since I started sharing ‘5 Way Wednesday,’ I have been asked a few times to share some bathroom storage ideas for small spaces. These are a few things that I use in my bathroom that I think will work in a small space, as well.  Here are a few tips to refresh your bathroom, too!

Tiered Plant Stand

Use a tall tiered plant stand or tiered tray to hold bathroom essentials next to your bathtub.  Specifically, look for one that is tall and narrow to fit into small spaces.  In addition, pay attention to to how tall each tier is to ensure that it will hold your products like shampoos and soaps. However, a smaller tiered tray would work well on the counter to hold smaller products like facial lotion or makeup.


Kitchen Canisters

Canisters are not just for the kitchen.  They work well in the bathroom to hold q-tips, cotton balls or bath salts.  For a guest bathroom, collect travel size soaps and lotions for guests.


Vintage Ladder

Think outside the box for storage ideas when it comes to small spaces.  For example, a vintage or blanket ladder can work as a towel rack.  Simply, lean against the shower or mount it a few inches from the wall.  In addition, any vintage find, especially made from wood, gives a room character and warmth.  Try using vintage crates to hold rolled towels or


Have you noticed that placing items on a tray make it appear neater?  A tray is a great way to gather items into one area.  Whether these items are decorative or useful, use a tray for a quick storage idea.


Clear Containers

You can’t go wrong with clear storage containers.  It is easy to see what’s inside, easy to clean and come in an assortment of sizes for a variety of products.  These are readily available at Target, Walmart and Homegoods.  I also find a great selection on Amazon, too.  Use them in bathroom cabinets to organize smaller things.


I hope these bathroom storage ideas are helpful.  If you aren’t on Instagram or Facebook, you may have missed our newest additions, Scooby and Scout! We love them so much, but they are definitely keeping us busy!  Thank you for stopping by the blog!

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