5 Great Ways to Style Decorative Beads

How to Style Decorative Beads

This week, I am sharing different ways to style decorative beads in your home!  I like to invest in pieces for my home, or wardrobe for that matter, that are versatile!  Before purchasing an item, I like to think of a variety of ways that I can use it.  Being able to do so makes the item more valuable to me, because I like switching up my decor often as a home decorator and blogger.  Therefore, I came up with ‘5 ways to Style It‘!  Each week, I take one piece of decor and style it five ways in my home.  I hope these ideas inspire you and give you the confidence to decorate your home.

Decorative beads are simply ‘jewelry for your home’ so accessorize your home like you would an outfit!  Use decorative beads to personalize a space, transform a plain vignette into something more stylish, or play up the color in your home. They create character to your home by adding texture and color to your decor.

You can find decorative beads in a variety of colors or sizes!  I found these beautiful aqua colored recycled glass beads From Susie! She is always adding a variety of unique decorative products for your home to her shop!  Plus, Susie is my real life bestie, so I hope you check out her blog and online shop!

Tips to Style Decorative Beads

  • Decorative Bowl

Place decor beads into any kind of decorative bowl such as handmade pottery, vintage silver or a wooden dough bowl. The key is to use a contrasting material of bowl such as wood, metal, or ceramic pottery when using glass beads.  However, if you use wooden beads, they would contrast well in a glass or metallic bowl.  Let the beads fall organically into bowl.  Specifically, hold the beads over the bowl and let them slowly fall into place while slowly rotating the hand in a downward circle.  The beads will literally fall into place!


  • Stack of Books

Whether you have a stack of books on your coffee table or bookshelf, use decorative beads to add interest to the space.  Books have straight, clean lines.  Varying the lines with softer, rounder shapes will keep things interesting. Simply drape a strand of decor beads across the top of the books.

Style decor beads over a stack of books.
Style decor beads on stacks of books.


  • Glass Demijohn

Wrap decor beads over the tops of glass demijohn bottles. This idea is where you would create simplicity through a monochromatic look by using glass beads and jars with similar colors and obviously, the same texture.  You can find vintage glass jars from antique stores or reproduction demijohns at stores like Homegoods or Tuesday Morning.  The bigger the beads that you have the bigger the bottle that you can hang them on. Yes, I am from Texas and we say ‘every thing is bigger in Texas.’   Create a double loop with the beads and place over the neck of the bottle.

Decor beads looped over glass demijohn.
Loop decor beads over glass jars.


  • Tray Styling

Decorative beads add another textural element to your styled tray. Whether you are decorating a flat tray for the coffee table or a tiered tray for a bathroom or kitchen, include beads as an easy option to pop in a variety of color or texture. Variety is the spice of life!  Again, the key is to use contrasting materials in the tray!  Therefore, place glass beads over a stack of deconstructed books, or lay a strand of wooden beads in a glass bowl.

Style decor beads in tray.


  • Hang on Hooks

Hanging decor beads on decorative wall hooks is an easy one.  I got this idea because I have several sets of wall hooks in my home including the bathroom, kitchen, entryway, and even in a gallery wall in my living room.   Other items that I hang on the hooks to add contrast include tea towels, mini wreaths, potted plants (Ikea makes a round hook that fits the top of small pots) and decorative signs or ornaments. Just single or double loop the beads and place on a hook.

Hang decor beads on decorative wall hooks.
Hang decor beads on a wall hook.


Thank you for stopping by the Cuter Tudor Blog to see how to style decorative beads!  Hopefully, you subscribe to the blog to see what product I style 5 different ways next week.

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