The 30 Best Coffee Bar At Home Ideas

The 30 Best Coffee Bars At Home Ideas

Let’s be honest… Working from home has its perks, but it can be hard to focus at times. Plus, your kids are probably waking up at dawn, even if they never did before.  So, we need all the coffee at home that we can get.

Therefore, I rounded up 30 of the best coffee bars at home to inspire you. This includes coffee stations that are made from new, repurposed or DIY furniture to those set up in built-in kitchen cabinets. In addition, I am sharing TEN creative ways to display your coffee mugs.


 8 Coffee Bars at Home Using Furniture

Here are some creative ways to set up a coffee bar at home using a variety of furniture. Whether you repurpose an old dresser or buy a new console table, the possibilities are endless.

Create a Coffee Bar using a Storage Cabinet and Open Shelves

This is a great idea to create a coffee bar in a breakfast nook or any place that you can take advantage of wall space.

Repurpose an Armoire or Hutch into a Coffee Bar to Keep Supplies Hidden

If you have an armoire that no longer houses the television, why not create a coffee bar inside?  For example, this would be perfect for a master suite.  However, any hutch where you typically store dishes can be converted into a storage cabinet.  First, simply drill a hole in the back to hide the cord of the coffee maker.


Turn a New or Old Bookshelf into a Coffee Bar to Display Collections

Whether you use a cubicle organizer like those from Ikea or an old bookshelf table, bookshelves offer plenty of room to display your mug collections. In addition, a tiered tray works great to store extra supplies.

Update Furniture You Already Own to Fit your Needs and Space

Sand, paint or stain, add new hardware or remove doors on furniture. Specifically, do whatever you need to update furniture that you already have!  Turn an old dresser into a large coffee bar with everything you need to make a little or a lot of coffee!



Five DIY Coffee Bar Ideas

DIY Shelves to Hold Coffee Bar Supplies

If you are handy with tools, build open shelves above the kitchen counter or even a buffet table. Get creative and use old corbels or build your own brackets. Then, store your coffee bar supplies in cute canisters and on trays.

DIY Chalkboard Coffee Bar

A true Fixer Upper fan will remember this awesome coffee bar with DIY floating shelves and a chalkboard wall… Plus, screw hooks to hang mugs.  This is like having a small coffee shop in your home.

Pic by Fixer Upper


DIY Wood Decor for a Home Coffee Bar

DIY projects are the best way to customize a piece that fits your space while creating something truly unique to your home. This DIY mug rack or coffee bar cart can be built in an afternoon with a few tools, 1×4 wood pine and metal tubing. Perhaps, you already have a small cart or shelf that you can make mobile by adding wheels.

DIY Built In Coffee Bar

Another Fixer Upper favorite, this built in shelf acts as a coffee bar in an upstairs office at Joanna Gaines’ farmhouse. This is a fun idea for a home office or any small space.

Pic by Molly Winn for Fixer Upper



Six Built In Spaces for Coffee Bars at Home

Kitchens with Built In Shelves and Counter Tops

You may already have a built in area in your kitchen for a coffee bar. However, if you are building or renovating a home, this may inspire you to include a dedicated space.  Either way, I love how these coffee stations are designed to blend right in with the kitchen cabinetry. However, these spaces stand out with unique features of open shelves and beautiful backsplashes.

Appliance Cabinets House Coffee Bars Out of Sight

Perhaps you have an ‘appliance garage,’ or space inside a butlers pantry that you can transform into your home coffee bar. This works great if you have extra cabinet space and like appliances hidden when not in use.

Kitchen Counters Work as Simple Coffee Bars

You don’t actually need a separate space for a coffee bar. Keep it simple and leave the coffee maker on the kitchen counter. I like to use a large tray to gather items, which makes the space feel less cluttered. Extra coffee mugs can be stored in the cabinet above.



10 Creative Ways to Display Coffee Mugs

Here are a few creative ways to display coffee mugs in a coffee bar at home.

First, open shelves are my favorite because of the endless possibilities to decorate them with your collections, dishes or coffee related decor. Plus, items are easy to grab or put up when clean.

In addition, decorative wall shelves are the perfect size to store mugs. You can find a great selection with hooks, cubbies, or baskets at Hobby Lobby, or any Homegoods type stores like Wayfair. Plus, you can hang a hook rail under or on shelves or directly onto the wall to hang mugs.

From the tabletop to the wall, mug racks or ‘mug trees’ are great for storing lots of mugs. You can find a variety of mug trees that sit on the counter or tabletop, here.

Think outside the box!  For example, cubby shelves, trays or even baskets are great to hold mugs. Or, dedicate a drawer in the kitchen to storing all your coffee mugs and supplies. Use baskets or containers to hold extra travel mug lids or K-cups.

These are a few favorite cabinets that I found online. I think that they would make great coffee bars at home. Just click the link for a closer view!


I hope you are inspired by these creative spaces as much as I am.  If so, please save these coffee bar at home ideas to your Pinterest board.


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