Best Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas

Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas

A few months ago, I had the chance to decorate my daughter’s friend’s room!  It is an amazing space with great bones, new floors and neutral paint!  I had the fun job of decorating the space.  Now, I want to share my ideas for a teenage girl’s bedroom with y’all. Most importantly, these suggestions work for almost any space.

Decorating a teenage girl’s bedroom: Function versus Form

The first thing that I ask when decorating for a client is ‘how will this space be used?’  Once I figure out how the room will be used, then I can design the room into intentional spaces! Certainly, I think about how the room will function to decide on everything from furniture layout to storage space.

Then, I ask the client, ‘what is your style?‘  Often, it is hard for others that are not in the design world to talk about styles.  Therefore, I ask what they like from color preferences to favorite hobbies. Once I get an idea of what they like, I share a few pictures of that style to confirm that we are on the same page. In addition, a Pinterest board to gather inspiration is always a good idea.  At this point, I will start thinking how to personalize a space with color or personal possessions.

Next, I assess what is already furnished in the room  to determine what items can go or stay, and what will need to be purchased.  For this room, the bed and a papasan chair could easily be updated with new linens and pillows.  Therefore, I created a budget based on what additional items were needed including small furniture like a bench, desk and chair, a rug, bedding, curtains, peel-n-stick wallpaper, and an allotment for wall and table decor.  After that, I create a budget and shop for the specific items on my list!


Before of Teenage Girl’s Bedroom 

The before of this teen girl bedroom was not arranged to create inviting spaces.

Goal: Create intentional spaces, ground the space with a larger rug and draw the eye in with an accent wall.

After of Teenage Girl’s Bedroom

The after of this room shows inviting, intentional spaces.

Success! Spaces are well defined, yet the room is pulled together so that everything looks like it belongs.


Teenage Girl’s Bedroom Ideas

Create Intentional Spaces

Most rooms are multi-purposeful, so it is important to create intentional spaces in a teenage girls bedroom.  For example, this bedroom will serve as a place to sleep, lounge, study and dress.  If reading, video gaming, or a makeup area are important to your teen, consider how you can create a space to accommodate those hobbies.

Clearly define spaces by using a variety of rugs in one room or creating separation into each space.  I found this reversible grey and pink woven rug, here.  It is perfect for a teenage girls bedroom. In addition, I layered a smaller grey shag rug nearby to separate the two areas.

As you enter the room, there is a place to hang coats, then the television followed by the desk and chair that make up a study space.  The bed and nightstand are for sleeping, which is flanked with an area to lounge or watch tv.  Additional seating like an ottoman and a bench are placed in the room to be moved around as necessary.  On the other side of the room, is the bathroom, closet, and a tall dresser with mirror to be used as a dressing area.


Make it Personal

Teenagers are probably too old to get too ‘themed’ when decorating their spaces. However, you can certainly decorate with a particular style or color scheme in mind.  For example, I went with a modern farmhouse chic style using lots of textured creamy whites and pinks in this room.  I tend to use more neutral colors, then add color through pillows and throws, rugs, wall art and inexpensive decor.

Add personality with wall decor, favorite colors and personal items. For instance, add pictures of friends and family, inspirational quotes, letter boards or decals on the walls.

Accent walls are a great way to give a custom look to any room, too!  If you haven’t seen wallpapers lately, check it out.  I found this faux shiplap peel and stick wallpaper at  It is easy to install, and creates a big impact in a space.   Consider an accent feature on the wall that you initially see when you walk into a room.

Bed and lounge area with cozy papasan chair.


Y’all, the beautiful white ruffled bedding is from Beddy Beds.  The zippered bedding includes the sheets to make it easier for kids to make their bed by zipping it up. In addition, there are lots of color and styles to choose from to style your teenage girls room.  Plus, pillows, too!


Provide Great Storage

Teens are messy; at least mine are.  Therefore, set them up to successfully keep their room clean and organized by providing lots of storage opportunities. Similarly, don’t decorate every inch. Specifically, leave open spaces on desks and dressers to place items that they collect from school or afterschool activities.  For example, this pretty Magnolia Home basket by the bench is great for hiding shoes.

The room is divided into several spaces with many options for seating.

Pretty containers from baskets to canisters in the bathroom are great to gather toiletries and hair tools. Wall hooks, near the entrance of the bedroom or in a bathroom, encourage teens to hang up jackets or towels. Lastly, other places like under the bed or the bottom of the closet can hold plastic containers.  I love to search stores like Homegoods, Marshalls, and Hobby Lobby for baskets, wall hooks and containers.


Thank you for stopping by the blog to read my best ‘teenage girl’s bedroom’ ideas. If you are in Waco, Texas and are looking to update your space, just email me at!  Most importantly, follow me on my instagram page, CuterTudor or Pinterest page!

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