Enjoy these simple recipes for Halloween charcuterie boards. Food style boards are my favorite way to serve food at parties, because they include a variety of seasonal foods and favorite snacks. Therefore, it’s easy for everyone to find something that they love.

Tips to Create a Festive Food Board

  • Choose colorful and seasonal food to fit your theme and make it look festive.
  • Dip any fruit or cookie into white chocolate and use chocolate chips to add spooky faces.
  • Include a variety of sweet, savory, and salty snacks that are both homemade and store bought.
  • Use Halloween themed cookie cutters to cut sliced cheese, meat or cookies into fun shapes.
  • Use cookie cutters or decorative bowls to hold nuts, seeds, or small candies.
  • Start in the center of the board and work your way out to place food.

Sweet. Salty. Savory.

Suggested Ingredients for Halloween Food Board

For a general charcuterie style board, think of these food groups – sweets, nuts, fruit & veggies, cheese, meats and crackers. In addition, include dips and sauces depending on what you serve. For a fun twist, you can gear food boards to dessert, fruit or breakfast, too.

Cookies Halloween Circus Animal Crackers, Oreos, Chocolate Covered Pretzels, Nutter Butter Ghosts

Candy – Pumpkin Reese’s, M&M’s, Gummy Worms, Candy Corn, Caramels

Popcorn & Nuts – Peanuts, Popcorn Balls, Chocolate Covered Popcorn, Pumpkin Seeds, Candied Pecans

Fruit & Veggies – ‘Pumpkin Oranges,’ ‘Banana Ghosts,’ Carrot Sticks, Moon Grapes, Dried Fruit, Pickled Vegetables

Cheese & Crackers – Assorted Hard & Soft Cheese, Flavored Crackers, Ghost Shaped Veggie Chips

Meats – Salami, Pepperoni, Prosciutto, Chorizo, Serrano Ham

For the recipes for Halloween themed ‘ghost bananas’ and ‘pumpkin oranges,’ head to this blog post. They are a healthy, fun addition to Halloween themed food boards or served individually on a ‘fruitcuterie’ board.

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