Our Family’s Favorite Fall Dessert: Apple Turnover Recipe

Our Family’s Favorite Fall Dessert:

Apple Turnover Recipe

My family and I love to bake seasonal desserts during this time of year.  Our favorite is apple turnovers.  It is an easy and delicious fall dessert recipe that works for breakfast, after school treats or family get togethers.

We use fresh apples to make the filling. Specifically, we love an apple that is semi-tart like a Honeycrisp or Mcintosh to balance the sweetness of the sauce.  However, my short cut is using already made pie crust dough.

Another trick that I use to get perfectly shaped and baked apple turnovers is the Chicago Metallic mini-hand-pie pan with the cut-and-press tool. I love the bakeware from Chicago Metallic, because it is made from heavy weight aluminized steel which bakes evenly.


Apple Turnover Recipe

Here is the recipe that my husband and I created together on a Sunday afternoon.  We think that you will enjoy it, too!

Ingredients for Apple Turnovers

2 medium apples, peeled, cored and diced
2 tsp freshly squeezed lemon juice
2 tbs butter
Cinnamon sugar spice
2 tbs light corn syrup
1/2 cup Sugar
1 tsp vanilla
1 sheet puff pastry or pie crust
1 egg
1 cup powdered sugar
1-2 teaspoons milk
1 tsp vanilla
Chicago Metallic mini hand pie pan set

Basic baking ingredients, fresh apples and already made pie crust for apple turnover recipe


Directions for Apple Turnovers

1. Heat oven to 400 degrees.  Prep apples and cover in lemon juice.

Dice fresh apples into bite size pieces.

2. Melt butter in pan over medium heat. Add diced apples and stir while cooking. Add sugar, syrup, and cinnamon sugar.  Cook until sauce is thickened, and apples are softened. Remove from heat to cool.

Make the filling with fresh apples!
Add apples into the saucepan while stirring consistently.

3. Unfold pastry sheet on lightly floured surface.  Use the ‘cut and press’ tool to press and cut a circle from the dough.  Place the pastry sheet dough onto the pie mold.  Then, fill with one spoonful of the apple mixture.  Fold the cut and press tool by bringing handles together, cutting crust, and crimping the dough. Remove the pastry and set on baking pan.

Be sure the dough extends over the pie press.

4. Brush the top of the pastries with an egg wash. Transfer the pastry to the pastry baking sheet.  If you forego the icing, sprinkle some cinnamon sugar on top after the egg wash.

5. Cook for about 10 minutes until lightly browned. Then, allow to cool before icing.

6. Mix the powder sugar, vanilla and milk in a small bowl.  Allow to thicken a few minutes before drizzling on pastries.

Use a fork to drizzle icing over the apple turnovers.

I hope you check out the rest of the Chicago Metallic bakeware, because they make quality products for the kitchen.  They are quick to order from Amazon, too.


We recently made pumpkin spice cookies with the baking sheets, and each cookie came out of the oven perfect.  The 5 ingredient pumpkin spice cookie recipe is so easy that my daughter often makes these within minutes from getting home from school.

Thank you for stopping by the blog!  Please save this to your ‘fall dessert recipe’ board on Pinterest or share with friends on Facebook to enjoy this season, too.  Hope you are enjoying your Fall season!

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  1. Hi there! These look delicious! I see nutmeg in the photo of all the ingredients needed for the recipe but it’s not mentioned in the recipe itself. Also, I’m curious to know what cinnamon sugar spice is. Thanks for your help!

    1. Good eye! I was baking several fall recipes this day and must have had the nutmeg out for another recipe. Cinnamon sugar is a mixture of cinnamon and sugar that McCormick’s makes. It is in the spice section. Sometimes, if we don’t make the drizzle icing, I just sprinkle on the cinnamon sugar…which you can obviously use cinnamon and or sugar for the same effect.

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