Red, White and Blue July 4th Desserts

July 4th Desserts

Two ingredients transform any snack into dessert!

I love to make semi-homemade treats like these three red, white and blue July 4th desserts! However, I don’t have time to spend hours in the kitchen.

So, I have a simple trick that I use to turn any homemade or store bought snack into a fun holiday dessert. The best part… it’s easy to color coordinate your dessert for any holiday or party. 


Just combine white chocolate melts and any kind of sprinkles! 


Chocolate candy melts can be used to make any chocolate covered dessert. Candy melts are sold in a variety of different colors. For instance, I get them at Amazon. Usually, I melt the chocolate in the microwave. However, if you melt chocolate often, Wilton has a handy melting pot, here

Next, I like to add sprinkles that match the color scheme or theme of the celebration. Amazon has a great selection, too.  I like to keep a variety on hand for sprucing up desserts. 

What can you cover in chocolate and sprinkles to make dessert?

  1. Smores size marshmallows
  2. Sandwich or plain style cookies like oreos, nutter butter, wafers
  3. Fruit like strawberries, sliced apples, oranges, bananas
  4. Frozen ice cream treats like ice cream sandwich or popsicles
  5. Pretzels or pretzel sticks
  6. Rice crispy treats
  7. Little Debbie snack cakes
  8. Brownies 
  9.  Peanut Butter + Ritz crackers 
  10. Popcorn

Depending on the snack, you can insert festive paper straws, lollipop or popsicle sticks into them to make them easy to hold. For example, I have added sticks to bananas, rice crispy treats or marshmallows. 

Three of my family’s favorites are… 

  1. Rice crispy treats, click here for detailed instructions!   
  2. Chocolate covered pretzel sticks.  Use the same directions.
  3. Chocolate covered popcorn.

Chocolate popcorn is perfect for family movie night or affordable gifts for teachers and neighbors!  Again, it is fun to add a variety of sprinkles or small candies like holiday M&M’s.  For instance, we add ‘red hots’ candy during Christmas, valentines or July 4th!

If you need detailed instructions to make the popcorn treat, click here! 

Simply place in a mason jar tied with red, white and blue ribbon. Then, place a flag into the ribbon. This makes a great gift or you can take it along to a fireworks show. 


If you are looking for more red, white and blue decorations, check out this July 4th table! Or this one

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