Easy, Kid Friendly Halloween Crafts: Boo Blocks

Make this easy, no mess Halloween craft cleverly called ‘Boo Blocks’ for your next Halloween party or carnival!  


Need a no mess craft for your kids this Halloween?  Boo Blocks are an easy way for kids to get in the spirit of Halloween, while creating a holiday decoration that you will love!  With a little prep and a few simple supplies, boo blocks are the perfect craft when hosting lots of kids at Halloween parties or carnivals!

Boo Blocks Halloween Crafts

I first created ‘boo blocks’ as one of several activities for my daughter’s halloween themed craft party a few years ago.  As a former art teacher, I have always tried to inspire my kids to love the process of creating.  During the party, we painted images of pumpkins on canvas with acrylic paints, and decorated whimsical skulls with paint pens and rhinestones.  I needed another activity that was fun, but easy and mess free.  Due to my love of scrapbooking and endless craft stash, I decided that using simple scrapbooking techniques on wooden blocks would be fun!


Kid friendly, easy halloween crafts

Kid friendly, easy halloween crafts


Prep Work:

Step 1.  Cut one inch thick plywood into 6 inch squares. You can probably get it cut at Home Depot or Lowe’s if you do not have a table saw.   Sand any rough edges, if necessary.

Step 2.  Spray paint one flat side and all four of the edges of the wood with black spray paint. Allow to dry completely.



Party Time:

Step 3. Choose a background paper for your block. I purchased an assortment of 6 x 6 inch halloween themed scrapbook paper, like the one here.  You can use larger sheets of paper cut to size.  Either way, it is so much easier to have the pre-cut paper into 6 inch squares. Use modge podge or Elmers glue to adhere the paper to the block of wood with an inexpensive sponge brush.  Looking for a faster drying alternative?  Use Elmer’s all purpose spray adhesive!





Step 4. Use halloween themed washi tape or adhesive borders to create frames or stripes across the boards.  You can find adhesive borders in the sticker department at craft stores or online.  Precut the tape adhesive borders into 6 inch strips. You can also use a paper cutter to cut scrapbook paper into 6 inch strips to glue onto the design.  Tape or stickers just makes it easy to peel and stick onto the board.  The less glue and more adhesive stickers, the less mess!



Step 5. Embelish, embellish, embellish!  This is the fun part where you can add halloween themed 3D or foam stickers, craft letters, adhesive gemstones, buttons, or small trinkets like spiders.  Finding decorations with peel and stick backs makes it easy for kids to do.  Or get a box of ‘glue dots’ to adhere decorations to the block.  No mess, all the fun!



This kid friendly halloween craft is fun to make and display in your home for October.  Add it to your Halloween vignettes for a festive look!


Halloween craft for kids

‘Boo Blocks’ are a fun activity for kids and they make unique Halloween decor.


I will share a few more Halloween crafts all month long, including holiday banners and tips to make ‘boo baskets’ for your neighborhood! Pin this to your Halloween board on Pinterest to make this weekend with your kids! Happy October!


Halloween Kids crafts

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How to Make DIY Succulent Filled Faux Concrete Pumpkin Planters

Make these easy DIY succulent filled faux concrete pumpkin planters for Fall!

Welcome to the DIY Blog hop this Fall!

These DIY succulent filled faux concrete pumpkin planters look beautiful as a centerpiece in a Fall tablescape or as a coffee table vignette.  Pumpkin planters are an easy DIY that you can do in about an hour using a foam pumpkin from the craft store.  Speaking of DIYS, I hope you check out the rest of my home decor blogger friends’ DIYs on the blog hop! If you came from Jordan’s blog, A Blue Nest, welcome to the Cuter Tudor!  At the end of the post, you can click on the links to see more fall inspired and home decor DIY’s!


DIY succulent filled pumpkin planters

These DIY succulent filled pumpkin planters are easy to make, but look like real concrete planters.


How to make DIY succulent filled faux concrete planters:

Step 1. Spray Paint a Foam Pumpkin

Any foam or craft pumpkin with a removable stem will work.  If you get the foam pumpkins with attached stem, just cut off the top.  Remove the stem from your foam pumpkin and spray paint the pumpkin.  I used a metallic silver spray paint, like this one but any brand will work.  Allow the paint to dry completely before moving to the next step




Step 2. Dry brush.

Use chalk paint to ‘dry brush’ a layer of creamy white paint.  I used an inexpensive acrylic based chalk paint from the craft store.  It is only $2.50 for the tube, but works great for crafts! You can get it from Michael’s, here.  Dry brushing works best with old paint brushes, where the bristles are fanned out!  To dry brush, you only want paint on the tip of the brush, and not saturated. I keep a paper plate or paper towel nearby to dab off excess paint. Use vertical strokes to paint multiple thin layers, leaving some areas without coverage. Instead of applying more paint to the brush, continue to brush to get the smallest amount of paint onto the pumpkin while building lots of layers.



It is important to use several thin layers of paint to achieve a realistic look.  Whether you want the pumpkins to look like concrete planters or are painting pumpkins to look like real Cinderella pumpkins, layering with different colors or tones is key.




Step 3. Seal.

Allow the paint to dry and seal with an acrylic spray, like Krylon Crystal Clear, to add a durable protective finish.  Spray the sealer outside if possible to allow quicker dry time and avoid inhaling the spray.


Step 4. Insert succulent picks.

When I initially made these succulent filled concrete planters, I cut out the center of the pumpkin with scissors to insert the picks like below.  Later, I found that if you are using styrofoam pumpkins, you can push the succulent picks directly into the pumpkin.  To get it started, you could pierce the pumpkin with a screwdriver or insert a hole with a drill.  This is the easier way!  So now you can learn from my trial and errors.  Use a variety of sizes and types of succulents in your bouquet.  I found the cheapest succulent picks on Amazon, but you can get them from craft stores like Hobby Lobby to Walmart.


DIY succulent filled concrete planters

Insert the succulent stems directly in the pumpkin or cut out the center.


DIY Succulent Pumpkin Planters

A variety of succulents will make a beautiful bouquet.



Step 5.  Add moss.

Hot glue sections of sheet moss around the base of the succulent picks to the top of the pumpkin.  This will hide the stems or any holes in the pumpkin.  Pull various sections of the moss an inch or two down the pumpkin so that appears more natural.


 DIY succulent filled pumpkin

Use sheet moss to add a natural element.


DIY Succulent Pumpkin Planters

A variety of succulent picks will make a beautiful centerpiece.


Thank you for stopping by the Cuter Tudor! I hope you are inspired to make your own DIY succulent filled, faux concrete pumpkin planters.  Please check out more amazing DIYS on our DIY blog hop!  Click any of the links below to head to my blogger friends’ blogs! Next stop on the tour is Kendra, Joy in our home! 



DIY succulents in faux concrete planters

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Beach Inspired Driftwood Heart DIY


This beach inspired driftwood heart DIY is an easy, yet beautiful way to commemorate your summer vacation trips to the beach.  I recently returned from California where I visited several beaches including Carmel, Capitola and Rio Del Mar.  At each beach, my friend, daughter and I collected our favorite pieces of driftwood found in the sand along the water’s edge.  I just love the weathered texture and time worn feel of each piece of wood.  I really love everything about the beach – the sounds of the waves crashing, the smell of the salt water, the way the water rolls in over the sand, and the peace from being in such a tranquil place.  This driftwood heart DIY is a way for me to share my love of the beach and take a little bit of the beach home with me.  With a few things from my craft room, like pen, paper, cardboard, scissors and wood glue, I made this project without any extra expenditures.



Collect a variety of sizes of driftwood.  The pieces that I found ranged in size from approximately one inch to six inches, because I had about a 12 inch heart in mind.  If you want to create a larger heart, monogram, or frame, choose your pieces accordingly.  I looked for pieces that were flatter on one side, versus round for this project.



Create a template. Fold a 12 inch square sheet of paper in half.  Draw half the heart onto the paper and cut it out.  Use the cutout to trace the heart onto sturdy cardboard or foam core material.  Cut out the heart. You could also use thin plywood, but I didn’t want to get out the power tools.  I am all about the easy projects.



Sort the driftwood into large, medium and small sizes so that it is easier to find what you need.  To begin, look for the largest pieces that mimic the edges or outline of the heart.  Lay out your largest pieces onto the cardboard where they naturally fit the shape of the heart, as shown below.  You can leave some spots empty if the pieces are only working in certain areas. You will fill in those places with smaller pieces of wood, later.



Glue as you go!  I used the Gorilla brand wood glue, but any wood glue will work. As long as you have plenty of wood, be confident in the process.  You don’t have to have it all laid out before you glue.  When you glue, make sure to put the glue on the surface of the wood that touches the cardboard or the other pieces of wood.  Most of the wood has odd crevices and curves, so you want to ensure you glue accordingly.  Also push the wood slightly over the cardboard cutout to prevent it from showing.


After you have laid out the largest pieces, begin to add the medium pieces of wood into the collage.  It is almost like putting a puzzle together.  Work with the wood to find niches that fit together and overlap neatly.



Use a craft brush to wipe any excess glue off the wood, if necessary.  For extra measure, hold the wood in place for a few seconds to ensure it adheres properly.  Again, the wood tends to fit together like a puzzle, so find pieces that work well together.



Build the layers with smaller pieces of wood so that none of the cardboard shows through. Pay attention to both sides of the heart so that one side doesn’t have more depth than the other.



Fill in any gaps with the smaller pieces of driftwood.  If any cardboard shows, dab glue on the cardboard and wedge some broken pieces of driftwood into the space.  I broke a piece of the softer driftwood into 1/3 of an inch to shimmy between the cardboard and larger pieces of wood, hiding the cardboard along the edges.



The wood glue will need to dry overnight.  To hang, simply hot glue a piece of jute looped into a circle onto the back of the cardboard.  If you use plywood as the back, you can add a sawtooth hanger.



I love that I now have a little bit of California in my home!  I think this driftwood heart DIY is my favorite souvenir from any trip!  I can’t wait to hang it up as a reminder of my wonderful time in California. For now, it is on my table with a few of my vintage bottles and glass beads from the trip, as well!



This driftwood heart DIY is a fun craft that the family can do together, from gathering the items to putting it together! If you or your little ones like to collect things while hiking in the mountains or taking walks on the beach, I encourage you to create one of a kind ways to display them in your home.  From sea glass to sea shells, from driftwood to heart shaped rocks, from pine cones to wildflowers, nature is beautiful and free to enjoy!  Join me on Pinterest for more ideas to turn your seaside finds into memorable works of art.