How to Style A Neutral Fall Centerpiece

Style a layered tablescape with this neutral Fall centerpiece featuring some of fall’s favorite textures and wood decor. 


For this season, I styled a neutral fall centerpiece for a casual tablescape.  When it comes to Fall, I think of beautiful textures, natural elements and pumpkins! I like to mix and match decor that I already own to create a fresh new look and add in a few seasonal touches.


Fall Table decor

Fall Centerpiece for Table


Decor Tips to Style a Neutral Fall Centerpiece

Use Variety

In the season of Pumpkin Spice everything,variety is still the spice of life.  Specifically, use a variety of textures when decorating with neutral decor.  The neutral colors will create a sense of calmness, but adding a variety of texture will make the space come alive.  I have mixed felted wool, cable knit and textured fabric pumpkins in my fall tablescape.  Wood adds warmth to a space, and using a range of wood tones is.a great way to add contrast and shake things up!  Also, mix and match old and new!  Vintage decor like these wooden spindles or worn cutting boards gives character and to the centerpiece.


Neutral Fall tablescape ideas

Use a variety of textures, wood tones add contrast to neutrals.


Fall Centerpiece in Neutral Tablescape

Fill a crate with candles, faux greenery and something fun like wooden spindles.



Find Balance

It is important to have balance in any well designed space.  Using symmetry is an easy way to achieve balance, but an asymmetrical composition can work when you are working with a mixture of different pieces.  I started my centerpiece by filling a crate with candles, spindles and a felt garland in the center of the table. On either side, I layered pumpkins on stands with other similar elements like wood beads, cotton balls, and word cutouts.  The tablescape is balanced, because the objects take up about the same amount of space, while using similar colors, textures and shapes. I often use symmetry, but wanted this fall tablescape to feel more organic.


Fall Inspired Tablescape Decor

Balance a long centerpiece using similar elements, colors, sizes of objects.


Work in Layers


Whether it is wall decor or tablescapes, layering is one way to achieve interest through depth and dimension.  Varying the height of objects amongst one another creates layers of depth and visual interest.  This can be achieved by using cake pedestals, decorative stools, risers, or layering objects like books or cutting boards, as I have used here.  Draping wood beads over the centerpiece provides another textural element to this space and leads the eye through the centerpiece.  By repeating some of the same elements, you can build up the layers in a vignette while creating repetition in design. Repetition leads the eye throughout the tablescape.  Little details like the word cutouts are put there for several reasons.  They build layers, add interest and create unity in the centerpiece when used repeatedly.


It is a good idea to mix the materials that you are using between layers. I put fabric pumpkins on ceramic pedestals placed on wooden cutting boards layered over burlap.   The burlap table runner is the first thing that I put on the table to soften the look between the woods.


Neutral Table Decor for Fall

If you are drawn to neutral decor like me, use a variety of tones and textures to elevate your style.



Layering elements, using a variety of materials and finding balance are great principles to use when decorating a room or a centerpiece for dining table.  These are ideas I always keep in mind when styling a neutral fall centerpiece. I hope you found some inspiration today and check out my other fall tablescapes, like this one!  Thank you for stopping by the blog!  Follow me on instagram @cutertudor and pin any ideas on your Pinterest board to try out later!


Casual Elegant Dining Room Inspired by Fall

Neutral Dining Room Inspired by Fall


Here are a few things that I used if you are looking for sources:

Felt pumpkins, felt leaf garland, burlap table runner – Marshalls

Wood beads, mini stool – The Findery in Waco, Texas

Gather Here crate – Code: CUTERTUDOR for 10% off at Krumpet’s Home Decor

Mini Word Cutouts – Target Dollar Spot

Cable knit pumpkins – Joann’s 

Small cutting board – World Market




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Five Decor Ideas Inspired by the Urban Myrtle in Waco, Texas

I can’t say enough about the entire aesthetic of the Urban Myrtle home, located in downtown Waco, Texas, but I found five decor ideas inspired by the Urban Myrtle that I truly want to borrow and put in my ‘decor toolbelt!’   As soon as I walked into this newly remodeled home, I noticed these amazing decor ideas!  These decor ideas are very creative, yet very simple and affordable!  If you missed my previous blog post to tour the beautiful rustic elegance of the Urban Myrtle rental home in Waco, Texas, check it out here!


1. Hallway Vanity

These two bedrooms are near the back of the home, right off a ‘walk through’ that leads to the back entryway.  Across the way is the bathroom with a walk in shower and toilet.  This vanity is placed between the two bedrooms in a small hall area.  So whether you are coming inside from playing cornhole, or washing your hands after using the restroom, this vanity is conveniently located and works for a shared guest experience. One can get ready while the other showers in the enclosed bathroom! Don’t you love the mirrored glass too?

2. Barn Door Hack

There is a beautiful wood sliding barn door in the kitchen that leads into the back of the home.  This is a great hack not only for how it is made, but as an idea for layouts in a small space.  The barn door slides behind the fridge which works great to rid the awkward opening of doors in a small space. If you have looked at handmade barn doors, they can cost around $500 or more.  This one is made with an inexpensive door; one side is covered in stained wood panels and trimmed out in the same wood.  The rustic wood side adds a warm tone to the kitchen area, while the softer white side faces the bedroom area.  I love the knotty wood to contrast with the black and white tile.


3. Unique Wall Treatments

The first thing that you notice when you walk into this popular AirBnB rental in Waco, is the unique wall treatments! I found so many unique decor ideas! But don’t forget to look up at the reclaimed wood ceilings and original wood floor!  So much character, y’all!  There are many wall and floor companies that try to achieve the look of ‘weathered wood,’ but for a truly rustic feel, go with real wood salvaged from an old barn, church or building.  If you have a new home, there are many look a likes that give the same charm!  Don’t be afraid to mix it up, either or put it on the walls, floors or the ceiling!  I have noticed a trend in stenciled tile floors, but the trend is moving to backsplashes as well.  This is actual porcelain tile in an encaustic style pattern, which achieves a cleaner, more permanent option.

4. Window Chandelier

The cool thing about this vintage chandelier is that it is hung over a small table between the two beds and placed in front of the window without being wired directly from the ceiling. The trick is to tuck the cord behind the window blind so that the cord is out of view.  It creates symmetry and a beautiful ambience in the room.  Just a hint that you can hang a chandelier in almost any room!

5. Framed TV

Framing a flat screen television can add character to the wall, especially in an older or farmhouse style where a modern tv may clash with the look of the home. Vintage picture or mirror frames are easy to find at yard sales and thrift stores and can be cut to size if needed.  You can create a frame from any reclaimed wood too, but this gives you some inspiration to camouflage the television.

You can book your stay on AirBnB here  or email for more information on this AirBnb located in downtown Waco, Texas.

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Farmhouse Inspired Tablescape Tips

Today, I styled a farmhouse inspired tablescape that is both pretty and functional!  Tablescapes are one of my favorite things to decorate, because you can be creative and feel a sense of accomplishment in a short time when decorating a table.  It is fun to style a table for holidays, get togethers, but also to make everyday dining feel special!  This table is inspired by by a few farmhouse finds and our love for sharing a big breakfast together as a family on the weekends.





I am a big supporter of ‘use what you have’ when decorating your home!  I think it is important to repurpose items that you already own or predominately buy items that are classic in style or color and transition easily between seasons.  I am going to share a few items that I have used in this farmhouse inspired tablescape that are repurposed to encourage you to think outside the box, too, but also be resourceful.



Tobacco Baskets as Place Chargers


Tea Towels as Napkins

Pitchers as Vases



The Centerpiece

The centerpiece is both pretty and functional.  It is mixed with white serving dishes, faux florals and pieces from the Pioneer Woman collection to add a pop of color.  I started with three white pitchers and filled them with summer florals.  You can add florals to just one pitcher and use the other pitchers for serving sweet tea or juice.  I placed one pitcher on a floral trivet with a mini ‘coffee’ sign.  I stacked up small bowls to hold fruit or condiments around the pitchers.  Then I placed coffee mugs and creamers along the middle of the table.  When the table isn’t in use, it looks pretty, but everything is ready for our family to enjoy breakfast!






The Place Setting

For each place setting, I used a tobacco basket as a non traditional place charger.  You can turn it upside down for more height, or the other way to corral your dishes.  I found these tobacco baskets for $3 at Hobby Lobby’s recent spring sale, so I snagged a few.  Later, I will use them as wall decor.  I used tea towels as napkins and placed them between white dinner plates and a fun floral plate. I can always find fun seasonal or patterned tea towels, and they are fun to mix and match too. Bowls and spoons are placed on top for casual dining! Forks at the back of each plate.  Everyday dining doesn’t have to be boring, y’all!




Pioneer Woman Dishes

Again, I believe in buying nuetral key pieces, like white dishes that never go out of style. But when you find something you love, don’t be afraid to treat yourself!  When Ree at The Pioneer Woman came out with her line of retro farmhouse serving dishes, I was in love.  For months, I convinced myself that I did not need more dishes no matter how cute they were.  And for a while, I resisted that urge till I saw the blue and green floral print plates and serving pieces and bought a few.  I did convince myself to forego the PW dinner plates and only get the salad/dessert plates.  You can always dress up a table for different seasons or holidays by changing the top salad plate.  I love to mix and match my dishes to create an original style.  Pioneer Woman dishes are found in Walmart or on the Pioneer Woman website!



Could you resist these ramekins in green polka dots?  I couldn’t either!  How about the mini pedestal tray or drink coasters in blue and yellow roses?  They are great for everyday use, but also to style tables and trays.  How cute did this three tier tray turn out?



Rae Dunn Dishes

I know that I am late to the Rae Dunn party, but I finally found some Rae Dunn bowls!  When everyone seemed to be purchasing Rae Dunn to resale online, or to add to their growing collections, I could never find it in Waco and was not willing to pay $25 -$45 online for a mug.  Yep, that’s what they were reselling for.  Now that the craze is slowly dying down, collectors are selling pieces from their collections and Rae Dunn dishes are becoming easier to find.  I think more chain stores, like Hobby Lobby are also carrying the Rae Dunn line.  I did find ‘my unicorn’ – this ‘dream’ mug from the RD magenta line in a Dallas area Homegoods last Spring.



I found the ‘more please’ and ‘let’s eat’ Rae Dunn bowls at Marshalls recently.  It was the first time that I have seen more than 3-4 pieces available in a store in years.   But again, I never really hunted for it nor followed the trend because if everyone has it, it doesn’t seem quite as cool.  Now that the trendiness is wearing off, I think I can hop on the Rae Dunn train. I bought these bowls, because they are a great size for cereal and ice cream, a neutral color, and I thought they would be great for everyday use and tablescapes, too!  If you are looking for Rea Dunn dishes, check Amazon, Homegoods type stores like Marshalls or TJ Max, or local and online boutiques like Mercari.



I hope you found a little inspiration in my farmhouse inspired summer tablescape!  It is perfect for breakfast with the family or everyday dining during these long days of summer.  With a few simple touches and fun pops of color, this is one table that you can easily style.



Here are some more favorite pictures of my dining room.







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July 4th Tablescape Tips that Transcend any Holiday

Red, White and Blue Tablescape Tips

July 4th Ideas that Transcend any Holiday

Recently, I was featured on the local news, KWTX Channel in Waco, Texas with journalist Julie Hays to share easy holiday decorating tips for the fourth of July.  Being on LIVE television is way out of my comfort zone. However, I truly believe our purpose is to share our passion, talents, and knowledge with others! 

These ideas transcend any holiday or party theme. Simply, change the colors and patterns that you use.  

Here’s the video if you want to check it out:


Here’s my display set up at the KWTX studio before I went live!

And here are the holiday tips that I shared to make your holidays more festive!


1. Use craft supplies to dress up your dinnerware!

I always recommend buying your serving pieces and dinnerware in simple colors like white, clear glass or galvanized metal for summer entertaining, so that they work with any style.  With a few simple supplies like paper and ribbons, you can transform your dishes to match any holiday or party theme.

I will show you a few examples, but the possibilities are endless!

I collect a variety of sizes of white cake stands.  These mini cake stands are from the Target Dollar Spot and are perfect for cupcakes at each place setting or adding height to a centerpiece.  You can use wrapping paper, craft papers, scrapbook paper or even fabric.  When you are done, just toss the paper and clean up is easy.

  • Use the top as a template to trace the top of the cake stand onto the paper.
  • Cut the paper according to your lines.
  • Use a glue dot or double sided adhesive square on the back of the paper.
  • Adhere to the tray or cake stand to hold in place.


Adding patterned paper to your trays is a quick and affordable way to get holiday themed dishes.


Each of these trays below are lined with removable material.  The ticking stripe paper is actually wrapping paper cut to hide a Christmas themed tray.  The American flag print is actually a plastic placemat cut down to size.


Ribbon is another way to dress up your jars, especially for candy or dessert bars.


Even stickers can make containers festive for casual parties and holiday get togethers.


2. Create a treat for guests, especially the kids.

You can put treats at each place setting on the table or at the dessert bar for guests to take home!  It is a fun way to thank guests for coming or keep kids entertained.  Mason jars are great for storing edible treats or making a S’mores kit!  I found small packages of graham crackers and marshmallows at the grocery store that fit right in the jar.  Add chocolate and roasting sticks, and dress it up with ribbon!  These will wow guests and add a pop of color to the table.

Metal buckets, mini crates or berry baskets are available at Hobby Lobby, Michael’s and Target for around $1.  When planning for a party, I like to get candy that reminds me of the holiday or event, or with candy or wrappers that match the color theme, like these red and blue airheads candy.  For a goodie bag, get items that match your theme.  For the July 4th bucket, I included sunglasses, sparklers, glow bracelets, mini flags, and candy.  I lined the bucket with a paper napkin in a flag print – easy and inexpensive.


3. Crates or caddies are great for rounding up your supplies.

Vintage tool boxes, galvanized metal caddies and wooden crates can hold everything you need for casual outdoor dining and look great as a unique centerpiece.  Galvanized metal caddies can be found at Sam’s, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, and most home decor stores.  Find one of kind vintage boxes at antique or junk stores.  This trick works great when the get together is casual, so you aren’t setting the table ahead of time you  or you aren’t sure how many guests are coming.  It is easy for guests to grab what they need when they need it. Easy hosting!  If you have older kids, it is easy to fill a crate for the kitchen island so kids can help themselves to snacks during summer.



Crates and caddies are handy to hold your paper products, utensils, chargers, cups, straws, and extra linens.  Whether you are heading to the backyard for a barbecue or to the lake for a picnic, it keeps everything together.


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Tips to Framing Vintage Prints & Collections


Art work doesn’t have to be expensive to create beautiful spaces in your home, so give your walls character and charm by framing vintage prints, family keepsakes and collections.  Here are a few ideas to get you thinking outside the box and inspire you to frame something unique for your home! If you don’t already own these items, look at thrift stores, antique shops or your grandparents/parents’ attics.  Another man’s trash could be the treasure you are looking for!

I recently cleaned out my childhood closet at my parent’s house.  While other ten years olds were collecting scratch-n-sniff stickers, I had stamp collections.  I also loved Texas wildflowers, so I had a few flower identification books.  Upon finding these, I realized how these items would look great framed.  It inspired me to consider framing vintage prints, and think of other items that would make unique wall art.

How to Frame:

If it is flat enough to fit between a matte and glass, consider it wall art. I like to mount items on white matte board leaving about a 1-2 inch border of negative space. You can get matte board from the craft store and cut it to size of the frame opening.  I use ‘glue dots’ or double sided tape to hold the object in place.

You can also use frames the same size as your art object and place directly into the frame.  These framed recipes are actually reproductions, but how neat would it be to frame your grandmothers recipes to hang in your kitchen.

What to Frame:

Vintage papers and prints are easy and affordable to find at yard sales or thrift stores, and add a nostalgic feel to your home.

  • vintage art prints
  • calendar prints
  • maps
  • vintage hymnals or book pages
  • botanical or animal prints
  • vintage product labels
  • vintage posters or advertisements

Family keepsakes and childhood memorabilia are great items to personalize your home and display your family history and memories.

  • family photos or silhouettes
  • paper dolls
  • coloring books
  • handwritten recipes
  • handwritten letters
  • vintage educational prints

Don’t keep your paper collections stored in boxes! Show them off on your walls!

  • postage stamps
  • postage envelopes or postcards
  • records or cd covers
  • baseball or sports cards
  • foreign paper money
  • magazine covers

Where to frame:

Group items into similar collections, whether you group items that are the same material like a set of old postcards or by a theme that works with the room style.  You can create a gallery wall using similar frames  to create unity or add one unique piece of framed vintage art to a room to personalize your space.

Botanical images are great for spring and summer decor.