How to Add Fall Decor into your Home

How to Add Fall Decor into your Home

Fall is one of my favorite seasons to decorate in my home. Probably, because I am drawn towards neutral colored decor which really allows the textures to take precedence. For example, cozy cable-knit throw blankets and woven rattan, cane and wicker accents add a beautiful detail to any space. I like to keep things more simple and natural, before the entourage of glitter and flocking knocks at the door for Christmas.

Here are a few ways that you can add fall decor into your home.

  1. Place a seasonal wreath on the front door.
  2. Use traditional Fall accents like pumpkins, pinecones, acorns, dried corn, or gourds.
  3. Replace greenery in vases with leafy, textured and floral Fall stems.
  4. Decorate with natural materials like wooden bowls or rattan baskets.
  5. Replace candles and hand soaps with Fall scents like cedar wood or pumpkin spice.
  6. Add Fall themed pillows on sofas, sitting chairs or entryway benches.
  7. Swap out lightweight throw blankets for chunkier knit textures or cozier fleece, sherpa, or wool.
  8. Dress up the dining table with neutral decor and invite family and friends to share a meal.
  9. Add warm, metallic finishes like gold, brass or copper.
  10. Style a few seasonal vignettes with trays or glass cloches.

One of my favorite home decor shops, From: Susie, has a beautiful selection of handmade & vintage wood bowls and baskets. You can use code “CUTER10′ for 10% off anything in the shop. For example, I love this glass cloche with rattan base. It’s perfect for holding holiday treats or accentuating seasonal accents in your Fall decor.

Integrate natural elements and neutral colors into your home.

Feeling crafty as the weather cools? Click to make this embroidered yarn pumpkin art or jute wrapped acorns.


One of my favorite things to style seasonally is trays. This set of handmade lantern style trays, From: Susie, is perfect for creating seasonal vignettes with Fall decorations. From a centerpiece on the dining room table to coffee table decor, these trays are so versatile and great to have in your decor toolbox. Here are a few ideas to style them!

  1. Style a centerpiece with pumpkins and faux florals picks or leafy stems.
  2. Place a Fall scented candle on a riser with a vase of seasonal stems and an interesting object.
  3. Tuck faux Fall foliage into the tray with candlesticks and small art.
  4. Fill a wooden bowl with pinecones, acorns or mini pumpkins.

Shop lantern style trays at From: Susie and know you are supporting a female owned small business!

Thank you for stopping by the blog today, as I hop between sharing Christmas and Fall decor. Even though my house is just as confused as I am, it’s my favorite time of year. Either way, do what brings you joy.

5+ Ideas to Decorate a Home Office

Ideas to Decorate a Home Office

We have this really cool room in our detached garage. It was originally a tool room from the previous owner.

However, three years ago, we installed vinyl plank flooring and painted the textured drywall. Since then, my teenage daughter and I have used it as a craft room and home office.  It became really messy and a catch all room…

So, we decided  to give this space a boho inspired home office makeover! 

Here are my favorite ideas that you can use to decorate a home office, too. 


1. Update old furniture to fit your style.

  • For example, I covered a 13 year old art table with peel wall paper left over from another project. Not only did it cover paint and pen marks on the table top, but the wall paper made it look more modern. 
  • Rustoleum spray paint in ‘cinnamon’ updated a faux marble top coffee table. Now, the space feels more unified. 

2. Create unique ways to display supplies or art. 

  •  This cute pencil holder from the Magnolia Home line stores art markers on the desk.
  • Galvanized bins hold arts and craft supplies. Personalize them with colors from the room.
  • Clipboards are hung to display art or printables. It’s easy to change out with new works of art. 
  • I spray painted an old printers tray gold. Then, displayed souvenirs from the California beach inside the small compartments. 

3. Decorate with DIY Home Decor 

  • DIY Pallet Shelf – Simply cut the end off a small wood pallet. Then, sand rough edges and seal with polyurethane. Hang on wall to display magazines or books. 
  • Deconstructed Books – Remove the covers of old books to use as risers in tray or shelf styling. 
  • Faux Terra Cotta Pots – First, paint any ceramic vase with a terra cotta colored acrylic or spray paint. I used the ‘cinnamon’ color from Rustoleum. Then, dry brush 3- 4 layers with white wax.
  • DIY Candle Making – Make your own soy based candles with essential oils. Get my instructions, here

Personalize your home office with DIY decor.

4. Invest in quality, neutral furniture.  

Our goal was to have a workspace that is inspiring, comfortable and yet versatile to fit our needs. 

Therefore, we chose a handmade, eco-friendly futon from The Futon Shop for the lounge area.  We can use this space to read, brainstorm ideas, or work on our laptops.  Plus, it easily folds into a bed when we have guests. 

 You can find all the details on the lounge including the futon, mattress and cover that I chose, here. The Futon Shop collaborated with me in exchange for this mention. However, all ideas are my own. 


5. Have fun with color, pattern and texture. 

Accent Wall with Wall Paper Mural

I am a big fan of peel and stick wallpaper to transform a space by creating a unique accent wall. Plus, it’s easy to install with 2 people. 

For instance, I used a boho inspired wallpaper mural in my home office. With the left over paper, I cut out organic shapes for the two closet doors. 


The Decor Details in our Home Office

It’s important to use a variety of color, texture and pattern to any room. 

Therefore, I added the black and white rug, a pink pouf, and a terra cotta color throw blanket. Each of these add a different kind of plush texture to the space.  In addition, I styled an assortment of pillows, too. 

Lastly, I added a few natural and wood elements with faux plants for a boho vibe in my home office.



Thank you for stopping by Cuter Tudor for our home office reveal. For more affordable home design tips, subscribe to the blog here. Have a great day, y’all! 

Boho Inspired Home Office Lounge

Boho Inspired Home Office Lounge

Recently, I have been working on a boho inspired home office! You can find more creative DIYs, ideas and sources that I used to decorate my home office, here. 

But first, I want to share the details of the lounge area in our home office. 

When designing this room, I asked my daughter’s opinion on style & color preference. Then, we discussed how we wanted to use the space.

This is where my teenage daughter and I spend most of our time during the week! She is usually doing art projects and I’m usually working on content for my blog and social media. Because I do a lot of work on my phone, I don’t always sit at a desk. 

So, we decided that our workspace must include a cool place to lounge AND work in comfort. 



That’s when we decided that we needed a futon!

Futons are versatile pieces of furniture that provide seating like a sofa or lay flat to serve as a bed. It is the perfect addition to a home office which can function as a guest room, if needed.

Futon design has come a long way in the past twenty years. I found the perfect handcrafted, eco friendly futon frame, mattress and covers from The Futon Shop! 

When I shared my design plan with The Futon Shop, they collaborated with me on this room design. 


Futon Frame + Mattress 

My husband and I were both so impressed with the quality of the real wood frame and eco-friendly mattress.


From a Sofa to a Bed to a Sofa, Again

The frame easily opens and closes to convert from a sofa to a bed.  Simply, raise the frame out of the notch to lay flat. Then, lift the left side of the frame to let it slide into the notches to bring it back up. 

Since my daughter seems to always have friends over, this extra space is great for sleepovers. Actually, she wants to move into this room! Probably, because she picked everything! 


Hand Made Futon Covers 

The Futon Shop mattress covers are machine washable, stain resistant, & spot cleanable. Y’all, I have kids and pets, so I only have slipcovered sofas in my home. It’s a great way to protect your furniture for years. 

Typically, I choose neutral furniture. Then, I have fun with color, texture and pattern in my choice of rugs, pillows, and throw blankets! Therefore, I chose two neutral options including a creamy white and dark grey. 

In addition, futon covers can change the look of the futon by adding a different color or pattern into the room.



I am so happy how this home office lounge looks! It is a fun mix of boho inspired color and pattern with natural elements and beautiful textures. It definitely inspires me to be creative!


Thank you for stopping by the blog to see part of my home office reveal! If you love this space, please save this blog post on Pinterest by tapping the red pin in the top left of the pic below. 


Home Decorating Books that I Love

Home Decorating Books that I Love

I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite home decorating books. Not only do they have amazing decorating advice and lots of photos of beautiful interiors, but they look great on the coffee table, too. What books are you enjoying now? I would love to know! 

Home Decorating Books 

1. Home Body by Joanna Gaines 

Homebody: A Guide to Creating Spaces you Never Want to Leave 

Joanna, the queen of decorating, has created a wonderful guide to encourage you to find your style.  The book includes inspiration from different styles of homes that she has designed on Fixer Upper, including traditional, rustic, modern, farmhouse, industrial and boho. 


2. Divinely Designed by Sarah Martin

Divinely Designed: A Beautiful and Functional Home

Sarah shares the beautiful homes that she and her husband design and build together. In addition, Sarah tells stories about faith, family and motherhood. She encourages us to find beauty even in the chaos. 


3. Cozy White Cottage by Liz Marie Galvan 

Cozy White Cottage: 100 Ways to Love the Feeling of Being Home 

I love Liz Marie’s neutral farmhouse inspired style. It’s a beautiful mix of vintage and repurposed DIYs; plus warm wood tones and creamy whites. I have followed Liz Marie’s home decor and DIY blog for years, and was happy to meet her at Silobration in 2018.  It’s exciting to see her work in print. 


4. But Where Do I put the Couch by KariAnne Woods and Melissa Michaels 

But Where Do I Put the Couch & Answers to 100 Other Home Decorating Questions 

KariAnne is one of my favorite bloggers and has written four other home decorating books.  In this book, she teams up with another popular home decor blogger to answer some of the most asked decorating questions.  I love that they provide beautiful, and very doable, examples from their own homes. Their style is very attainable and family friendly. 


Not a book, but a planner that I love! 

5. Grounded & Joy Fueled Planner by Regina 

Grounded & Joy Fueled Planner 

The reason that I love this planner is that there is lots of room to write. There is a monthly and daily schedule to prompts for prayers, daily gratitude, goals, appointments, lists and more… 


Thanks for stopping by the blog today to find out what home decorating books that I am reading! 


How to Upholster a Stool with Repurposed Materials

How to Upholster a Stool with Repurposed Materials

Reuse, Repurpose and Relove

Repurposed materials are budget friendly, good for the environment, and a fun way to challenge your creativity. This easy DIY project is a great way to use repurposed materials. For this project, I am giving new life to an old stool by upholstering it and using it as an accent table.

My daughter has a faux fur stool that is a few years old. Consequently, it has seen better days. Therefore, I gave it a quick update by using an old t-shirt to cover it. But it got me thinking… what other items could be repurposed to upholster a stool or chair.

Repurposed materials to Upholster a Stool

  1. bath mat
  2. hand woven rug
  3. crocheted blanket
  4. patchwork quilt
  5. chunky sweater
  6. flannel shirt
  7. textured pillow sham
  8. velvet skirt
  9. Turkish towel
  10. patterned curtain

What You Need:

  • Stool
  • Scissors
  • Staple gun
  • repurposed materials – like an old t-shirt


What You Do:

This is assuming that the stool already has batting.  If not, hot glue thick batting in the shape of the seat to the stool. In addition, you can either remove the previous upholstery fabric or recover directly over the top. I usually reupholster directly over the top of any material.

  1. First, center the fabric on the stool. Avoid any seams. Then, measure and cut the material to fit over the top of the stool. You can do this by laying the material onto the floor and placing the top of the stool on it.  Then, pull the fabric over the edges and at least one inch over the bottom of the stool seat. For a circular stool, cut the fabric in a large circle.
  2. Next, use a staple gun to staple each side of the fabric to the stool, pulling tight as you go.  Begin with the four opposite corners. Keep the fabric pulled tight and always staple across from the previous staple.
  3. Then, staple in between by pulling the fabric and folding it over. Cut off any excess fabric.


The more simple style has a modern feel to fit in with my daughters ever changing style.  Plus, the stool now serves as an accent table in her reading nook.


I hope that you are encouraged to create something in your home with repurposed materials. If so, please save this to your DIY Pinterest board, or follow mine, here. And if you are looking for more home decor and DIY ideas, you can follow me on instagram at @cutertudor.