12 DIYs of Christmas 2019: DIY Snow Globe Container for Treats

12 DIYs of Christmas 2019

DIY Snow Globe Container for Treats

Today, I am sharing the 6th DIY of the 12 DIYs of Christmas 2019, y’all! This easy Christmas dessert snow globe container is a great gift for teachers, neighbors, friends or favors for kids Christmas parties. The best part is that you can fill them up with any kind of treat. My favorite is white chocolate popcorn, but store bought candies works great too.

DIY Snow Globe Container

The DIY snow globe container cost me about $5 to make with supplies from Dollar General. However, most craft stores like Joann’s or Hobby Lobby will have these items, too.  It only takes about 5 minutes to make! Here’s what you will need…


  • plastic mason jar style container
  • clear plastic round ornament
  • small Christmas figurines like mini trees, snowmen and deer
  • faux snow
  • hot glue/glue gun
  • ribbon


Step 1. Take the clear plastic ornament apart (it comes in two halves) and snap off the small hanger.  You can see it pictured on the left.  You only need one half of the ornament per container.

Step 2. Remove the two parts of the lid.  Hot glue 2-3 small figurines onto the flat part of the lid. I like grouping a deer, Santa or snowman next to a tree.  Snip the top of the tree with scissors, if necessary to fit under globe.

Step 3. Next, hot glue the fuzzy faux snow onto the lid, around the figurines. If you can not find this exact lid, hot glue the figurines, then faux snow & the round ornament directly onto the lid.

Step 4. Lace ribbon through the holes of the circle lid.  Then, replace and hot glue the flat lid inside the circle lid. Lastly, hot glue the round ornament on top of the circle lid.

Step 5. Fill the container with any kind of treat.  Then, replace the lid and tie the ribbon on.


Easy Christmas Dessert

In addition, I filled these containers with my family’s favorite white chocolate popcorn treat. It happens to cost about $5 and 5-10 minutes to make 5 cups, too. Find the delicious recipe, here. Basically, you pour melted white chocolate over popcorn, stir, pour onto a cookie sheet, and add your favorite holiday sprinkles and small candies.



I hope you enjoy this 6th holiday inspired DIY in the 12 DIY’s of Christmas.  Here are the previous projects shared in the 12 DIYs of Christmas 2019,

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12 DIYs of Christmas: Snow Globe Lamp

12 DIYs of Christmas: Snow Globe Lamp

I love snow globes, y’all! There is something magical about looking into a snow filled scene!  If you love them too, check out last year’s DIY Snow Globe blog post.  I created snow globes with everything from ornaments to lanterns. This year, I am creating snow globes in lamps!

What you need for DIY Snow Globe Lamp:

Fillable glass lamp, hot glue gun, glue sticks

Faux Snow

There are so many different types of faux snow available online like Amazon.com and at craft stores, like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby.  For example, there is fluffy  ‘buffalo snow,’ styrofoam bead snow, and glitter faux snow.  Any of these work!


Bottle brush trees are my favorite.  However, deer, Santa, and snowmen figurines are cute, too.  Group items in three, like two trees and a Santa.


  1. First, remove the lamp shade from the base.
  2. After choosing an arrangement for the figurines and trees, hot glue the bottom of the figurines to the inside base of the lamp.  Often, the lamp bases are curved upward. so this will secure them in place.  If the base is flat, there is no need to glue.
  3. Add any kind of faux snow to cover the bottom of the lamp base.
  4. Lastly, replace the lamp shade.  Enjoy your snowy scene during the holidays.

So easy, right??? Before long, you will want to make every glass container into a DIY snow globe.

Be sure to follow along all month as I share the 12 DIYs of Christmas! Plus, more decorating ideas and holiday tours of my home decorated for Christmas on the blog this December.

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I DIYed that Christmas Blog Hop: DIY Snow Globes

I DIYed that Christmas Blog Hop: DIY Snow Globes

Welcome to the ‘I DIYed that’ Christmas Blog Hop with some of craftiest blogger friends. Today, I am sharing one of my favorite Christmas DIYs – DIY snow globes.  You will find lots of inspiration on the blog hop to get creative this holiday season.  If you came from Jordan’s Blog at A Blue Nest, welcome, and thank you for stopping by. I love Jordan’s wreath!  Next stop on the tour is Joy in our Home who is sharing her winter styled kitchen.  At the end of the blog post, I will link everyone in the blog hop.  Meanwhile, here are my DIY snow globes that I think turned out really cute!


Snow globes are really fun and easy to make using things that you already have!  If you love making them as much as I do, you can see more snow globe inspiration that I shared last year, here. With three basic components, you can make your own DIY Snow Globes.  Let me show you how!

What you need for DIY snow globes:

Glass Containers – Any clear glass container will work.  For example, every day objects like mason jars and bowls with a pedestal base to lanterns and decorative glass jars will work.  Furthermore, you can probably find something that you already own to transform into a snow globe.  For instance, I have even used a gum ball machine as a snow globe!  Often, thrift stores will have glass jars for a couple of dollars that you can transform into a DIY snow globe.  On the left, I have a a decorative glass jar and on the right a bowl with a pedestal base.


Faux Snow – There are a variety of faux snow available and you can use any kind.  The fluffy kind tends to be less messy, and you can easily pull it apart to fit into your containers.  I have also used the round foam beads and the glitzy kind.

Holiday Figurines – Bottle brush trees are my favorite to include.  Holiday figurines like miniature deer, Santa, snowmen, and houses are great to include, too.  You can also check for miniatures in the craft section at Michael’s Craft Store, Joann‘s or Hobby Lobby, too.  In addition, ornaments work well too because they are easily available this time of year, and come in a variety of small sizes.


Tips to DIY snow globes:

Once you have your materials, it is simple to put it together.  First, add faux snow to your containers.  Then, have fun and add your figurines.  Most importantly, group items that are a variety of sizes in sets of three to lead the eye throughout the design.  It is fun to create little winter scenes, like this! If needed, add a dab of hot glue to the bottom of the figurines to hold in place.  Hot glue usually pops right off the glass. However, test your materials beforehand.

christmas diy craft



DIY snow globes as a Centerpiece:

If you are grouping the snow globes together, use similar decorative components.  For example, I used a set of white bottle brush trees with red ornaments in this pair of snow globes.  Next, I divided a pair of gingerbread houses to add some whimsy and color.  If you love this traditional red and green tablescape and hot cocoa bar, you can see more here.  If you are using DIY snow globes as a centerpiece, consider adding greenery, lights and a beaded garland down the table.  In addition, a decorative green truck with a tree tucked in the back finishes the scene.

christmas diy


christmas craft


Here is everyone on the Christmas DIY blog hop!  From ornaments to wreaths, grab your coffee or hot cocoa, and get inspired this holiday season.

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Thank you for stopping by the Cuter Tudor!  I hope you enjoyed these easy DIY snow globes.  Certainly, they will get your creative juices flowing to make your own snow globe.  Please save this photo to your Christmas DIY board. Then, you can get crafty this holiday season.


christmas diy craft