Do It Yourself

What DIY means is that you can create one of a kind looks for your home without spending a fortune. What DIY means is that you can Do It Yourself!

I am an avid DIYer, from crafting to home decorating and renovating. I create a lot of things from my home. Therefore, I thought it would be fun to start a new series, Buy or DIY??? For today’s post, I’m sharing basket wall art. First, I’ll share my inspiration. Then, I’ll show my DIY version of basket wall art.

3 hyacinth plate chargers with yarn stitching hung on wall

Buy Basket Wall Art?

Here’s my inspiration pic from Pottery Barn. I love these natural woven wall baskets with yarn detailing. But y’all, these are $379 for the set of 3.

3 woven wall baskets with stitching
Image from Pottery Barn

DIY Basket Wall Art?

I saw these hyacinth plate chargers for $3 each from Dollar General. Initially, I passed them by because I have plenty of chargers. However, I loved the woven material, so I stood in the aisle considering what else I could use them for. Then, I remembered the basket wall art that I loved. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that the chargers were made of circular rows. This would allow me to wrap yarn around each section to create unique patterns.

Here’s what you need:

Here’s what you do:

  1. First, double thread the yarn needle with thick yarn. Then, knot the end.
  2. Assign a front and back to the charger. The back will be where the needle is inserted and the ends of the yarn are tied off. The back can get a little messy.
  3. Next, decide on a pattern. Push the needle between the row of the woven material and wrap in yarn. Then, push the needle back through. Ensure the yarn lays flat. Use the rows to act as a guide for the desired design or pattern.*
  4. Tie ends of yarn together to continue wrapping. Then, knot the ends on the backside of the charger.

*The design will determine how many rows are wrapped with yarn. For example, wrap the outer row completely. Or, wrap row one, three times; then wrap two rows, three times; then wrap three rows, three times. Repeat pattern to create a symmetrical design. What DIY means is that you can create any design to fit your style.

If you love this boho inspired look, take a look inside my home office. Or follow me on Instagram @cutertudor to see a video of how I made this basket wall art.

I would love to hear what DIY means to you! Please leave a comment to tell me if you would rather buy or DIY this basket wall art. Or, email me your ideas for decor that I can recreate on a budget at