DIY Faux Greenery & Grapevine Wreath

Wreaths are easy to make and an easy way to update your home each season.  You can hang them on the front or back door, on decorative hooks in a gallery wall, on the back of dining chairs or dining room windows, above the kitchen sink or the front of a hutch! Anywhere and everywhere, y’all!  After I made this, I wondered why I haven’t been making my own! This DIY faux greenery and grapevine wreath is so quick and fun to make!

Here’s what I grabbed from the craft store!

  • Grapevine Wreath
  • Faux Greenery – sage + rosemary

Here’s what I grabbed from my craft room!

  • Floral Wire
  • Wire Cutters


DIY grapevine wreaths are cheap and work for any season!  I love the natural look!  You can use any type of greenery or florals, add mini decor or letters for your last name. Cover the entire wreath in greenery or a small section and let the vines show! It is up to you!  I love the versatility of this project! The best part is that you can stick in greenery and the vines pretty much hold it in place, allowing you to reuse or change out the greenery each season.  I am making this one with a few faux herbs, but any greenery will work beautifully.

I placed the individual picks of greenery into the grapevine wreath, about 5 inches apart, alternating sides of the wreath to get the most coverage.  Just slide each stem directly into the wreath, between the vines.  You can use greenery picks or cut pieces of greenery from a swag that you buy at the craft store.  Swags tend to be less expensive than the individual picks.

With wire cutters, I disassembled some of the rosemary stems to use as individual picks.  There are about 5 ‘branches’ on each stem so separating them allowed me to use this greenery as an accent color.

I placed some of the individual stems on both sides of the sage, staggering each piece around the wreath.

When I got the greenery where I wanted it, I used floral wire to hold it in place.  I cut about 6 inches of wire, folded it in half and wrapped it around the greenery and wreath.  Tie in the back.

The last thing that I did was fluff the greenery.  Each stem is made of a wire base so they bend easily.  Just spread out the leaves to achieve the look you desire.

You can hang your wreath inside or outside!  For summer, I love to add a wreath in my living room to bring a little of the outdoors inside!  And if I was a plant lady, I would do that with real plants, but alas, I don’t have a green thumb, so it is faux greenery all the way!

This space is my favorite place to decorate!  If you make a wreath and share it on social media, use the hashtag #cutertudored for your chance to be shared on my social media page!



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