Easy Kids Crafts: Pinecone Bird Feeder


This DIY pinecone bird feeder is an easy kids craft for Spring. It is a great project to do with prekindergarten or early elementary age kids using natural ingredients. Plus, it is a fun way to connect to nature and observe birds in your backyard.

What You Need:

  • pinecone
  • bird food
  • peanut butter
  • wire or string for hanging
  • paper plate & plastic knife
  • bucket & scoop

What you do:

To prepare this activity, scoop peanut butter into a small bowl. Then, pour bird seed into a small bucket or bowl. Lastly, place pinecones onto paper plate.

  1. Using floral wire or string, securely wrap the top of the pinecones leaving 1-2 feet of string to hang.
  2. With a plastic knife, have child spread peanut butter onto the pinecone in sections.  If the child is young, give them a popsicle stick to use.
  3. Then, using a scoop or measuring cup, pour bird food over the peanut butter on the pinecone. The bird food will stick to the peanut butter.

Rotate and repeat steps 2 and 3 until the pinecone is completely covered.

Tip: When the plate becomes full of left over bird seed, pour it back into the bucket so none is wasted.

If you do not have bird seed, use sunflower seeds, peanuts, raisins, or chopped fruit like berries.

The last thing to do is to hang your bird feeder onto a tree branch outside.  We prefer to hang the pinecone bird feeder near a window so that we can watch birds, and often squirrels enjoy this treat.


My four year old niece had a great time with this easy kids craft. Plus, my daughter and I love watching the critters enjoy this snack from our window.

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