This past Sunday, I spent the day with some amazing home decor bloggers and Instagrammers in Waco, Texas!  They visited us at The Findery, a home decor shop in downtown Waco, where I get to stage and create displays!  We hosted these ladies for a brunch and fun private shopping experience.
The Findery family created such a gorgeous holiday display, that I want to share it and welcome y’all to stop by The Findery when you are in town. The Findery opened about two weeks after Magnolia and is one of many unique shopping opportunities in Waco for anyone who loves home decor and antiquing.  The building has two stories of home decor, furniture, vintage and new finds and even a clothing boutique. Everything for your home and style, they say! In March 2017, they opened an extension of the store across the street called The Warehouse, housing over 10,000 square feet of more shopping.
The first thing that you need to know about the Findery, is that it is a family run business. The Fatheree’s  have renovated this historical downtown building, formerly a factory for Percy Medicine, giving it new life and doing most of the restoration themselves.  These are hardworking folks, y’all, and their passion shows in everything that they do.
Tiffany Fatheree, is one of the owners at The Findery and the creative vision behind this gorgeous store and specifically, this beautiful Christmas tablescape and display.  It’s hard to impress a bunch of decorators, but this totally knocked their socks off. Tiffany is truly an inspiration to women entrepreneurs, always offering support and encouragement, but also challenging others to be creative and follow their passion, as she sets the prime example.  She is one who truly believes there is room for all of us to succeed.
Matt D, Tiffany’s husband has designed and built many tables from repurposed finds like vintage lockers and boxcar floors that are available to purchase.  This hanging centerpiece was an easy DIY for him, but makes such an impact suspended from the ceiling and styled with a holiday vignette.  Matt P, not a typo, y’all, Matt P is Matt D’s dad and is usually the first one in the store each day. Matt P is always willing to lend a hand to load up a customers finds and loves sharing The Findery and Percy Medicine building history and pickin’ stories from Roundtop days.
Let’s take a look at this gorgeous table!  Y’all know that I am drawn to cool colors, but the color ‘red’ at Christmas is so fun, festive and just pops.  I just love the mix of plaid patterns in the table runners and ribbons.
Notice how the table runners are placed across the table instead of down the center. Tiffany is always thinking outside the box! What a creative way to decorate a long table or two tables used to make a long table! Genius, Tiffany!
Three vintage crates are placed down the middle of the table and filled with a variety of green, flocked and sparkling trees, red poinsettias, white magnolia blooms, patterned ribbons and strands of wooden beads to create a rustic elegance in this space.
P.S. These chairs are metal, y’all.  Available in grey or black! I had to throw that in because I have never seen any made from metal in this style.
Vintage books in traditional red and green colors are an easy way to vary the height of your objects and create visual interest.  This is a gorgeous mix of new and old finds…
Candles are added to create a warm glow and inviting ambience. They welcomed guests and created a cozy atmosphere where we felt right at home.
This is a perfect mix of metals, y’all…I love the fluted galvanized chargers, tin medallion ornaments tied onto the napkin rings and the faux silver utensils.  Yep, the silverware is fake but its real love for these place settings.
Y’all, pearl napkin rings…if this isn’t southern charm, I don’t know what is.  Notice the vintage financial ledgers under each charger? I thought you did.  These are original to the Percy Medicine company and were collected during the acquisition of the building.
Marci, Matt D’s sister and partner in the family business helped Tiffany style this area. Most of  the time, I can find Marci looking for new products and vendors to create one of a kind collections in the store.  Marci and her mother, Melissa, another co-owner of the Findery hand selected items in the Findery’s Christmas collection.  Every item is so cute.
If you have the superpower to not buy anything when you visit the Findery, there’s two things that you need to know:  1 Do not tell my husband that this is normal.  I need him to continue to think that it is perfectly normal to spend your paycheck from the Findery at the Findery.  2 We hope you find inspiration in our displays and new ways to use products!
Lets review what The Fatheree’s did with some of their favorite finds…using vintage books in a tablescape….ornaments to jazz up the napkins…
… crates as centerpieces…
… womens’ accessories to style a chair… Did you miss that one?
Alison, who manages the store and owns Elevate at The Findery, an accessory and jewelry boutique, sells these adorable plaid scarves used to add a pop of color to the chairs.  They are tied with contrasting ribbon and a Christmas ornament.
If you are around Waco or plan to visit soon, go check out that gorgeous tablescape before the new year!  In the meantime, let the creativity continue…here’s an antique dresser used to hold napkins and silverware for the brunch.
Coffee bars and hot cocoa stations are all the rage!  We loved this one set up with the most amazing coffee from The Olive Branch, a local bakery who provided brunch for the girls. We appreciate Four Columns Marketing for the work to coordinate this event.
I did miss photographing one of the Christmas displays and the buffet table, probably because I was so distracted by the delicious food, or the mimosas. Who knows?  But I couldn’t miss the gorgeous Christmas tree and sitting area.
Y’all, this chippy painted arch gets all my vintage lovin’ feels going.  There may have been two ladies racing, literally running in the store, for the architectual piece that came from the top of this arch.  Home decor bloggers don’t play.  Oh, it was that amazing. One of a kind finds are one reason that I love to shop for myself and clients at The Findery.
Dear Santa,
I want these cane back chairs for Xmas.  I’ve been really good this year.
I’ve been mostly good.
I only cussed a little.
Bring me the chairs or I will resort to working for them myself.
Love, Amy at Cuter Tudor
This view is from the second story of the building, which over looks Chip & Joanna Gaines’ Silos.  If you are visiting Waco and need a tour guide, I recommend  I will share more about my fun experience with the Waco Tours in another post, but even for someone who has lived in and around Waco her whole life, I learned a thing or two on the tour! And I enjoyed a Dr. Pepper, which is another Waco favorite.
Thanks to the talented group of home decorators who shared their weekend with us in Waco!  These ladies traveled as far as New Jersey and Canada.  If you are on instagram, these girls are talented, so here are their Instagram handles for you to follow.

Tiffany @joyfully.rooted

Alicia  @ourvintagenest

Tracy  @oursignatureswag

Erin @mytexashouse

Erin @thriftyniftynest

Caitlin @thehiddenspire

Heather @klotzhome

Lacie @loved_by_lace

Karan @designsbykaran

Special thanks to The Findery Family for hosting such an awesome event and for continuing to support, inspire and encourage women, and men, to follow their dreams and live with purpose.
 You can read more or shop their finds on their website at

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