How to Make A Potpourri Mix

Recently, I sliced and dried red pear and orange slices for simple holiday decorations. Soon after, I realized that the dried fruit would look pretty in a bowl of potpourri, too. It is so simple to make, y’all! Therefore, I decided to share how to make a potpourri mix with y’all.

Making potpourri is fairly easy and a great way to add a seasonal scent into a room. Plus, it is an inexpensive, eco-friendly gift idea for friends and family. Simply, place in sachets or jars and tie with ribbon.

Spritz. Store. Enjoy.

How to Make a Potpourri Mix

Potpourri is a mixture of dried, naturally fragrant plant materials displayed in a decorative bowl or basket. There are many different kinds. Therefore, you can choose from this list of suggested materials what goes into your potpourri. First, choose any greenery, spices, or herbs for natural scent. Then, add color with dried flowers and fruit. Woody materials are absorbent and will hold the scent well. Lastly, extra oils will elevate the scent.

What You Need:

  • Dried greenery – pine, eucalyptus, bay leaves
  • Dried fruit – sliced citrus, apples, pears
  • Dried spices or herbs- cloves, cinnamon sticks, star anise
  • Dried flowers – rose buds or petals, lavender
  • Woody filler – pinecones, nutmeg, driftwood, sola wood flowers
  • Essential oils in spray bottle or oil based room spray
  • Airtight container or gallon ziplock bag

How to Dry Oranges

You can find more ways to use dried oranges and tips to drying fruit on my friend Susie’s blog. For example, click here to read “How to Dry Oranges” or this blog post for beautiful Natural Gift Wrap Ideas.

1. Preheat oven to 170°F. 

2. Cut oranges into 1/8 inch slices. 

3. Line cookie sheets with parchment paper or a baker’s mat. Then, pat orange slices with a paper towel to dry. Next, lay them on the cookie sheet in a single layer. 

4. Bake for approximately 4-6 hours or until dry. To ensure the slices dry evenly and not curl, turn them over every hour. Remove from oven and allow to completely cool before using.

The rose buds are dried from Valentine’s Day years ago.

Essential Oils

You can use a combination of your favorite essential oil scents like citrus or cypress. I purchase essential oils from Doterra, because I know that they are pure and high quality. In addition, I love the Krumpet’s home sprays for the holidays. Find them, here. My favorite scents are the cinnamon, ‘Christmas’ (sweet berry) and shiplap (woodsy).

When working with oils, be aware that some may stain or can be irritable to skin and eyes. Therefore, it is a good idea to wear gloves when handling materials directly covered in oil. However, I wash my hands thoroughly after this project. In addition, I do not spray directly on my wood table or use containers that are used for food.

What You Do:

  1. Gather your materials and spread them out on newspaper or in a flat bowl. Spritz your materials with 15+ sprays of your choice of essential oil.
  2. Wait a few minutes to dry, and store mixture in an airtight container. For example, a lidded jar or ziplock bag works great. Leave this to ‘marinate’ for 48 hours.
  3. Then, pour mixture into a decorative basket or bowl to enjoy for weeks. Once scent begins to dissipate, simply respray.

You can use my code CUTER10 for 10% off everything in the shop, From: Susie. For instance, I display my potpourri in this vintage bread basket that Susie and I found in Round Top, Texas.

If you enjoyed this learning how to make a potpourri mix, save this to your Pinterest board for ‘Things to Make.’ Happy crafting, y’all!

Home for the Holidays: Rustic Christmas Tree

Welcome to the Home for the Holidays Christmas Tree Challenge with Decorator’s Warehouse. I am so excited to share this year’s elegant, rustic christmas tree with y’all!

Decorator’s Warehouse challenged 12 talented home decor bloggers to design a Christmas tree exclusively with decorations from the store. If you have ever shopped online or visited Decorator’s Warehouse in Arlington, Texas, then you know that the hardest part is choosing just one theme or color scheme. Consequently, there are so many different styles of Christmas decor from rustic to whimsical and elegant which can be found in a variety of trendy, traditional, or neutral color palettes.

Use code CUTERTUDOR for 10% off everything at Decorator’s Warehouse except Christmas trees and resin.

Rustic Christmas Tree

My decorating style is a combination of rustic and casual elegant design. For example, rustic feels distressed, aged or natural. Similarly, materials that exude a rustic feel include burlap, jute, weathered metal or raw wood. It may appear in farmhouse or coastal style homes. As far as the elegant side of the design, I incorporate a little sparkle into my home during the holidays. For instance, think velvet ribbon, glittered balls or stems and twinkle lights. However, I always want my home to feel relaxed and welcoming.

When decorating my home, I I love the look of neutral colors, such as beige, white and grey. In addition, I always gravitate towards cool colors like blue and green. This color combination feels very calming and approachable.

Consequently, my style has not changed from last season. I still love blue mixed with neutrals and creating a rustic elegant vibe that reflects my coastal style. Plus, bells are one of my favorite things to add into my holiday decor. Specifically, I used the large rustic jingle bells on my tree and mantle last year. You can find my previously decorated tree and Tips to Decorate a Christmas Tree, here.

I found these natural fiber deer and pair of trees in Decorator’s Warehouse.

How to Decorate a Rustic Christmas Tree

Basically, there are three things that I incorporate into decorating a tree: floral picks/stems, ornaments and ribbon. However, I used a variety of each to showcase different textures, colors and contrast.

Assuming your tree is pre-lit like mine, the first step is to fluff the branches of the tree. For example, make sure you touch every branch, pulling each towards you and spreading it out to fill in any gaps.

Start with the Spray Topper

Secondly, decorate the top of the tree with a ‘spray topper.’ A spray topper is an assortment of different artificial floral sprays and seasonal stems grouped into a bouquet on top of the tree. In addition, florals, bows, bells or seasonal elements can be added near the base of the topper. For this tree, I push frosted branches, pine and berry style sprays down the top center of the tree, as close to the pole as I can. Next, I add floral sprays in clusters. Lastly, I hang a set of three white washed bells off to one side. These bells have a round circle which I pushed through the tip of a branch before bending upward to secure.

For 9+ foot trees, I remove the top section, place it in a bucket, decorate it using tie-wraps to secure before returning it to the tree. Since, this tree isn’t too tall, I just used my step ladder.

Bells are one of my favorite things to decorate with during the holidays. I have collected many different styles and sizes of bells over the years. However, this set of white washed bells is a recent find from Decorator’s Warehouse. I knew when I saw them that I had to have them. They are so versatile to decorate with. For instance, I hung these on the top and side of the tree. Then, tied a pair on the garland hung on the fireplace mantle. However, they would look great hung on the stairwell or front door or sitting on the coffee or dining table for a unique centerpiece.

Weave Ribbon into the Tree

I prefer to use three different kinds of ribbon with at least one having a bold pattern or texture. For instance, I chose two shades of blue velvet ribbon in two different widths, but added the birch bark ribbon for contrast. Plus, it added another natural element to this rustic Christmas tree.

Wired ribbon is the easiest to work with. It allows you to ‘pop’ the loops out to create more depth. Plus, it can be rolled up and used year after year. Another key factor to working with ribbon is to cut it into controllable increments. For instance, most of the ribbon on my tree is cut between 2-4 feet long. I highly recommend viewing Decorator’s Warehouse tutorials on YouTube for excellent step by step directions to add ribbon to the tree.

Basically, ribbon is added with a series of loops and tails. To create ‘tails’, cut the end at an angle. However, I prefer a ‘dovetail’ by folding the ends in half and cutting a diagonal from the center to the outer edge. To create loops, leave a tail, twist ribbon to create an 8 inch loop to ensure the top of the ribbon always shows. Then, repeat to create either another loop or tail. Simply twist ribbon between the tree branches to secure.

These table top pine trees in galvanized pots look so real. When tied with velvet ribbon, they are a perfect mix of rustic and elegant.

Fill with Floral Clusters and Filler Sprays

Floral clusters are a bouquet of floral, textured, and leaf style ‘sprays’ or stems. These are the basic elements when creating a floral arrangement, as well. Decorator’s Warehouse has a beautiful selection of Christmas flowers in an assortment of materials, colors, patterns and sizes. I chose the grey sugar poinsettia, burlap faux fur edge poinsettia and a green velvet poinsettia with glitter detail.

For winter, artificial ‘leaf’ stems may be cedar, spruce or pine needles and frosted or snow covered branches. Textured stems are usually three dimensional and may include those with faux berries, pinecones, glittered balls or ornamental details. You can shop for both, here.

Therefore, layer at least 3-5 different sprays, including at least one floral, textured and leafy stem. For instance, place a poinsettia over a dewberry pick, frosted branch and pine spray. Then, hold in one hand and with the other, grab the end of one of the more flexible stems, and twist the bunch together. This will allow you to easily push the floral cluster along a branch on the Christmas tree while securing with a tree branch. Make at least one floral cluster per foot of tree.

Lastly, set aside about one dozen each of 3-4 different kind of sprays, as well. These individual sprays will be the last thing that you add to the tree. Basically, these are used to fill in any empty spaces and repeat color and pattern throughout the tree.

Add an Assortment of Ornaments

For a 7. 5 foot tree, Decorator’s Warehouse recommends to use 6 different styles of 5 balls. Then, add 12 different styles of three specialty ornaments. However, this is just a recommendation and you should always decorate in a way that you love.

When choosing ornaments, be sure to consider a variety of different finishes, colors, textures, and sizes. For example, select matte, shiny, natural, glittered, rough, smooth, detailed, big and small. If you enjoy a monochromatic color scheme, simply choose different shades of one color. If you prefer modern look, lean towards smoother textures and cleaner lines, but choose matte and shiny metallic finishes.

Therefore, I chose four unique styles of balls and hung a cluster of smaller decorative ornaments together. For instance, I placed the brown shatterproof balls deep into the tree and the show stopper 6″ blue glitter balls front and center for sparkle. For a touch of rustic, I love the flocked snow twig ball and birch ball ornaments. Find the ornaments, here, and shatterproof balls, here.

Decorate beyond the tree.

Continuing the same elements in the room is great way to make a room feel cohesive with the holiday decor. Last year, I styled a nine foot Belgium pine garland on my fireplace mantle. I loved it so much that I decided to do it again this year using the same beautiful ribbons, bells and floral, berry and leafy picks as the tree. Additionally, I decorated a wreath to hang above the mantle.

In addition, you can use floral picks and sprays for floral arrangements, centerpieces or garlands hung on the door or staircase.

Think outside the box.

If you find something you love, but it doesn’t fit your plan, can you make a simple change to create something perfect for you? Perhaps, you cut some of the larger sprays into smaller pieces for floral arrangements.

Or, like me, I found a garland of beautiful green glass ornaments tied together with jute. It was the same shade of green as the velvet poinsettias. Therefore, I untied the ornaments from the long jute and retied the ornaments in clusters of two. This allowed me to hang them on the tree as ornaments and repeat the color I love. Or, lay it across the coffee table for an easy styling solution with potted trees, like these I tied ribbon around.

Use code CUTERTUDOR for 10% off everything at Decorator’s Warehouse except Christmas trees and resin.

Looking for more holiday inspiration?

Take the tour to see the rest of the Christmas trees in the Decorator’s Warehouse Christmas Tree Challenge. You will find so many different ideas to decorate your tree in a variety of color schemes and styles.

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Lastly, check out the 2020 Holidays Christmas Tree Challenge, here. Then, search this hashtag #DWChristmasAtHome on social media. Lastly, follow @DecoratorsWarehouse and me, @cutertudor on Instagram to see how I styled this rustic Christmas tree!

Decorating with Vintage Silver Antiques for Christmas

Decorating with Vintage Silver for Christmas

I have always loved to mix antiques with new pieces in my home.  Especially during Christmas, I love to use my collection of vintage silver finds to hold Christmas decor.  Therefore, I am sharing a few of my favorite ways to display vintage silver for Christmas.  Then, I will share which of my photos featuring a vintage silver tray ended up in a magazine!  Twice!


vintage christmas


Vintage Vessels

Vintage silver serving pieces and old trophies always catch my eye while I am out junkin’.  Consequently, I have collected quite a few pieces over the past three years.  When I see them for a great deal, I can’t pass them up.  Can you believe that I found this fluted silver bowl at Goodwill for less than $5.  This Christmas, I added my Wallace silver bells and flocked pinecones in the bowl.  Furthermore, vintage silver bowls are great to display extra ornaments, beaded garlands, pinecones, etc…

vintage silver

vintage christmas



Vintage Silver Trays

I may stick bottle brush trees everywhere for Christmas.  That is to say that I just love the nostalgic feel of these trees.  Some of the new glammed up versions look charming, too!  Vintage silver platters make a nice backdrop on book shelves or cabinets.  Often times, I lean them against the shelf.  Other times, I use vintage silver platters to style a vignette on my coffee table or to round up smaller vintage finds.  Whether you use just one vintage silver piece or show off your entire collection, add contrast with color or texture.  Lastly, I use silver trays as wall decor.  They are easy to hang with these plate hangers from Hobby Lobby.


Magazine Feature: Reclaim

A few months ago, my friend Cassie, a fellow blogger at My Thrifty Life by Cassie Fairy and magazine contributor in the UK, asked me to share one of my vintage Christmas photos for a magazine article that she was writing. Consequently, Cassie and I share a love for repurposing old items into something new, and giving new life to vintage pieces.  She is the sweetest friend and shares lots of creative DIYs on her blog.  I feel kind of cool being friends with someone from the UK.  Anyways, Cassie sent me a photo of the magazine cover and the page that my picture appeared on.  You can see it on the bottom right side of the page of Reclaim magazine.  

Before that, Cassie wrote an 8 page spread over my DIYs and repurposed projects in my home for Reloved magazine. (issue 50)  If you want a digital copy, you can download it here.   Y’all, I was so honored to be in a magazine.  If you are wondering how Cassie and I met, let me tell you! INSTAGRAM!  Social media makes it easy to connect with people from all over the world, based on similar interests!  As much as the algorithm of instagram drives me crazy, I love being able to meet new friends who share similar passions on Instagram.  Behind those squares, are real people!  That is to say, people are what make Instagram what it is!  

Here is the photo of some of my vintage finds styled last Christmas in Reclaim magazine

vintage christmas decor


Thank you for stopping by the Cuter Tudor!  If you are looking for more Christmas ideas, just search ‘Christmas’ in the sidebar on the right side of the screen.  For example, I have several room tours with my holiday decor on the blog, like this one!  Lastly, you can find me on instagram @cutertudor or come pin with me on Pinterest!  Above all, have a wonderful day, y’all!

Amazing Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas

Amazing Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas

Personalize your gifts with these festive DIYs that easily transform your brown paper packages into a few of your favorite things this holiday season.  Just stock up on an assortment of beautiful ribbons, kraft paper and fresh or faux greenery!  Then, have fun creating personalized toppers for your packages with a few of these tips.  These Christmas gift wrap ideas were originally featured in Modern Texas Living magazine.  View the beautiful lifestyle magazine, here.


christmas gift wrapping


What you need to create amazing gift wrapping:

  • Coordinated Gift Wrap Paper, Kraft Paper
  • Assorted Ribbons
  • Fresh or Faux Greenery
  • Craft Supplies – Plain Gift Tags, Monogram Letters, Paint Pen, Letter Stamp Kit and Ink, Card Stock, Portraits of Gift Recipients


Stamped with Love!

Use alphabet letter stamps and copper ink to personalize plain gift tags with the recipient’s name. Finish with satin ribbon and a handmade ornament. For instance, string together a few beads for a simple DIY ornament. You can find a letter/number stamp set at a craft store or on Amazon.  For example, here is a set here for $15.

Christmas gift wrapping

Picture Perfect!

Trim family photographs and card stock into the shape of a gift tag with angled corners and a punched hole. For example, cut a rectangle shape using a ruler to mark straight lines. Then, snip the corners off the top of the picture.   Lastly, punch a hole in the top to run ribbon through.  The photo should be about 1/4 of an inch smaller than the paper for a layered look.  Photographs can be of the recipient or giver.

Extra tip:  Layer narrow ribbon over wider ribbons to bring a color scheme together.

DIY gift wrapping


A Personal Touch.

Add wood or chipboard letters in the gift recipient’s initial to the package. Wooden letters can be found from Target Dollar Spot or Walmart for $1.  Embellish with paint for a more elegant look. For example, I painted monogram wooden letters with a DecoArt paint pen within a few seconds. This is a great way to personalize gift wrapping!

gift wrapping ideas


Freshen it up.

Tuck a few sprigs of greenery into the ribbon.  Fresh greenery will bring you packages to life and add a seasonal scent reminiscent of the holidays.  However, faux garland will look just as good. Christmas gift wrap can be simple and affordable, yet beautiful.


Mix and Match.

Coordinated papers and ribbons make it fun to mix and match, but also create a casual elegance to your gifts under the tree.  Usually, I buy plain Kraft or simple yet classic gift wrap paper instead of holiday or birthday printed paper.  I think it is fun to personalize my toppers and build on simple gift wrap instead.  In addition, I don’t have to store lots of themed wrapping paper.  With a few simple craft supplies, I can quickly create a beautifully wrapped gift for family and friends.


Thank you for stopping by the Cuter Tudor.  You can find me on Instagram @cutertudor.  If you love coordinated gift wrapping as much as I do, come pin with me on Pinterest.  I have a collection of the cutest Christmas gift wrap ideas, here.



Above all, have a wonderful holiday season!  Most importantly, remember the best gift of all is salvation in the Lord Almighty. There is no greater gift you could receive this Christmas than God forgiving you of the sin that separates you from him and coming to dwell inside of you by his Holy Spirit.

gift wrap ideas

I DIYed that Christmas Blog Hop: DIY Snow Globes

I DIYed that Christmas Blog Hop: DIY Snow Globes

Welcome to the ‘I DIYed that’ Christmas Blog Hop with some of craftiest blogger friends. Today, I am sharing one of my favorite Christmas DIYs – DIY snow globes.  You will find lots of inspiration on the blog hop to get creative this holiday season.  If you came from Jordan’s Blog at A Blue Nest, welcome, and thank you for stopping by. I love Jordan’s wreath!  Next stop on the tour is Joy in our Home who is sharing her winter styled kitchen.  At the end of the blog post, I will link everyone in the blog hop.  Meanwhile, here are my DIY snow globes that I think turned out really cute!


Snow globes are really fun and easy to make using things that you already have!  If you love making them as much as I do, you can see more snow globe inspiration that I shared last year, here. With three basic components, you can make your own DIY Snow Globes.  Let me show you how!

What you need for DIY snow globes:

Glass Containers – Any clear glass container will work.  For example, every day objects like mason jars and bowls with a pedestal base to lanterns and decorative glass jars will work.  Furthermore, you can probably find something that you already own to transform into a snow globe.  For instance, I have even used a gum ball machine as a snow globe!  Often, thrift stores will have glass jars for a couple of dollars that you can transform into a DIY snow globe.  On the left, I have a a decorative glass jar and on the right a bowl with a pedestal base.


Faux Snow – There are a variety of faux snow available and you can use any kind.  The fluffy kind tends to be less messy, and you can easily pull it apart to fit into your containers.  I have also used the round foam beads and the glitzy kind.

Holiday Figurines – Bottle brush trees are my favorite to include.  Holiday figurines like miniature deer, Santa, snowmen, and houses are great to include, too.  You can also check for miniatures in the craft section at Michael’s Craft Store, Joann‘s or Hobby Lobby, too.  In addition, ornaments work well too because they are easily available this time of year, and come in a variety of small sizes.


Tips to DIY snow globes:

Once you have your materials, it is simple to put it together.  First, add faux snow to your containers.  Then, have fun and add your figurines.  Most importantly, group items that are a variety of sizes in sets of three to lead the eye throughout the design.  It is fun to create little winter scenes, like this! If needed, add a dab of hot glue to the bottom of the figurines to hold in place.  Hot glue usually pops right off the glass. However, test your materials beforehand.

christmas diy craft



DIY snow globes as a Centerpiece:

If you are grouping the snow globes together, use similar decorative components.  For example, I used a set of white bottle brush trees with red ornaments in this pair of snow globes.  Next, I divided a pair of gingerbread houses to add some whimsy and color.  If you love this traditional red and green tablescape and hot cocoa bar, you can see more here.  If you are using DIY snow globes as a centerpiece, consider adding greenery, lights and a beaded garland down the table.  In addition, a decorative green truck with a tree tucked in the back finishes the scene.

christmas diy


christmas craft


Here is everyone on the Christmas DIY blog hop!  From ornaments to wreaths, grab your coffee or hot cocoa, and get inspired this holiday season.

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Thank you for stopping by the Cuter Tudor!  I hope you enjoyed these easy DIY snow globes.  Certainly, they will get your creative juices flowing to make your own snow globe.  Please save this photo to your Christmas DIY board. Then, you can get crafty this holiday season.


christmas diy craft