2021 Fall Displays at the Silos at Waco

2021 Fall Displays at Magnolia Market

When you walk into Magnolia Market, at the Silos at Waco, the aroma of pumpkin chai, one of the seasonal candles, fills the air. Then, pops of eye candy consume you. Floor to ceiling Fall inspiration adorns the shop, owned by Chip and Joanna Gaines, stars of the home renovation show, Fixer Upper. Bundles of dried florals and stems combined with hanging botanical prints create beautiful works of art displayed inside Magnolia Market.

Each season, the magazine, Magnolia Journal, tells a story with a particular theme or idea. Consequently, the shops at the Silos at Waco depict the same message, color scheme, and design elements. For example, 2019 Fall showcased displays created with pages of books and individually dyed leaves of a tree to capture the idea of ‘wholeness’ and importance of each part of our story. Before that, 2018 Fall shared the idea of ‘being made ready,’ for any season of life that you are in. With larger than life handmade weavings, suspended jars of honey and hundreds of dipped paint brushes, the process of art reflects the stages of life.

Handmade Visual Displays

Botanical images are printed on silk chiffon panels with a process called eco-printing. Magnolia has a visual display team that creates each piece by hand, as they do all of their seasonal displays. Then, copper pipes suspended from the ceiling showcase the detail in each panel.

A large floral display perched above a farmhouse table is the show stopper. Different shades of the color burgundy dye each stem. So many hours of labor went into creating these inspiring displays.

Embracing the Winding Way Forward’

This Fall, the message, ‘embracing the winding way forward‘ welcomes guests at the entry and throughout the magazine. Joanna encourages us to find the joy in today’s shifting world with a positive mindset. She writes…

“I know I’m not the only one who has felt this way—misunderstood, misrepresented, missed altogether. Not by a long stretch. And I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of feeling stuck in the muck and mire of a social culture that is robbing us all of deep and true connection—of joy, peace, honest understanding, and empathy.

Maybe you are too. And maybe now is the time to declare that we’re not willing to give that up. Not yet. Not when they are the very things that make life worth living and loving.

… more light than dark, more life than death, more hope than anger, more joy than sorrow, more gratitude among us than we sometimes remember. So let’s fight for a world that won’t so easily forget. A world that is slow to anger and rich in compassion. A world that would rather be loving than be right. A world that keeps moving forward. And I can think of no better time than now.”

Joanna Gaines, Magnolia Journal Fall 2021

Fall Home Decor Trends at the Silos at Waco

Here are a few decor trends that I noticed inside Magnolia Market. If you can’t make it to the Silos at Waco, you can anything in the shop, online from Magnolia’s Fall collection, here.

  • Color – earthy neutrals and muted jewel tones like burgundy, ochre, rust
  • Metals – copper, brass, black
  • Texture – velvet, chunky woven, dried florals
  • Design – simple, clean lines and mixing modern with vintage

The antique mantles are a permanent installation. However, they are restyled with seasonal decor every 3 months.

Gardens at the Silos

The garden area contains raised beds filled with a variety of chrysanthemums, salvia and coreopsis flowers. In addition, the colors of Fall fill planter boxes along the green spaces and six boutique shops.

Looking for more Magnolia?

Be sure to visit the Silos Baking Co bakery for the BEST cupcakes ever! These are definitely worth the wait! However, if the line is long, check the bakery food truck for the same great tasting cupcakes. It’s the air stream located across from the whiffle ball field. The Fall cupcake flavors are pumpkin spice, campfire cupcake and apple pie. I can’t wait to try the oatmeal cream pie cookies, too.

Lastly, you can find more blog posts about the Silos at Waco, here. A follower favorite is ‘How to Plan the Perfect Trip to Magnolia‘ which includes places to stay, eat and shop. However, if you want to see pretty pictures of the Silos at Waco at sunset, then check out ‘A Photographic Tour of the Silos.’ But first, pin now, visit later!

A Beautiful House to Stay When Visiting the Silos in Waco

Recently, I visited a new vacation home rental which is a great place to stay when visiting the Silos in Waco, Texas. It is less than two miles from Magnolia Market and Magnolia Press coffee shop at the Silos in Waco.

The White and Faded House is perfect for a girls weekend away. It has a relaxing atmosphere with both indoor and outdoor spaces to enjoy.

The White and Faded House in Waco is designed and owned by Dino and Janet Parella – Van Den Berg. However, their original White and Faded home is located in the UK and featured on their blog, here.

Y’all, this house is beautiful. It is painted white from the original hardwood floors to the ceiling. Time worn European antiques, white slipcovered furniture and crystal chandeliers fill the home, too.

Kitchen and Dining

The kitchen is great for gathering with friends. It features a large kitchen island with whitewashed butcher block countertops. Plus, there is a cozy coffee bar with built-in bench seats.

It is a beautiful mix of new and vintage. For instance, antique china dishes and new white dishes are available for use.

The windows are original to this home. However, much of the architectural detail, like the wall trim, has been added.

Bed and Bath

There are three bedrooms located upstairs. This includes two rooms with queen size beds and one bedroom with double twin beds. All the linens are crisp white, except for the occasional vintage rug or floral cos

In addition, there are two bathrooms on either side of the landing. One features a soaking tub and the other has a black and white tiled walk in shower.

Magnolia Home Furniture Showroom at the Silos in Waco, Texas 

Magnolia Home Furniture Showroom

At the Silos in Waco, Texas 

The Magnolia Home Furniture Showroom is located at the Silos in downtown Waco, Texas. Specifically, it is near the Magnolia Press coffee shop and future entrance of Magnolia which is being currently renovated.  

You can see progress on the $10 million expansion, here.  The renovations includes amazing outdoor spaces with water features, an addition of a local, historical church and 6 new retail spaces.  

The Magnolia Home storefront opened in early August. Furniture purchased at the showroom can be shipped to your home. However, you can find everything in the showroom on Magnolia’a online shop including furniture, home decor, and live plants. 



The Magnolia visual merchandising team did a beautiful job of showcasing pieces from the Magnolia Home collection. In addition, the showroom provides inspiration to decorate your own home. 

The spaces are styled by living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, entryways and home offices. Each space is well designed, yet feels warm and inviting. The living room spaces quickly became my favorite view.


Living Room


Dining Room




Magnolia Home Brand

The Loloi Rug Collection with Joanna Gaines includes pillows, throw blankets and rugs.

In addition, the Magnolia Home paint display located at both entrances of the store is so creative.  

Other favorites include the Magnolia candles scented for each season. Plus, copies of the Magnolia Journal magazine and books authored by Chip and Joanna Gaines are available to purchase. 

Here is a look at the checkout counter at the Magnolia Home Furniture Showroom.  The deconstructed rug displays one of Magnolia’s core beliefs…

We believe in home.


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The Junk Gypsy’s Wander Inn: Gypsy Farmhouse

The Junk Gypsy’s Wander Inn:

Gypsy Farmhouse

Y’all, I spent an amazing few days at the Junk Gypsy Headquarters in Roundtop, Texas last month. It was the perfect place to social distance and appreciate the peacefulness of Texas hill country. 

We enjoyed coffee on the back porch with the sunrise and s’mores by the campfire each night. It’s as close to camping as I will get this summer. Or any summer in Texas! 

I stayed at the Gypsy Farmhouse which is part of the Wander Inn. If you want to see inside the other creatively styled rooms at the Wander Inn, check out these blog posts… the Wander Inn at Junk Gypsy Co and Weekend in Roundtop

It is available to rent, so you can stay at this funky farmhouse, too! Find availability and more details, here.


Vintage + Roadtrip + Honkey Tonk = Junk Gypsy

 If you know the Junk Gypsy’s, then you know that Amie and Jolie Sykes are amazing purveyors of junk. For instance, the Gypsy Farmhouse is filled with chippy antiques, vintage finds and roadside relics.  

From marquee letters to roadside signs… from honkey tonk posters plastered on the wall to bumper stickers covering the fridge… the Junk Gypsies can make art from practically anything. 


Now, here is a tour of the Gypsy Farmhouse at The Junk Gypsy’s Wander Inn.

Kitchen and Dining Room

There are so many creative DIY’s in the farmhouse including this repurposed coke cooler, handmade table and the stenciled floor.  Plus, it is a fully stocked kitchen so we made our meals, here. 

Living Room

One of my daughter’s favorite things to do at the Gypsy Farmhouse is play old records on the old record player. In addition, there is a plethora of great books to read on the coffee table.  So many relaxing things to do!


Vintage Glam Main Bedroom and Bathroom


My favorite thing about neutral spaces is the play on textures. For instance, the salvaged bead board accent walls and chippy painted doors add a lot of interest to this space.  In addition, the linens, including the bedding and towels, are so soft and luxurious. 

Yep, that’s a huge copper soaker tub!  When I filled it with water, the sound of the water hitting the metal reminded me of being back on my parents’ farm filling water troughs for the cows and horses. 


Boho Inspired Double Bedroom 

Two bedrooms with double beds and a full size bathroom are located upstairs.

This boho inspired bedroom is filled with amazing architectural finds, a vintage peacock chair and more junk inspired DIYs, like the glittered feather lamp shade, that the Junk Gypsies are known for. 


Southwestern Inspired Double Bedroom

The Gypsy Farmhouse wouldn’t be ‘Junk Gypsy’ without a little southwestern flair and a velvet chair. 


Two Additional Bathrooms 

Lastly, there is a half bathroom located downstairs with an iconic blue pedestal sink and decoupaged wall of vintage maps.  Plus, the upstairs bathroom is outfitted with an old barn door and repurposed barn wood sink. 


Roundtop, Texas

While we were in Roundtop, we watched the annual July 4th parade, ran through a field of purple wildflowers, and bought a homemade chocolate pecan pie from Royer’s Cafe. Next, we shopped at the Junk Gypsy store. Then, we stopped in a few antique shops between Roundtop and Warrenton. 

These simple things in life are just what my ‘small town girl at heart’ needed. 

Roundtop, Texas hosts several antique shows throughout the year!

The next Fall show is Sept 28th – October 3rd, 2020. In addition, the Spring show is March 23rd- April 3rd, 2021. However, there are usually vendors set up from Warrenton to Roundtop for 2-3 weeks around each of these show dates. It’s a great place to shop for antiques, furniture, and vintage junk! 

New Additions to Chip & Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia in Waco

Chip & Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia in Waco, Texas

As of May 18, 2020

As a local, I often get a first hand look at what’s happening at Magnolia in Waco.

For instance, last week, I drove by the Grist Mill where Chip and Joanna Gaines film their cooking show! Then, this week, I took a look at the new construction happening at the Silos.  

Don’t worry! I am going to share everything with YOU!

And if you want to see some beautiful pictures of Magnolia Market at the Silos, check out the virtual tour! 


New Construction at Magnolia in Waco, Tx

This map shows the layout of Magnolia in Waco, Texas. If you have visited before, then you know that the right side of the map (plus, the coffee shop/furniture showroom) shows what already exists. 

Therefore, the top left quarter of the map are the construction plans for the new additions to the Silos.  This is where the parking lot originally was located. 


The exciting part is that construction started months ago!

The rendering, below, gives you a better idea of what the new construction will look like with the existing buildings located at Magnolia in Waco. This is posted at the future entrance to the Silos. 

Current look at Magnolia in Waco, Texas


This picture shows how the existing and new construction will blend together.  Magnolia Market is the white building in the center, which currently serves at the main entrance to the Silos. 


Outdoor Spaces at Magnolia in Waco, Tx

Chip and Joanna Gaines created a tranquil environment at the Silos in Waco that Magnolia is known for.  The new additions include many outdoor spaces comprised of an open lawn, landscaped walkways and gardens with water features. New areas that are both shaded and open for seating or play will be built. 

Plus, lots of room for friends and families to enjoy time together. For example, a wiffle ball field, splash pad, playground and an amphitheater are in the works.


To the right of the Magnolia Press coffee shop, there will be a covered patio with an outdoor fireplace. Nearby water features will provide peaceful garden spaces for guests. 



More retail spaces at the Silos in Waco 

Other additions to the Silos in Waco include an information center, restrooms and a concession stand. Plus, about six smaller buildings that will be used for various retail spaces. 

The white building to the right, in the pic below, will be the Magnolia Home furniture showroom.  Construction on this building was complete in 2019, when the adjoining Magnolia Press coffee shop opened in October.

The larger building will be a concession stand & the three buildings on the right are scheduled to be retail space.

Retail spaces will include: 


Restored Church at Magnolia in Waco, Tx

This 126 year old Presbyterian Church will be moved piece by piece to the new location. For example, the bell tower was currently removed for restoration purposes, but will be added back to the structure.

This will be a place for reflection for guests of the Silos in Waco. In addition, it will be the first thing guests see as the enter this side of Magnolia in Waco. 

Update August 2020: The 6 retail spaces are painted white. Plus, the church exterior is completed and the lead glass windows returned to their original location.


Relocated Parking Lot

Magnolia’s FREE parking lot is moved to 6th Street, across the railroad tracks. 

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Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Favorite Places to Visit in Waco, Texas

Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Favorite Places to Visit in Waco, Texas

Here is a complete list of Chip and Joanna Gaines’ favorite places to visit in Waco, Texas. This includes all of the Magnolia stops. However, if you want to find where to stay, eat and shop, check out  How to Plan the Perfect Trip to Waco.

Want more pics, check out the Silos Photograhic Tour, here.  Then, head to the Magnolia Garden Tour, here. 

Magnolia Market, Magnolia Press and Silos Baking Co are located at the Silos which is located at 601 Webster Ave. In addition, the garden area with the Magnolia Seed & Supply shop is located inside the gated area that is called ‘the Silos.’  This also includes many outdoor spaces for eating or hanging out. 

Visit the Silos in Waco: 

  • Magnolia Market – main store that sells home decor, florals, t-shirts and souvenirs plus outdoor spaces like food truck alley with Magnolia Table & Silos Baking Co food trucks, pavilion and lawn with outdoor games
  • Magnolia Seed & Supply – garden area on the Silos grounds with small shop, greenhouse, flower beds
  • Silos Baking Co – bakery located next to main entrance of Magnolia Market
  • Magnolia Press – coffee shop, located within the same block as Magnolia Market, inside & outside sitting

Then, drive to: 

  • Magnolia Table –  breakfast and lunch only restaurant, will need to drive or ride Waco Shuttle, 2132 S Valley Mills Dr, Waco 
  • Little Shop on Bosque – Joanna’s original shop with discount Magnolia products, will need to drive, 3801 Bosque Boulevard, Waco 


Coming soon… but you can still drive by: 

  • Magnolia Home furniture show room. – Located behind Magnolia Press. From the outside, it looks complete. However, the inside is not decorated or stocked. So, I assume it will be included in the grand re-opening of the Silos, which was originally planned for October 2020. 
  • New additions to the Silos:  Construction is happening now where the former Silos parking lot stood. Basically, it is includes the rest of the city block where the Silos are located. This includes a concession stand, retail spaces, whiffle ball court, an outdoor patio with fireplace & water features, new restrooms, and a reconstructed Waco historical church surrounding another open lawn area.  You can see complete plans for this space at Magnolia’s website, here.
  • Magnolia Hotel – Located about 5 blocks from Magnolia Market at 701 Washington Ave. However, renovations of the former Waco Grand Karem Shrine building will not be complete till 2021.
  • Cottonland Castle  – Located at 3300 Austin Ave in Waco. However, work on the castle has not begun. 

Not open to visitors… so you can only drive by: 

These Magnolia owned homes may be occupied, so please be respectful of guests if you drive by. They are not open to visitors. 

  • Magnolia House and Magnolia Carriage House – Historic house renovated by Magnolia, the Carriage House was on Fixer Upper. This is located in Mcgregor Texas which is about a 30 minute drive from downtown Waco. Located at 323 S Madison Ave, McGregor.
  • Hillcrest Estate – Historic house renovated by Magnolia. Located at 3601 Hillcrest Dr, Waco. 
  • Grist Mill – Renovated historical mill that serves as location for Chip & Joanna Gaines’ cooking show. Located at 401 East Ave A, Valley Mills, Texas  

Other Places of Interest 

  • The Shotgun House – not owned by Chip & Joanna Gaines, but renovated on Fixer Upper. Located a block from Magnolia at 624 S. 7th St.
  • Harp Design Co and Harp House – Clint Harp’s furniture and decor shop; plus house from Fixer Upper. Located at 808 N 15th St, Waco. 
  • JDH Iron – Jimmie Don who made a lot of the metal art on Fixer Upper set up a trailer at 401 S 8th St, Waco. He’s always open to chat with fans.
  • Waco Tours – Three former Fixer Upper stars joined forces to start a company that provides tours in Waco. Info booth/van parked next to bakery.

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