Joanna Gaines’ Sister Mikey’s Plant Shop

Joanna Gaines’ sister Mikey has recently opened a retro plant shop called Fernie’s at the Silos. Actually, she dreamed of a vintage resale shop for years, but then fell in love with plants. So, Mikey combined her two loves to make her dreams happen… with a little help from her famous sister! Finally, you can watch the story of Fernie’s retro plant shop blossom on the Magnolia Network, here.

Mikey’s first pop up shop was set up in a vintage camper at the 2021 Silobration. Since then, she has gained a permanent location at the Silos in Waco, Texas as one of the six boutiques surrounding the lawn and restored church. To see the 2022 summer displays and what else is new at Magnolia, click here.

Three Fun Facts about Joanna Gaines’ sister Mikey

Mikey loves vintage. From searching thrift shops and antique stores for unique vessels to use as planters to designing retro inspired mugs, tees and caps for Fernie’s, she can’t resist a little vintage vibe. For instance, the whole shop has a fun, retro vibe. It features a neon Fernie’s sign behind an aqua blue tiled, terrazzo countertop.

Joanna and Mikey’s dad previously owned a tire shop in Waco, Texas. Specifically, that’s where Chip and Joanna Gaines met. I wonder if the retro looking mechanics shirt with the Fernie’s logo was inspired by her dad. Either way, you can see the sisters sporting them in the photo below. Or, grab one from Magnolia.

Mikey loves plants. Her favorite plants are cactus. She even names some of the plants in her shop, like, Nellie or Greta or the Three Amigos. So, she’s an official plant lady.

Mikey loves mid-modern style. For instance, if you caught season 5 of Fixer Upper, you saw Chip and Joanna renovate her sister’s and brother in law’s house. Then, fill it with the mid-modern furniture and style that she loves so much. It was no coincidence that Joanna and Mikey used mid-modern furniture to display products and create a cozy sitting area in Fernie’s.

If you love Joanna Gaines’ sister Mikey’s style, shop Fernie’s! The online shop sells handmade planters by local ceramic artists, Black Oak Art, originally seen on some of the first episodes of Fixer Upper. However, you will have to visit Fernie’s in Waco to get a live plant and vintage planter handpicked by Joanna Gaines’ sister.

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