5 Simple Ways to Style a Mantel

5 Ways to Style a Mantel 

For this week’s 5 Way Wednesday, I am sharing 5 different ways that you can style a mantel. Wait, is it mantle?? Whichever way that you spell it, I can’t wait to share these ideas with you.

These tips work within any style of decor, but are just a reference for you.  Feel free to choose what ideas work with what you have or for the feel that you are trying to achieve. 

In addition, if you want to know the two key components of styling a mantel, read this post, How to Decorate a Mantel. This will give you a great jumpstart to understanding why I choose the pieces that I do. 


1. Layered Art + Large Vase

Key features:

  • Varying heights of layered art or architectural pieces to create visual interest 
  • Large vase of seasonal stems or flowers 
  • Form a triangular shape by placing tallest item in center, then adding shorter pieces outward

For more than 30 ideas on items that you can layer, read Creative Wall Decor Ideas… 

Tip: Forage your neighborhood or backyard for flowers, branches or seasonal grasses. 


2. Mirror + Candlesticks + Greenery

Key features:

  • Hang mirror as the anchor piece which will act as the focal point 
  • Add candlesticks and greenery of varying sizes and types
  • Vary the height of objects 


Don’t get stuck on specifics! When I mention a mirror, it could also mean a large clock, framed family portrait or even the television.  

Tip: Add peel and stick wallpaper above the mantle for a quick update. 


3. Statement Art 

Key features:

  • Hang a large piece of your favorite artwork to act as a statement piece 
  • Artwork needs to fill 2/3 of the wall above the fireplace to act alone
  • Add filler, if necessary, to visually fill the space for smaller artwork


4. Collections + Plants

Key features:

  • Hang collections of similar objects within a particular visual shape or line
  • Add variety through different textures or materials – wood, cane, paper, rattan, glass, metal 
  • Bring life into the space with potted plants

This style provides an organic feel to the space with plants, organic shapes and natural elements. 

Tip: Use books to vary the height of objects for added interest and visual movement.


5. Gallery Wall 

Key features:

  • Create a gallery wall with a set of prints or photographs
  • To soften the look, add filler with a garland of greenery  


Use Balance to Style a Mantel 

You can combine any of these ideas together. For example, in the picture below, I layered art in front of a mirror. Then, I balanced the other side with two large candlesticks. All while forming a triangular shape with the items.  

Asymmetry is great for a casual or eclectic style. Asymmetrical balance is a design that looks balanced, despite the halves being different. For instance, items of varying shapes or sizes can have the same visual weight if they fill a similar space. This means that two candlesticks can have the same visual weight as a framed print of similar size.

Therefore, for a more traditional look, use symmetrical balance.  Think in pairs and place candlesticks on either side of the anchor piece. Or, pair two large prints together to act as one statement piece. 


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