Back to School Traditions

Summer should have gotten a speeding ticket, because it just flew by!  As we hang on to the last few sacred days of summertime, most kids are heading ‘back to school!’  Therefore, I have rounded up a few ideas and one of my family’s favorite traditions to make this transition not only manageable, but fun! Traditions are what make each family unique. The point is to create traditions that your kids looks forward to each year.  I realize that every day can not be ‘Pinterest perfect,’ but you will never regret taking time to make memories.  For us, we start the week with a fun back to school breakfast.


Back to School Breakfast

Tablescape Ideas

First, use school themed paper as a placemat. For example, I found this notebook paper themed poster board and gift tag at the Target Dollar Spot for $1. Other ideas are to use scrapbook paper or an open book as a placemat and sit a plate or charger on top.

In addition, I do like to personalize place settings with names and or small treats.  I used sharpie marker to write my daughter’s name on a wooden tag. If you are looking for a fun way to personalize your tablescapes more often, I use these wooden ledges and letter tiles from Krumpet’s Home Decor.  I love that the tiles come in a variety of colors from mint, like this, to orange, red, black, white…etc.  Use code CUTERTUDOR for 10% anytime!  


Next, you can decorate a centerpiece with a stack of books and extra school supplies.  Just add some markers or pencils in mason jars to set the school room vibe.  Then, set the table with your everyday dishes.  It’s that simple!  Do something that you do not do everyday, and your kids will automatically be surprised and love the extra attention! Sleepy eyes and all!

Food for Thought

After that, make a fun breakfast that your kids will enjoy. It doesn’t have to be fancy for your kids to feel special or get excited about school. They will not remember if you served homemade French toast with omelets made from farm fresh eggs or their favorite cereal.  However, your kids will remember that ‘mama tried.’ Share your gifts with your kids without comparing yourself to other moms.  You were made to be your child’s parent.  Therefore, if cooking is your strength, make your kids the cutest fruit face pancakes.  If words are your forte, send them to school with the most inspiring note in their lunch box.  I love to decorate, and my kids know that fun tablescapes and themed parties is one way I show them how much I love them and want them to feel special.

Back to School themed breakfast with cinnamon roll, yogurt and juice on a notebook paper placemat.

More Ways to Celebrate Back to School

These ideas are not meant to make you feel like you aren’t doing enough. I get it working moms, moms of littles, moms of multiples, moms of kids in every freakin’ school activity, moms who carpool their daughter to cheer an hour away… we are all struggling to do the best we can! So, I will include an alternative idea for ya.

After School Ice Cream

  • Serve ice cream sundaes after school!  Welcome kids home the first week of school with an ice cream bar. Include all the favorite toppings like nuts, sprinkles, chocolate syrup, whip cream or fresh fruit.  Don’t forget the cherry on top! (Target Dollar spot was killing it with ice cream themed party supplies in July, so I grabbed a few themed napkins, float mugs and all the sprinkles.)
  • Stop in your kids favorite snow cone or ice cream shop after school for ten minutes of ice cold treats and small talk.

Movie Night

  • Have a movie night with homemade pizza on Friday!  This is such great way to unwind and end a busy first week of school. We enjoy making our own pizzas so that everyone can choose their own toppings.  My husband and my favorite is thin crust flatbread with mozzarella, sautéed mushrooms, and spinach leaves.
  • Pizza To Go or Delivery, y’all, is a blessing on busy school nights! Been there, done that!

Technology Free Family Dinner

  • Enjoy a family dinner at your child’s favorite restaurant. For bonus points, invoke the rule of no technology at dinner so you can hear all about what your kids are looking forward to, or hoping to avoid, this school year! If you start the school year with open communication, your kids will be more likely to talk to you about what’s happening at school later on.  Plus, you get a night off from cooking and cleaning!
  • Drive through fast food or pack a picnic, but head to the park while the older kids are at their football practice or cheer practice or band practice for the 3rd night this week.

Back to School Bash

  • Host a Back to School bash for your child’s friends. If you live in the South, like me, the beginning of school does not mean the end of summer.  It’s still hot!  Therefore, throw a pool party at your home or community pool.  Just add some summer time snacks and drinks!  School supplies like a pack of fresh crayons or markers makes the perfect party favor.  Grab them when they are on sale!
  • No pool, no problem! Choose other water activities like a slip-n-slide or water balloons.


Back to School Treats

  • Order special back to school themed cookies or donuts from your local bakery!
  • Make your own treats like rice crispy squares with any kind of cereal. We love them with fruity pebbles or fruit loops.  They double as breakfast, y’all!


One year, I went all out to decorate our dining room with a vintage inspired back to school tablescape. It was my son’s senior year of high school and my daughter’s first year of middle school!  Surpisingly, I used all things that I already had.  You can read all about it, here!!!! But first, here’s a sneak peak!


Thank your for stopping by the blog!  Most importantly, I hope that your kids or grandkids have a great school year! If you love these ideas, please share on Pinterest or Facebook with your friends and family.  Above all, remember that the days go by slow, but the years go by fast.