I can’t say enough about the entire aesthetic of the Urban Myrtle home, located in downtown Waco, Texas, but I found five decor ideas inspired by the Urban Myrtle that I truly want to borrow and put in my ‘decor toolbelt!’   As soon as I walked into this newly remodeled home, I noticed these amazing decor ideas!  These decor ideas are very creative, yet very simple and affordable!  If you missed my previous blog post to tour the beautiful rustic elegance of the Urban Myrtle rental home in Waco, Texas, check it out here!


1. Hallway Vanity

These two bedrooms are near the back of the home, right off a ‘walk through’ that leads to the back entryway.  Across the way is the bathroom with a walk in shower and toilet.  This vanity is placed between the two bedrooms in a small hall area.  So whether you are coming inside from playing cornhole, or washing your hands after using the restroom, this vanity is conveniently located and works for a shared guest experience. One can get ready while the other showers in the enclosed bathroom! Don’t you love the mirrored glass too?

2. Barn Door Hack

There is a beautiful wood sliding barn door in the kitchen that leads into the back of the home.  This is a great hack not only for how it is made, but as an idea for layouts in a small space.  The barn door slides behind the fridge which works great to rid the awkward opening of doors in a small space. If you have looked at handmade barn doors, they can cost around $500 or more.  This one is made with an inexpensive door; one side is covered in stained wood panels and trimmed out in the same wood.  The rustic wood side adds a warm tone to the kitchen area, while the softer white side faces the bedroom area.  I love the knotty wood to contrast with the black and white tile.


3. Unique Wall Treatments

The first thing that you notice when you walk into this popular AirBnB rental in Waco, is the unique wall treatments! I found so many unique decor ideas! But don’t forget to look up at the reclaimed wood ceilings and original wood floor!  So much character, y’all!  There are many wall and floor companies that try to achieve the look of ‘weathered wood,’ but for a truly rustic feel, go with real wood salvaged from an old barn, church or building.  If you have a new home, there are many look a likes that give the same charm!  Don’t be afraid to mix it up, either or put it on the walls, floors or the ceiling!  I have noticed a trend in stenciled tile floors, but the trend is moving to backsplashes as well.  This is actual porcelain tile in an encaustic style pattern, which achieves a cleaner, more permanent option.

4. Window Chandelier

The cool thing about this vintage chandelier is that it is hung over a small table between the two beds and placed in front of the window without being wired directly from the ceiling. The trick is to tuck the cord behind the window blind so that the cord is out of view.  It creates symmetry and a beautiful ambience in the room.  Just a hint that you can hang a chandelier in almost any room!

5. Framed TV

Framing a flat screen television can add character to the wall, especially in an older or farmhouse style where a modern tv may clash with the look of the home. Vintage picture or mirror frames are easy to find at yard sales and thrift stores and can be cut to size if needed.  You can create a frame from any reclaimed wood too, but this gives you some inspiration to camouflage the television.

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