Creative Wall Decor Ideas that you can Layer

Wall Decor Ideas

Layering decor is one of my favorite decorating techniques and wall decor ideas. It is a great way to add depth and fill a large space.  This is a technique that I use not only in my own home, but while staging at The Findery in Waco, Texas. You can read more about The  Findery, here.

For instance, if you have a large wall, but the artwork you plan to hang feels too small, you can layer something larger like a window behind the artwork to fill the space.  In addition, the layering piece will usually add depth and texture to the space.  Consequently, this makes the room feel more interesting.

Here are some more tips to layering wall decor that I previously shared on the blog.

Wall Decor Ideas to use in Layering

First, I begin with a larger item that contrasts with the item that will hang on top. It is important to use a variety of different textures like wood, metal, glass, or natural materials. For instance, combine a wicker basket over glass, a canvas sign over a metal arch or a magnolia wreath over a wooden gate. Here is a list of items that are great to layer over when displaying wall decor.

20 Things you can Layer over…

  1. Windows
  2. Shutters
  3. Tulip crates
  4. Ceiling tiles
  5. Tall Mirrors
  6. Art or Signs
  7. Porch rails
  8. Shallow crates
  9. Wood planks
  10. Chippy doors
  11. Tobacco baskets
  12. Printers trays
  13. Old fencing or gates
  14. Decorative ladders
  15. Empty picture frames
  16. Framed chalk boards
  17. Reproduction arches
  18. Large wicker or rattan trays
  19. Vintage floor or ceiling grates
  20. Architectural finds like barn vent

Next, hang a decorative piece of decor like wreaths, artwork, or signs over the wall decor. Ensure that the item or multiples of the item fill at least half the space of the item that it is layered on top of.  Otherwise, it can feel too small. Small nails, push pins or 3m hooks are usually enough to hang items.

10 Things you can Layer with…

  1. Wreaths
  2. Word cutouts
  3. Wall clocks
  4. Artwork on Canvas
  5. Lettered signs
  6. Framed pictures
  7. Banners or garlands
  8. Decorative medallions
  9. Plates or platters
  10. Wall baskets or vases filled with flowers or greenery

Vintage Crates

Repurposed  Shutters

Metal Arches

Old Gates and Fencing

Architectural Finds


Last year, I did a display for the Findery during Baylor homecoming. I created a display for the the local college team, the Baylor Bears. First, I drew the silhouette of a bear onto a painted board. Next, I glued vertical strips of paper in between the lines of the bear, cutting when necessary. Lastly, I layered the picture over wood planks and two fence panels. It was a great way to fill a large wall with repurposed items.

You can usually find me on instagram @cutertudor! Most importantly, thank you for stopping by the Cuter Tudor Blog today.  I hope you save these ideas to your Pinterest board.

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