How to Style Coffee Table Decor for Spring

How to Style Coffee Table Decor

Texas is such a tease, y’all. This past Monday was the perfect Spring weather… blue skies, sunshine, a light breeze and 79 degree temperature. I spent the day shopping, drinking iced lattes and visiting Magnolia Market in downtown Waco with my daughter. See how happy we were, lol!


Within 48 hours, it is dark outside, raining and so cold. Pull the covers over you head, because it is 42 degrees outside.  I’m only getting up if you tempt me with a mug of hot coffee and I can wear my onesie fleece pajamas all day. I know that this isn’t ‘cold’ if you live in the northern United States, or Antartica, but to this Texas girl, I am miserable.

However, I can usher Spring into my home with a few changes to my coffee table decor.  Here’s how I style my coffee table for Spring.

Common Materials to Style Coffee Table Decor

  • tray
  • fresh or faux greenery (plants, flowers)
  • books (use as risers or display coffee table books)
  • candle
  • something interesting like a decorative object

These are a few things that I typically use to style a coffee table.  For a simple look, you can use one stack of your favorite ‘coffee table’ books or a vase of fresh flowers.

However, I love to style coffee tables with trays.  Specifically, trays work to gather materials in one place for a cohesive feel.  They make it easy to move for family game nights in our home. Plus, trays like this one made from hyacinth fibers add warmth and texture to this space.  It is from Kirkland’s.

tray decorated with candle, plant, books, candlesticks on coffee table
Tray + plant + candle + books + interesting objects


What to Know when Styling a Coffee Table (or any space)

  1. Use a variety of textured materials including wood, metal, ceramics (glass), or natural elements. If you have a glass or sleek surfaced table, find a tray made from natural materials, like wood or wicker for a relaxed feel or use a metal tray for an industrial chic style.
  2. Repeat colors, textures, shapes, or patterns to create a look of similarity, but add contrast of a different element to keep it interesting.  Sound confusing? It’s not. For instance, do you know someone that decorates beautifully with neutrals like white on white?  The key is to use the same color but vary the color values, texture or pattern; like adding creamy white chunky cable knit pillows & faux fur throw blankets on a bright white linen sofa.  The contrast of the textures and shades of white add enough interest, but the similarity in color feels cohesive.
  3. Play with triangles in groups of 3 (below left pic) or diamond shapes with groups of 4 (below right pic). This makes the styled tray more interesting by creating visual movement, but also places to rest the eye.
  4. Vary the height. For example, stacks of books can provide the right amount of height to your vignette. Or, choose items that are taller than others. By changing the height of two similar objects (moss bunnies in pic below right), a sense of movement of varied lines leads the viewer’s eye throughout the vignette.
  5. Maintain balance.  Use symmetry by placing two of the same sized or shaped items on a table. If not the exact same objects, like styling a dining table centerpiece with two of the same vases. However, it can also be achieved with asymmetry or informal balance by pairing the potted eucalyptus plant with the vase of tulips.  Even though they differ in shapes, they are similar enough in size to fill the same amount of space and balance the tray out. This is why it is important to group items similar in scale and proportion.


Design Rules Do’s and Don’ts

These ‘rules’ are merely guidelines to get you started on decorating your home. Actually, once you know the rules, you can choose which ones to break!

For example, even though it is suggested that you use a variety of texture, you may want to evoke a very clean, modern feel, so you could use a mirrored glass tray on a glass coffee table. It’s up to you!

You may not want to repeat the same color throughout a room. Therefore, you can choose to emphasize one area by adding a fun pop of yellow in a large statement piece, like art work or a single decorative vase on a console table in an entry room. It’s your home, so make it your own.



Thank you for ‘hopping’ by the Cuter Tudor blog. Spring is coming and apparently bringing the rabbit puns, y’all. Anyways, save this pic below to your Pinterest board for ‘Spring Decor Ideas’ and or follow my Spring inspiration  board on Pinterest, here.

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  1. Such a great changeable vignette for your coffee table. The hardest part is to style your home with every season or holiday, with what you share just changing one or two items gives your table a brand new look. Great inspiration.

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