Weekend in Roundtop, Texas

Weekend in Roundtop, Texas 

I recently went to Roundtop, Texas for the Roundtop Antique Week fall show.  It was amazing!  There are so many unique property rentals to stay, but I am sharing two of my favorites.

The Roundtop, Texas Antique Show Schedule:


  • Sept 28-October 3, 2020 Fall Show
  • Jan 22-23, 2021 Winter Show
  • March 29- April 3, 2021 Spring Show
  • Sept 27- October 2, 2021 Fall Show

Please keep in mind that there are multiple shows that overlap the big show between the tiny town of Roundtop, Texas and the surrounding towns including Warrenton, Burton, Carmine and Fayetteville. With this in mind, the actual amount of time that you can hit Roundtop during the Fall and Spring show can actually be 3 weeks, 2 full weekends. I always check this website for dates.

Most places do not require a ticket or paid parking, but some like Marburger Farms do.  Marburger Farms can be pricier, but has amazing displays and many European antique finds. In addition, a handful of antique dealers shop the vendor booths early in Warrenton to resale for a higher price at Marburger and other high end booths.

There are pros and cons of coming early or at the end of the show, but I think that they balance themselves out. For example, if you come early, you get first pick on all the antique, vintage and one of a kind finds.  However, some vendors have shipping containers full of finds that they unload throughout the show as items in the booth sell.

If you come near the end of the show, some vendors may be willing to haggle on the prices.  However, vendors come from all over the US and some load up to go to the next show. Therefore, they stay firm with their prices.

The Vintage Roundtop

The Vintage Roundtop is a beautiful rental property to hold retreats, workshops and events. I attended a Social Media and Branding workshop hosted by the owners of The Vintage Roundtop, Smoot and Paige Hull.  The cottage is full of vintage finds and creative spaces.

The event was sponsored by Country Living magazine, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, Royers Pie Haven, and Marburger Farm. Speakers included the editor in chief of Country Living magazine, Rachel Hardage Barrett, and Annie Sloan, author and creator of chalk paint. Annie Sloan is so talented, and I love her English accent, y’all.


The Junk Gypsy’s Wander Inn

I previously wrote about my trip to Roundtop, Texas to see the Junk Gypsy headquarters.    Then, I shared all about my stay at the Wander Inn. Well, I was lucky enough to stay at the Wander Inn again! This is the third time that I have met Aimee Sykes, one of the Junk Gypsies, and she is so down to earth!!  She is my kind of girl!


Here is the amazing room that I stayed in!  Y’all, they brought me homemade biscuits wrapped in a red bandana with strawberry jam in a bucket.  I brewed some coffee, grabbed my biscuits and sat on the porch enjoying the picturesque view of the longhorns grazing in the field.  It was the best morning.

Check out the gorgeous views of the shared living space at the Wander Inn. It includes a kitchenette, sitting area and access to the front and back porch. The Junk Gypsies have the best eclectic style with lots of color, pattern and vintage finds. Plus, they have so many creative DIYs like the piano turned coffee table.

The American flag hung at the CMA award show a few years ago.  Plus, you may recognize the Star Motel sign from Miranda Lambert’s album cover!!

Junk Gypsy Store

This is the third time that I have met Aimee Sykes, one of the Junk Gypsies. These girls are so full of talent but also just like the girl next door… or where I am from, we say, down the road! As a home decor stager, too, I swoon at the displays at the Junk Gypsy Store!  For instance, everything is displayed so creatively.

Here, I am with Aimee on my left; I’m in the middle. My friend Jill Stout, @gatheredgrace accompanied me.

Thanks y’all for checking out the blog! I hope that you put Roundtop, Texas on your bucket list!  There are so many amazing finds just waiting to be found!

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