This week, I am sharing different ways that you can use a small table, like any of these! The wooden corbel table that I have is from Antique Farmhouse.

I love to swap the decor around in my home and find creative ways to use what I have! Therefore, I started a series called 5 Way Wednesday. Every week, I share five unique ways to style a particular space or piece of furniture or decor in my home.

Styling a Small Table

1. Entry Way  

I love this corbel style table in my entryway, because this room has limited wall space. Therefore, it is the perfect size to add a small tray or bowl to catch keys as we come or go. Decorate the walls above the space to add interest.

2. End Table

Whether you need additional space to sit a drink or the remote control, an end table  is great next to any sofa or sitting chair. If the surface is too small for a desk lamp, place a floor lamp nearby.

3. Accent Table

A small table can be used to fill any small space in your home.  For example, place a table on either side of a window or doorway. Next, style with a lamp or large plant. Then, hang a artwork above it.

4. Bedside

A tall, narrow table is perfect near the bedside in a small space, like children’s or guest rooms. Simply, add a lamp, candle and small potted plant!

5. Hallway

A small piece of furniture can add an architectural feature to a long hallway or a place for extra lighting.  Or, a creeping plant with long vines would add life to this kind of space.

Thank you for stopping by the blog for home decor ideas! If you like seeing a variety of ways to style items that you probably already have, just search ‘5 Way’ on the blog. Happy decorating, y’all!

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