How to Make a Simple DIY Herb Wreath

How to Make a DIY Herb Wreath

I often crave simplicity in my home, too!  Therefore, I decided to make a simple DIY herb for Spring!  It works year round and transitions well between most holidays and seasons.   It is a great way to greet your guests at the front door or hang in your kitchen. 

This wreath can be created with real, dried herbs from your garden or with faux greenery to last for years to come. The best part is that you can use any of your favorite herbs from sage, thyme, rosemary, basil, lavender or eucalyptus. It’s an easy DIY that takes less than 30 minutes to assemble.


DIY herb wreath

DIY herb eucalyptus wreath
This simple wreath looks beautiful in many places around my home.


What you need for DIY Herb Wreath:

Step One.  First, gather your materials.  You will need a grapevine wreath, wire cutters, floral wire and a variety of greenery.  I used about 9 bunches of sage as the main herb and then added either eucalyptus or rosemary as a secondary stem. Most items are from Amazon

diy wreath for christmas
You can use any combination of fresh or faux stems!


Prep your materials:

Step Two.  Separate and cut the stems into individual sprigs with wire cutters.  However, I left the sage in larger bundles to fill out the wreath, but cut the second set of greenery into individual stems to place throughout the wreath.

diy eucalyptus wreath
Trim stems from greenery to work into your wreath.


Add greenery:

Step Three. Place the larger bundles of greenery directly into the grapevine wreath about 3-4 inches apart, in the same direction.  Above all, alternate between the inside and outside of the wreath so that you get the best coverage.


Add more greenery:

Step Four.  Place the individual stems sporadically around the bundles, alternating between the inside and outside of the main greenery.


Secure in place:

Step Five.  Push the ends of the stems into the wreath form.  Then, use floral wire to secure the middle of the stems to the wreath.  For larger sections of greenery, you can wrap the stems in wire before tying wire together on the back of the wreath.

how to make a wreath
Bend wire into a U shape before inserting into the wreath, securing the stems onto the wreath form.

simple diy wreath for christmas


Fluff and enjoy your DIY Herb Wreath:

Step Six.  Fluff the greenery to spread out the leaves and evenly cover the DIY herb wreath.  Most faux stems are made from wire so it is easy to bend.  Basically, you want to ensure the stems look full and hide the wire.  Now your wreath is ready to hang.

how to make a DIY herb wreath
I love the soft greens of eucalyptus and sage!


DIY herb wreath
For more contrast, add brighter stems like rosemary to your sage wreath.


Well, do you love the version of this DIY herb wreath with eucalyptus or rosemary???  Would you add a satin bow for the holidays?  Tell me what you think in the comment section please.  

Most importantly, pin this to your DIY Pinterest board so you can make your own. Then, follow me on Instagram @cutertudor for more home decor and DIY inspiration.  If you want more ideas for DIYs, design and insider tips to Magnolia and Waco, subscribe to the blog! 

This DIY herb wreath is in the Nov 2018 issue of Modern Texas Living found online here.

how to make a diy wreath

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