Tour Inside Magnolia’s Gardens at the Silos in Waco, TX

Tour Inside Magnolia’s Gardens at the Silos in Waco, TX


The garden area at the Silos in Waco, Texas includes a greenhouse, small shop called Magnolia Seed & Supply, garden shed, and seasonal flowerbeds.  It is actually one of my favorite places to visit due to the abundance of flowers and plants.

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Inside the greenhouse, I recognize a few decor trends that can also be found inside Magnolia Market. For instance, terra cotta pots, vibrant greenery, coral and blush pinks are just about everywhere.  I think this photograph of the greenhouse is the epitome of Spring.


The garden shed is the perfect backdrop for photos with family and friends.  It is flanked by rows of tulips and vines growing on a pair of wooden trellises.

You can find simple garden accessories like seeds, pottery and even botanical inspired tea towels inside the Magnolia Seed & Supply shop. Most items are available online at Magnolia.



The flower beds are replanted several times a year.  The lead gardener told me that the landscaping team planted over one thousand tulips this Spring. I’m not sure if it was the wind during the day of my visit, but these tulips were some of the most opened blooms that I have seen.

Not only are the beds filled with tulips, but vegetables like snow peas and cabbage.  The gardens at Magnolia Market are so lush and full of seasonal favorites. 


You can find lush planter boxes throughout the Silos.  For instance, these boxes outside the garden area are filled with a beautiful mix of flowers, plants and even cabbage. In addition, I love the flower filled planters along the swings near the lawn, as well.


This is one of my favorite pictures of myself.  It reminds me of a wonderful, carefree Spring day that I spent with friends in my hometown.



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