Waco, Texas has been a hot spot for travel due to the popularity of Chip and Joanna Gaines’ tv show Fixer Upper.  Specifically, all of my home decor blogger friends love to visit me, I mean Magnolia Market in Waco!  One of my local friends, Jill Stout, who blogs at Gathered Grace, hosted a fun girls weekend in Waco, Texas! It was an amazing weekend in downtown Waco! Lots of laughs, lots of shopping, and lots of food!  Here are some tips for everything you need to know for a girls weekend in Waco, Texas.


Where to Stay in Waco, Tx!

There are over 300 vacation rentals in Waco from VRBOs to AirBnBs.  Some homes have been featured on Fixer Upper and others are newly renovated in the middle of downtown Waco. I love to stay in the downtown area, so that you can soak in all the culture that Waco has to offer.

For this particular weekend in Waco, my instagram influencer/blogger friends and I stayed at one of the most amazing downtown rentals… The Green Door Lofts.  The lofts are beautifully decorated with many great amenities like a heated pool.   Most importantly, they have the best location in Waco, y’all!  They are located on one of the most historical streets in Waco near lots of restaurants, bars and shops.  For example, the newly renovated Hippodrome Dinner Theatre is right next door.  In addition, the lofts are within walking distance to the Silos!  I felt like a big city gal walking everywhere with friends in downtown Waco!


Where to Eat in Waco, Tx!

Today, there are so many new places to eat in Waco than years before!  Some are Waco favorites that have stood the test of time, and others are entrepreneurs offering new flavors than anything Waco has seen before!

Breakfast is the food of champs!

My two favorite places to eat breakfast in Waco are Magnolia Table and Harvest on 25th Street.  However, this was a busy weekend so Magnolia Table had a long wait.  Therefor, we opted for a fairly new restaurant… Harvest on 25th street. Most of the ingredients are locally sourced within 50 miles of Waco.  Y’all, that’s fresh food! I love to try something different on the menu each time I visit and have never been disappointed!  For example, the sourdough pancakes, French toast, granola bowl and avocado toast are all favorites!


Lunch & Dinner Plans! 

I feel like we ate so much food during our three day trip! One day, lunch was provided by 900 degrees pizza! The owners of 900 degree pizza have been in the pizza making business for 50 years! My favorite is the Margherita and Veggie pizza! It is a great place to grab lunch downtown!  I didn’t get a picture, but we also had a variety of pies from Pie Peddlars!  OMG, y’all!  The chocolate pie, and the buttermilk pie, were the bomb! Fresh homemade pies, located behind Magnolia Market!

Another great place to grab lunch or dinner downtown is Brazos Bar & Bistro inside Hotel Indigo.  It is located within a few blocks of Magnolia Market. The restaurant sources many local ingredients, but also fine chocolate and ingredients from around the world. For dinner, they offer artisan cheese boards, delicious steaks, cocktails and decadent desserts.  They also have a pretty fabulous weekend brunch, too!

It is always fun to dress up, and hit the town!  We had a fun night in the limo…radio up,  shopping & at dinner. Special ‘thank you’ to Legacy Limousine Service in Waco, for providing us with an AWESOME hummer style limo & great customer service. Our dinner was at 135 Prime, my husband’s favorite steakhouse in Waco!  I highly recommend the filet of tenderloin…it melts in your mouth!  Other favorites are the Iceberg Wedge salad with blue cheese dressing and layered chocolate cake.  Life is all about balance!

Where to Shop in Waco, Tx

During our limo ride, stopped for private shopping at Courtney’s boutique!  I found my little black dress at Courtney’s, but they also carry casual clothing like some of my favorite t-shirts and shorts. The ladies at Courtney’s are fabulous at helping style you for an event or choosing what works for your body.

Other favorite places to shop in downtown Waco are Spice Village, The Findery and Christi’s Boutique. Spice Village is made up of over 50 unique booths from clothing to decor.  The Findery is located next to Magnolia Market (free parking, y’all) and over 2 stories plus 10K square feet of shopping for furniture, home decor and a clothing boutique!  I stage at the Findery, so it will always be my favorite place to shop for myself and clients!  Another unique place to Waco is Christi’s on Austin Ave!  Christi is the OG of network television as she appeared on Trading Spaces years ago.  She currently has her own bedding line, Moon Rein, and another shop next door made up of several other vendors!  It is always fun to talk to Christi!

You can find lots of antique and home decor shopping on La Salle Ave – La Salle Shops, Junque in the Trunk, Junky Monkey… or on Austin Ave – Simply Irresistible, Cameron Trading Co, Linen & Cake, Sironia, Honey’s Homestyle, Salvage Sisters, La Grange…


Ultimate Travel Guide for Waco, Texas!

  1. Before you book your stay, check the hours of operation for the places that you want to visit to ensure that they will be open.  Magnolia Market, Magnolia Table, and some other shops like The Findery are closed on Sunday. A few of the restaurants are open for Sunday brunch, but close early for the day.  Many other home decor boutiques close on Monday too. My best advice is to plan your trip between Tuesday – Friday.  Saturdays are great, but the Silos get very busy!
  2. Go early or late!!  The best time to visit Magnolia Table, the restaurant, is between 6 am -8 am.  The restaurant is only open till 3 p.m.  During Baylor weekends, holiday weekends, Silos events and most of the summertime, expect a 1-2 hour wait.  Magnolia Table is not located at the Silos, but a short drive away.  If you do go to the Silos (Magnolia Market + Magnolia Bakery) on a Friday or Saturday, make sure you get there early. The bakery opens at 7:30 am and the Market at 9:00am.  Or stop in around 4:30pm in the afternoon when most visitors head out for the day.
  3. You can buy most of the products from Magnolia online, so that you don’t have to lug it on the airplane.  They do not have the shipping station in Magnolia Market any longer, but there is a nearby post office.  Some shops like the Findery will ship it for you.  Just ask the shopkeepers!


Special Thanks!

Special thanks to our additional sponsors for the weekend, including Purple Mattress Co, Lamps Plus, Rugs USA, & Staging Studio! Of course, I already love working with these companies.  My chandelier in my master bathroom is from Lamps Plus!  Rugs USA has a great selection of quality affordable rugs, so they are one of my go to places for rugs for my home & clients.  Andres at Staging Studio offers online courses for those interested in becoming a home stager! I look forward to sharing more about these great companies in future blog posts!

Also, shout out to DressBarn for dressing us for the weekend! One of my favorite outfits from DressBarn is this pair of super soft embroidered denim capris and a striped shirt with a lace detail! In addition, my black jeans and kimono over the tee in photos above are also Dress Barn! I encourage you to shop Dressbarn for not only dresses, but comfy casual clothing too.  I have worn this outfit everywhere from church to volunteering at my daughter’s school; it is the perfect mom style. I ordered online and was happily surprised that everything fit so well. I love when that happens.  Thank you again, Dress Barn!


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