Three Easter Brunch Party Favors for Kids

3 Easter Brunch Party Favors for Kids

These party favors for kids are perfect for Easter brunch to personalize your table setting.  Kids of any age would love to take home one of these chocolate bunnies.  I think these are fun, easy and inexpensive DIYs that you can do for your next Easter brunch or Spring get together.


1. Party Favor for Kids: S’mores Basket

Material: Berry basket, crinkle paper grass, chocolate bunny, Peeps Marshmallows, graham crackers, clear dessert bags, bakers twine

Instructions: First, place 2 graham crackers, 2 Peeps Marshmallows, and a chocolate bunny in clear bag. Then, wrap tightly in bakers twine. Next, place paper grass into basket with bag of s’mores on top.

Most of these supplies were purchased from Hobby Lobby. For instance, the berry baskets, paper grass, clothespins and tags are Hobby Lobby. Some of the candy and bunny bucket are from Target.


2. Party Favor for Kids: A Bunny Nest

Material: Plastic mason jar, edible Easter grass, Robin Egg candy eggs, chocolate bunny, ribbon and gift tag

Instructions: First, place edible grass in the bottom of the jar. Use a spoon to push down if necessary. Next, place the chocolate bunny in the center of the ‘grass’ and drop candy eggs around the bunny.  Then, replace the lid onto the jar.  Lastly, tie gift tag onto jar with any kind of ribbon.

The gift tag can serve as a place card at each place setting. These jars look so cute on the Easter table.


3. Party Favor for Kids: Candy Bouquet

Material: Bucket, crinkle paper grass, candy on sticks or candy and paper straws, tapeInstructions: First, find Easter candy that comes on lollipop sticks, or is slender to slide into the grass.  For smaller candies, just tape or hot glue a paper straw to the back to hold candy in place.  Next, fill the bucket with a good amount of easter grass. Lastly, push straws or candy into the grass with larger items in the back.These candy bouquets can easily be made for any holiday or theme. They make great gifts for my kids friends’ birthdays or special occasions like sports team or cheerleader tryouts, or school spirit weeks.



These is not only a great party favor for kids, but can be gifted to anyone to show some bunny that you care. In addition, these are easy to assemble for classroom parties, grandkids or neighbors. Just add a gift card and you have a pretty gift for teachers this Spring, too.

Thank you for hoping’ by the Cuter Tudor Blog. You can find more Easter inspiration on my Pinterest page, here.

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