Five Ideas for Kitchen Decor

5 Ideas for Kitchen Decor

Today, I am sharing five different ideas for kitchen decor that you can easily implement in your home. This includes how to decorate the kitchen island, sink, countertops, stovetop and even the floors.

When decorating the kitchen, I like to use trays to group items and make cleaning the countertops easier. Lastly, some kind of greenery to make the space feel alive! And if you know me, it’s probably faux!


Combine Form and Function on the Island

Display a wooden bowl filled with fresh fruit or a large vase of flowers on the island. Or, get the best of both form and function. In other words, display the two together.

On the side of a kitchen island, hang a rail hook system, like this one from Ikea. Therefore, you can hang cutting boards, tea towels or plants in a hanging bucket.


Keep Things So Fresh & So Clean Around the Sink

Next to the sink, keep pretty soap dispensers filled with dish and hand soaps on a small tray. I love to use a pedestal to display a favorite seasonal candle, plants and a plant mister. In addition, cute containers like a ceramic berry basket or olive bucket can hold dishwashing tools, like brushes and sponges.

Lastly, hang a seasonal towel over the sink or dishwasher handle. Read this blog post to find out how I made DIY pedestal stands with thrift store finds. They are perfect for candles or plants next to the sink.


Add Cooking Essentials near the StoveTop

Next to the stovetop, store wooden cooking utensils in a crock or white pitcher. Keep containers of oil and vinegar or salt and pepper nearby for cooking.

Then, layer cutting boards or a simple artwork behind the cooktop.


Create Clutter Free Counter Tops

Keep counters clutter free by only decorating with items that are often used in the kitchen. For example, show off a collection of stacked cookbooks and a coordinated recipe box. Or display a set of vintage canisters filled with baking ingredients next to a bread box.

Basically, display the prettiest tools in the kitchen and store the rest. Often, I style my cookbooks on the bottom shelf of my kitchen island rather than the counter tops to keep them clutter free.


In addition, you can easily create a coffee bar by placing your coffee maker, a few mugs, & a canister for coffee filters or K cups onto a decorative tray. Add fresh or faux plants to the tray to create a simple vignette.


Don’t Forget the Floors

Add a pop of color or pattern to your kitchen floors with a decorative rug. I like to add rugs in the most used spaces in the kitchen. For instance, near the sink or oven add a layer of comfort while washing dishes or cooking. However, working rugs need to be easy to clean, so use a washable rug from Ruggable, or try an outdoor style rug.


5 Way Wednesday

Remember when I started 5 Way Wednesday last Fall? It’s back by popular demand! So, if you are new to the blog, 5 Way Wednesday is where I share 5 different ideas to style one piece of furniture, decor or even a space! Meanwhile, I usually share these tips in my Instagram stories if you want to watch weekly !

Here’s a few favorites:

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