Drape a throw blanket in a cozy chair with pillows.

5 Ways to Style a Throw Blanket for a Cozy Home

5 Ways to Style a Throw Blanket for a Cozy Home

For 5 Way Wednesday, here are 5 ways to style a throw blanket for a cozy home.  Throw blankets are great year round to add a pop of color or pattern to a room. However, for Fall and Winter time, blankets are must haves to stay warm and cozy, too.

Here are a few ways to style them in your home while being able to easily access them when the weather cools down, and you need to grab a blanket to warm up!

1. Drape in the corner to create a cozy home.

Where to use the throw:  An arm chair or couch.

How to use: First, pinch a piece of the throw blanket near the top corner. Then, lead the blanket by the pinched area onto one side of a couch or chair.  Lastly, add a throw pillow on top.


2. Fold over a couch for a pop of color.

Where to use the throw: On a bench or couch.

How to use: First, fold the blanket into thirds.  Second, lay the throw blanket near one end of a bench or couch. Be sure to cover the back of the seat and allow it to hang over the end of the seat.  This will add a pop of color, pattern or texture to a plain couch.  Lastly, add some throw pillows onto the seat.


3. Roll into a crate for styled storage.

Where to use the throw:  In a family or living room where extra blankets are needed.

How to use: First, fold the blanket into quarters.  Next, roll the blankets into a spiral.  Then, place the blankets into an open crate, basket or trunk. This works great for extra storage where blankets are needed for watching tv, snuggling or staying warm in a cozy home.


4. Fold in a basket with pillows.

Where to use the throw:  In a large decorative basket. This works great in a large decorative basket placed onto an open console table in an entry way, living room or dining room.  You can check out more ideas to style a console table, here.

How to use: First, fold a throw blanket into quarters lengthwise.  Next, fold over the blanket and tuck the folded part into the basket, allowing the two ends to overlap.  Leave one side shorter than the other.  Lastly, add some pillows into the basket.  Specifically, for Fall, you can add pumpkins!


5.  Use as a bed scarf. 

Where to use the throw:  On a bed in the bedroom.  Think of a throw blanket as a bed scarf or extra coverlet.  Again, depending on the throw blanket used, this adds texture, color, or pattern to your bedding.  Plus, more blankets make a cozy home.

How to use:  For this idea, you can fold or drape a throw blanket onto the end of your bed.  If you like an organic feel, I drape the blanket on one side near the end of the bed.  For a cleaner look, fold the blanket and lay across the bottom of the bed at an angle or straight across the bottom.


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