How to Add Fall Decor into your Home

How to Add Fall Decor into your Home

Fall is one of my favorite seasons to decorate in my home. Probably, because I am drawn towards neutral colored decor which really allows the textures to take precedence. For example, cozy cable-knit throw blankets and woven rattan, cane and wicker accents add a beautiful detail to any space. I like to keep things more simple and natural, before the entourage of glitter and flocking knocks at the door for Christmas.

Here are a few ways that you can add fall decor into your home.

  1. Place a seasonal wreath on the front door.
  2. Use traditional Fall accents like pumpkins, pinecones, acorns, dried corn, or gourds.
  3. Replace greenery in vases with leafy, textured and floral Fall stems.
  4. Decorate with natural materials like wooden bowls or rattan baskets.
  5. Replace candles and hand soaps with Fall scents like cedar wood or pumpkin spice.
  6. Add Fall themed pillows on sofas, sitting chairs or entryway benches.
  7. Swap out lightweight throw blankets for chunkier knit textures or cozier fleece, sherpa, or wool.
  8. Dress up the dining table with neutral decor and invite family and friends to share a meal.
  9. Add warm, metallic finishes like gold, brass or copper.
  10. Style a few seasonal vignettes with trays or glass cloches.

One of my favorite home decor shops, From: Susie, has a beautiful selection of handmade & vintage wood bowls and baskets. You can use code “CUTER10′ for 10% off anything in the shop. For example, I love this glass cloche with rattan base. It’s perfect for holding holiday treats or accentuating seasonal accents in your Fall decor.

Integrate natural elements and neutral colors into your home.

Feeling crafty as the weather cools? Click to make this embroidered yarn pumpkin art or jute wrapped acorns.


One of my favorite things to style seasonally is trays. This set of handmade lantern style trays, From: Susie, is perfect for creating seasonal vignettes with Fall decorations. From a centerpiece on the dining room table to coffee table decor, these trays are so versatile and great to have in your decor toolbox. Here are a few ideas to style them!

  1. Style a centerpiece with pumpkins and faux florals picks or leafy stems.
  2. Place a Fall scented candle on a riser with a vase of seasonal stems and an interesting object.
  3. Tuck faux Fall foliage into the tray with candlesticks and small art.
  4. Fill a wooden bowl with pinecones, acorns or mini pumpkins.

Shop lantern style trays at From: Susie and know you are supporting a female owned small business!

Thank you for stopping by the blog today, as I hop between sharing Christmas and Fall decor. Even though my house is just as confused as I am, it’s my favorite time of year. Either way, do what brings you joy.

Fall Craft: How to make DIY Acorns

If you are looking to make your own Fall craft, these DIY Acorns are simple to do. The key is to build a few layers of paint in different shades of brown to create a realistic texture. So, if you can apply paint and hot glue, you can create these acorns that look beautiful in a wooden bowl.

How to Make this Fall Craft

What you Need: 

This Fall craft is a great way to reuse plastic Easter eggs with just a few craft supplies you probably already own. Reusing old items means less waste and less chance of impulse buys. Therefore, you are saving money, and the planet!

  • plastic or foam Easter eggs
  • wooden skewers
  • styrofoam block or cardboard box
  • white primer spray paint
  • 3 shades of brown acrylic paint 
  • jute string 
  • scissors 
  • paint brush 
  • hot glue and glue gun
  • 1 inch cut twigs 

What you Do:

  1. First, pierce styrofoam or plastic eggs into wooden skewers. Then, push skewers into a styrofoam block or cardboard box to hold in place. These plastic Easter eggs already had a hole on the shorter half.
  2. Spray paint eggs with a white primer in a well ventilated area. This ensures that acrylic paint will adhere better to a painted surface and cover any brightly colored eggs. Then, allow to dry.
  3. Next, paint eggs a warm brown color with acrylic paint. Dry completely. 
  4. Then, ‘dry brush’ thin layers of one or two lighter shades of brown paint to create texture onto the eggs.  To dry brush, dab an old paintbrush into a small amount of paint, then dab off excess paint onto paper, before applying quick short strokes to the surface of the egg. Dry between each layer of paint. Remove from skewers once dry. 
  5. Cut 6-8 feet of jute and coil into a tight circle about the size of a dime. Next, hot glue the jute onto the rounder, shorter half of the egg covering the original hole. 
  6. Lastly, clip a few real twigs from a tree branch and hot glue in the center of the jute wrapped egg. 

More Fall Craft and Styling Inspiration

This is a simple, yet beautiful Fall craft that I initially shared in my bestie Susie’s magazine, Homemade and home decor blog. She has an online shop featuring handmade, artisan, and vintage finds for the home. Use code CUTER10 for 10% off anything in her shop, From: Susie! Consequently, it’s a great way to support a female owned small business while buying American made products with sustainable materials.

Looking for more seasonal styling tips? Then, read Fall Decor Ideas, 5 Ways to Style Pumpkins, or How to Make your Home Cozy for Fall. Lastly, be sure to save this to your Pinterest board. Then, follow me on Instagram for more doable DIY’s, like these succulent filled pumpkins and affordable home decor.

DIY Fall Centerpiece in 3 Easy Steps

Easy DIY Fall Centerpiece

This DIY Fall centerpiece is as easy as 1,2, 3 to make! I love that it works all season long, but also makes a beautiful simple centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table!

I’m sure that my husband is happy that I didn’t buy any new fall decorations this year. However, I did buy a handful of real pumpkins from our grocery store, because they work for Fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations!

My favorites are cinderella, baby boos and the ghost white pumpkins, but aren’t all pumpkins amazing??? Pumpkin farmer is definitely on my list of ‘to do’s’ for next year!

stacks of white pumpkins on table


Easy DIY Fall Centerpiece

  1. Place one large pumpkin in the center of the table.  Next, add stems of faux greenery on either side.  For example, eucalyptus, sage, lamb’s ear are my favorite, but any sprigs or garlands will work.

***If you have a large cutting board, tray, or table runner, you could start with that as a base!


2. Place two medium pumpkins and one small pumpkin next to the large pumpkin.  Then, remove the stems from these pumpkins only.


3. Lastly, place smaller pumpkins on top of the pumpkins you have already set in place leaving one small pumpkin individually on the table.


Voila! The DIY Fall centerpiece is complete!  However, depending on the shapes and sizes of your pumpkins, you may have to play around with the pumpkins to get it exactly how you want it!


If you are looking for another DIY Fall centerpiece that is easy but requires just a bit of time, check out my flower filled pumpkin DIY centerpiece.  It is made with faux florals and faux pumpkins, so that you can use it year after year. Thank you for stopping by the blog! I hope y’all are staying warm and cozy!

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5 Ways to Style a Cutting Board in the Kitchen

5 Ways to Style a Cutting Board in the Kitchen

Happy hump day! You probably have a few cutting boards stored away, but I think you should show off your collection. For this week’s 5 Way Wednesday, here are 5 ways to style a cutting board in the kitchen or dining room. Plus, Joanna Gaines loves to style cutting boards in kitchens, so you know it is a good idea!

Kitchen from Joanna Gaines' Fixer Upper show with cutting boards displayed on ventihood.

Photo by Rachel Whyte for HGTV Fixer Upper

Be sure to follow me every Wednesday on Instagram stories as I share 5 ways to style one product, or most Wednesdays because life can get crazy! For instance, I have styled a Magnolia Home tray, a tobacco wall basket, throw blankets, and a console table. However, there are no rules, so sometimes I share 5 ways to make a home feel cozy or 5 unique ideas for bathroom storage!


Here are a few ways to style cutting boards!

Always, use a variety of materials in your home including a mixture of wood, metal, glass, ceramic, textiles, and natural elements.  For example, wood will add warmth and character to any space.

1. Use a cutting board as a plate charger.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match your collection of boards as plate chargers.  This cutting board is handmade in Texas and available exclusively From Susie.  Some cutting boards are an investment, but I love the patina and character as the boards age over time. Plus, they are both functional for cutting or serving and beautiful to display, so you can use them year round.


2. Display cutting boards on a shelf.

Cutting boards are great to display on open or wall shelves in a kitchen or dining room. Layering boards is key! I love to show off different collections together.  For example, white platters and wood cutting boards make a beautiful neutral combination. Then, add some greenery to make the space feel livelier!

White platters, vintage cutting boards layered in tall wall shelf.

Cutting boards are one of those things that just get better with age! You can find vintage boards at garage sales or antique and thrift shops to use for display.


3. Hang boards on a kitchen island.

This idea works great for displaying smaller or decorative cutting boards.  The organization rod and hooks are from Ikea and can be attached to a kitchen cabinet or island. I love to hang cutting boards, tea towels, potted greenery, mugs, or mini wreaths on this kitchen rod.

For smaller or decorative boards, I love those from World Market or even Target!

Potted greenery and small cutting boards hung from decorative hooks on kitchen island.


4. Use a cutting board as a tray!

Cutting boards used as a tray are perfect for the kitchen island, coffee bar or a dining table centerpiece.  Specifically, trays act to group items together and create one cohesive feel. This way, the eye sees one vignette instead of 5-10 pieces of small decor.

When styling a tray, I include something vertical (that’s tall) and something horizontal (like a stack of books) to add height.  Candles, fresh or faux greenery and something interesting or personal, like a pumpkin for Fall, also make it in to my vignettes. Just keep in mind that some items will serve different purposes, like a tall plant to add height and a fresh feel.  With this in mind, you may only have 3 items in some vignettes.

Cutting board used as a tray for a kitchen vignette.


5. Use boards in a kitchen vignette.

I love things that are versatile! For example, by grouping kitchen utensils, dishes, linens and boards in an old crate on the kitchen counter, regular household items serve as decor.  Plus, you can grab pieces for a quick meal or just style it for the season.  I always say, ‘use what you have and only have what you use!’

In addition, you can layer a few cutting boards against the wall on the kitchen counter or behind the stove.


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5 Ways to Style a Throw Blanket for a Cozy Home

5 Ways to Style a Throw Blanket for a Cozy Home

For 5 Way Wednesday, here are 5 ways to style a throw blanket for a cozy home.  Throw blankets are great year round to add a pop of color or pattern to a room. However, for Fall and Winter time, blankets are must haves to stay warm and cozy, too.

Here are a few ways to style them in your home while being able to easily access them when the weather cools down, and you need to grab a blanket to warm up!

1. Drape in the corner to create a cozy home.

Where to use the throw:  An arm chair or couch.

How to use: First, pinch a piece of the throw blanket near the top corner. Then, lead the blanket by the pinched area onto one side of a couch or chair.  Lastly, add a throw pillow on top.


2. Fold over a couch for a pop of color.

Where to use the throw: On a bench or couch.

How to use: First, fold the blanket into thirds.  Second, lay the throw blanket near one end of a bench or couch. Be sure to cover the back of the seat and allow it to hang over the end of the seat.  This will add a pop of color, pattern or texture to a plain couch.  Lastly, add some throw pillows onto the seat.


3. Roll into a crate for styled storage.

Where to use the throw:  In a family or living room where extra blankets are needed.

How to use: First, fold the blanket into quarters.  Next, roll the blankets into a spiral.  Then, place the blankets into an open crate, basket or trunk. This works great for extra storage where blankets are needed for watching tv, snuggling or staying warm in a cozy home.


4. Fold in a basket with pillows.

Where to use the throw:  In a large decorative basket. This works great in a large decorative basket placed onto an open console table in an entry way, living room or dining room.  You can check out more ideas to style a console table, here.

How to use: First, fold a throw blanket into quarters lengthwise.  Next, fold over the blanket and tuck the folded part into the basket, allowing the two ends to overlap.  Leave one side shorter than the other.  Lastly, add some pillows into the basket.  Specifically, for Fall, you can add pumpkins!


5.  Use as a bed scarf. 

Where to use the throw:  On a bed in the bedroom.  Think of a throw blanket as a bed scarf or extra coverlet.  Again, depending on the throw blanket used, this adds texture, color, or pattern to your bedding.  Plus, more blankets make a cozy home.

How to use:  For this idea, you can fold or drape a throw blanket onto the end of your bed.  If you like an organic feel, I drape the blanket on one side near the end of the bed.  For a cleaner look, fold the blanket and lay across the bottom of the bed at an angle or straight across the bottom.


Thank you for stopping by the Cuter Tudor Blog.  You can find me sharing 5 ways to style a product every Wednesday on my instagram stories.  For example, last week I styled a Magnolia Home large tray.  If you need ideas to style a tobacco wall basket, click here or ideas to style glass decor beads, click here.

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