Five Ways to Feng Shui a Bedroom

I spend a lot of time in our master bedroom, because I need at least 8 hours of sleep each night. Furthermore, I love naps and sleeping in on the weekends.  So, how do I create a peaceful space to get a restful night’s sleep? I Feng Shui in the bedroom!

Before your mind begins to wander, Feng Shui is the art of arranging objects and spaces to create balance and encourage the flow of positive energy. Basically, if your room is cluttered, poorly arranged or is overpowered with bright colors and electronics, you aren’t inviting the good vibes in that you need for a healthy body and mind.

I have partnered with MagicLinen for this post, but all opinions are my own.


Let’s Feng Shui a Bedroom!

1. Quality Bedding

Invest in the best quality bedding like linen.  For example, linen bedding is soft, hypoallergenic, breathable and made from 100% European flax, an environmental friendly resource. The natural properties of linen provide year round comfort and transitions beautifully between every season. In addition, linen wears well over time and becomes softer with each wash.  I am impressed with the quality and durability of linen bedding.

My favorite place to shop for linen bedding is MagicLinen. They carry everything from linen duvet covers, bed sheets, pillow cases, and skirts. Pillow cases can be custom made with lots of details from ruffled hems to tie backs. I love to layer pillows to create a simple yet elegant look.


2. Calming Colors

Neutral and cool colors work best in the bedroom.  Actually, they happen to be my favorite colors to decorate my home, because they invoke a sense of calmness.  I want our home to always feel like a place to relax.

MagicLinen has an amazing selection of linen bedding in beautiful blues, greens and neutral colors to create a calming environment. Even though I am crushing hard on the aquamarine blue, I chose the ‘natural’ color for its classic look. The cinnamon, moss yellow and blush pinks are perfect for Fall, too.


3. Furniture Arrangement

The Feng Shui rule is to place the bed away from windows, with a strong headboard and in view of the door. The idea is to create support for both the body and mind.

In Feng Shui, decorating in pairs encourages harmony between couples. Therefore, use similar nightstands, lamps, wall art and a pair of chairs in the room, if space allows.

Symmetry creates visual balance in the room, too. On the bed, I like to use 3 Euro pillows, 2 king size pillows, 2 standard shams, 2 decorative pillows and a fun throw pillow in the middle. For simplicity, don’t add any decorative pillows to the bed, but opt for pillowcases with elegant details like these instead.

Bringing work into the bedroom eliminates a place of rest and tranquility. Therefore, separate any work areas into a different room, if possible.

A large rug will ground the space in the room and add another layer of softness to the space.



4. Maximize Natural Light

Use mirrors to bounce light around the room and open curtains to invite the natural light to stream in. Consequently, the light can bring positive energy to the space.

Recently, I removed the heavy drapes and added DIY drop cloth curtains to allow more light in my bedroom.


5. Less is More

Eliminate Electronics

To Feng Shui a bedroom, avoid electronics on nightstands and cover the television at night. Cell phones next to the bed will be too tempting to hop on social media. Hence, distract your sleep.


Don’t allow clutter to gather or store things under the bed.  Use small trays on nightstands to collect small items like keys or wallets.

Real Plants

Since plants bring life, and lots of energy, to a room, don’t bring too many into the bedroom.  Remember, you want it to be a place of rest. However, one or two plants, like a snake plant, in the bedroom helps to purify the air and dismiss positive ions from electronics.


In order to Feng Shui, pay attention to what you bring into your home.  Most importantly, appeal to all five of the senses… smell, touch, sight, sound, and taste.  This can be achieved with a variety of soft linens, a favorite playlist, freshly cleaned room or a candle like this amazing currant rose scent, available here. (use code Williams20 for 20% off through 10/25)

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