Inspiring Fall Displays inside Magnolia Market at The Silos in Waco, Texas

Here is a sneak peak into the most inspiring fall displays inside Magnolia Market at the Silos in Waco, Texas. If you have visited Magnolia Market at the Silos, then you know the store displays are an inspiration to all who walk through the doors. This year’s Fall 2018 installations and displays are full of beautiful textures, natural elements and the message ‘Made Ready.’   Let’s take a look!



Fall Displays

As soon as you walk into the door of Magnolia Market, guests are welcomed by a beautiful display that changes every season.  This is great for photos to commemorate your trip to Waco.  In more recent displays, positive messages accompany the inspirational works of art.  If you have read the most recent issue of Magnolia, you will recognize the message, “you have been made ready.”   “Whatever season you’re in, whatever life may be throwing at you, whether it feels like success or like failure, expected or unexpected, you are made ready,” as written in the Fall 2018 issue of Magnolia Journal. This handmade weaving incorporates fall’s most welcoming textures, colors and even natural elements.




You can get your Fall 2018 copy of The Magnolia Journal, here!  Again, Fall at Magnolia is all about the natural elements, textures and message that you are ready and able!


Photo by Magnolia Journal from Magnolia Market website


Magnolia has always done an amazing job at branding themselves and creating  consistency in their style and vision.  On my last visit to the Silos, I noticed certain themes between the current issue of the magazine and the fall displays at Magnolia Market.    The latest issue of the magazine is used in one of the store displays, and some of the installations or items were photographed in other locations for the magazine.  Looking back, the magazine and store displays have always shared similar themes, beyond general seasonal periods and into storytelling and positive and inspiring messages to live your best life.






The dip dyed paintbrushes hung above a fireplace mantle are full of movement, leading the viewers eyes throughout the entire display.  One cannot help but notice how the value of color changes on the brushes from a pale yellow to a warm rust, very similar to the carefully placed autumn pear stems.   I can only imagine the details that go into planning each display, each theme and how it is incorporated between the store and the magazine.



Near the front of the store, there are five reclaimed wood mantles placed between shelves of products available for purchase.  I love how each mantle is styled differently for the season and yet each one is so creative and beautifully done. This one with the layers of letter boards is my favorite.  Its a simple idea, but executed so well!  Again, messages from the Magnolia Journal appear in Magnolia Market.




I love the simplicity of each display.  You will definitely find inspiration to decorate your home this season.  I see olive branches, fall foliage with cotton stems and seasonal fruit stems on trend this Fall. Vintage items like old books and brass candlesticks are always classic staples for Fall decor and items that you see Joanna use regularly on Fixer Upper.


Copper tapered candlesticks and fall stems make an elegant, yet simple centerpiece for a fall tablescape.




Let’s take a look at another Fall display that employs an idea that I use regularly in staging and decorating homes.  It is the classic Magnolia wreath layered over a tobacco basket!  Magnolia has taken it to a new level by creating an eye catching display with a variety of sizes of baskets and wreaths.  I love these layered in front of the window to allow light to shine through the baskets.




The designers at Magnolia Market do a great job of incorporating creative styling techniques into their store displays. You always want to look up when you are at Magnolia Market!  These glass jars with honey and herbs is such an innovative idea and takes ordinary objects to become a work of art.  The gradation from dark to light hues in some of Fall’s most beautiful colors is mesmerizing.




Here are some of the fall products displayed beautifully in the store and on shelves.


The Garden Area

The lush garden area at The Silos are always a favorite place to visit!  Definitely, garden goals! Fall is one of my favorite times to visit Magnolia, because the temperatures begin to drop in Texas around October.  Silobration is October 18-20, 2018! Will you be coming this year?  Leave me a message! I would love to know where you are traveling from!



Thank you for stopping by The Cuter Tudor!  Please check back for more sneaks peaks inside Magnolia and some of the best places in Waco, Texas!


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